3 of the Most Useful iPhone Apps to Try Today

Most Useful iPhone Apps

The iPhone is one of the most popular devices that Apple has ever created, and that’s saying something. There are millions of them now, and people have different generations and customizations of them. You might have the latest one with all the bells and whistles, or maybe you’ve got an older one because you don’t have the money for the most recent version right now. Here are 3 of the Most Useful iPhone Apps to Try Today.

Either way, you can further customize your iPhone by getting some useful apps that you’ll enjoy. Let’s look at some of the better ones that are available now.

The Amazon App

Before we start, we should mention that for fraud prevention purposes, you should only get apps from the App Store. That’s the official place to download them to your iPhone. Don’t ever jailbreak an iPhone to get non-Apple-approved apps, or they might have malicious code that can mess up your phone.

The Amazon app is one of the most useful that exist. Perhaps you have purchased Amazon Prime, in which case the items you order on there will come to you much faster than they otherwise would. If you have Amazon Prime, then you also have access to a whole library of free streaming content that you can watch on your phone, TV, laptop, PC, etc.

As for the app, it is very user-friendly. You can use it to look at your wish list. It’s nice to have a wish list because it reminds you of the things that you want to buy that you discovered while browsing on the app.

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Also, if you have a birthday coming up, you can tell your family members about your wish list, and they can get you items from it. You can even hit “spoil my surprise” to see what they bought you. That way, you won’t accidentally buy that same item twice.

If you set the Amazon app up with your credit card number, then you can also enable the “one-touch” buying feature. That’s how you can buy an item by hitting just a single button. You’ve already input your preferred credit card number, mailing address, and so forth on the app, so it will send you the item you want by pressing that one button.

Buffalo Wild Wings

Buffalo Wild Wings, or B-Dubs, as some people call it, makes another very user-friendly app. There are Buffalo Wild Wings locations all over the country, so you should be able to find one near you with no issues.

The B-Dubs app allows you to check in when you get close to a physical restaurant location. If you sign up for their handy rewards program, then you earn points whenever you buy food there. During the pandemic, some of them have been closed for sit-down service, but you can order wings, burgers, and fries to go.

What’s so fun about the app is that you can customize it with your favorite sports teams. If you’re a Yankees fan, for instance, the app will let you know what time the Yankee games come on. It will provide you with trivia facts as well.

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You can order food on the app so that it’s ready for you to pick up at the time you designate. You can also make sporting event picks on the app for a chance to win more points that you can cash in for entrees, snacks, drinks, sauce bottles, and more.

Ally Mobile App

Ally Bank has revolutionized banking in several ways. Because Ally has no brick-and-mortar locations, you can sign up for an account through the app or through their website if you’d prefer to use a laptop, desktop, or tablet.

Once you have opened your account, you can deposit checks through the app by using your iPhone’s camera. You take pictures of the check, both front and back, and send those to Ally, along with the check’s dollar amount. The bank then sends you an email letting you know whether the app rejected the check or accepted it.

The app almost always accepts the check unless the picture was blurry. As for Ally, you should consider signing up with them because they typically offer much better interest rates on savings accounts, CDs, checking accounts, and other monetary tools.

They are able to do that because they don’t have any physical locations. This allows them to keep their operating costs down, so they are much lower than competing banks like Bank of America or Chase.


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