You must have seen in the movies the protagonist with high level skills in programming language, writing complex codes and then finally cracking the codes and hacking the devices. Well if you think that that is the only way to hack someone’s phone you are wrong.

 In this digital world you can now hack someone’s phone without even touching it. No need to despair if you are not aware of programming and hacking tactics. We have got your back. You don’t have to hire a hacker to do this for you. You can have your very own virtual hacker in your pocket and can spy on any device you want on the go.

Online spying apps are in abundance but be aware of the ones which are just scams and put your phone at various risks. In this article we will tell you about the safe online spying applications you can use which are totally legal.


Minspy is the most trustworthy phone hack solution. It is supported by the most famous channels and platforms like the Huffington Post, Lifewire, The Verge, and the New York Times. If you are thinking that your close friend or employee is slacking off or hiding something from you, hacking the phone is the best way to find out his true intentions.

Minspy is literally like a secret agent. It works in stealth mode and can hack any device you want. With Minspy you will be able to know all the information from the target device. It can tell you about the contacts of the target device, all the incoming and outgoing calls and their timings with duration. 

You can use its keylogger feature to find out the password of the device and the messages typed on the device. Minspy can let you read even the deleted messages so there is nothing which is hidden from you. You can track sim location and with geofencing feature it allows you to mark certain no go zones. Whenever the target device will enter in these zones you will receive a notification. 

What makes Minspy the best virtual spy?

Minspy works from a distance so there is no need to physically touch the device. It is designed in such a way that it takes little space and does not drain any battery. Minspy will not send notifications to the target device so that person will never know about hacking.

You can remotely uninstall the app without touching it whenever you like. Minspy can hack any application present in the phone. You can spy on different social media accounts, all the contacts and browser history. So you will be aware of all the searches done by the target device. You just need a phone number to spy with Minspy. In case of the iPhone you have to enter the iCloud credentials of the device to get all the information from that device. For hacking the iPhone with Minspy you can sign up with Minspy from here.


How to spy on the phone with Minspy:

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There is no rocket science involved in hacking the phone with Minspy. To make it easy for you stepwise guidelines are present for you in this article.

Step 1: 

First of all go to the official website of Minspy and sign up for the Minpy’s plan which is suitable for you. With Minspy you can hack multiple devices at the same time. For multiple devices you need a family version and for single device you can use premium version.


Step 2:

Next step is to select the device you want to hack.


 If the target device is an iPhone, you must know the iCloud credentials. There is no need to install any app in the target device. You just have to enter the iCloud credentials and after a few minutes the target device will get synchronized with the Minspy account.


If the target device is android you have to install the app in the target device. It will take few seconds. The app is of small size and does not heat up the device. It will spy from the background without disturbing the normal functioning.

Step 3: 

Lastly, click on the start button. After that a dashboard will appear. Now you are ready to spy on the phone. You can choose any of the social media apps along with text messages.


Step 4:

 On the dashboard there is a selection panel on the left side with multiple options. From there you can choose any feature you want to spy on. You can know the location of the device; check the call list, upcoming important dates on calendar and much more.



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Spyier is another option for you to spy on the phone without touching it physically. It may not have all the features provided by the Minspy but is best for you if you want to hack the phone of your employee. It works best in an office setting and if your company provides phones to your employees there is no difficulty for you to hack any of those phones.



With spyine it is much easier to spy on different social media accounts. You can read the messages; see photos and videos shared on different social media accounts without rooting or jailbreaking. Spyier does not store any of the private data so the privacy is preserved. 



Spyic is another online spying app you can use to hack the device remotely. With its integration into GPS services you can spy on the location history and can mark no go zones to keep track of the location of the device. If you want to know someone better or you think your girlfriend is cheating on you, hacking their phones is the best option for you. Spyic is suitable to stay in touch with your loved ones to know in advance the threats they are exposed to.



Cocospy is ideal for keeping an eye on your children. Now almost everyone uses the internet and smartphone. There are a lot of evils on social media platforms so as a parent it is necessary to keep yourself aware of the people your child is interacting with. In this way you will be aware of the threats your children are exposed to and with geofencing features you can be with them virtually 24/7.



So now you don’t have to worry about your child’s location, you can easily keep an eye on the activities he is engaging in or the locations he visited. With Minspy you can easily hack the phones of your employees without letting them know. Now you have several options to hack the phone without touching, just choose the best one and start spying.


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