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App explorers are the programs that were initially designed for the smooth running of laptops and thus, were generally used by not so prominent companies. They were designed as alternative programs to that of Microsoft’s plans. The apps explorer’s primary work is to help the user find, download, update, and search for any app.

When the apps explorer was started for computers, it was seen as an unwanted program by most users. Even it was even considered as good as a virus by a lot of people. But today, this program has turned into a useful application used in Android as well as iOS smartphones. The apps explorer today is one of the most essential and needed apps, and the majority of the population keeps on their smartphones.

How are app explorers useful?

The apps explorer in the smartphone helps you to locate any file present on your smartphone. It can be any document file, video file, image file, or anything else, and even the size and format of the file doesn’t matter. Apps explorer even helps in organizing documents and data on your phone. In the end, it results in creating a manageable space and plenty of storage. You will hardly face any storage or space issue on your phone if you have an excellent apps explorer installed.

Though not everyone likes the idea of having an apps explorer or any similar app on their phone, everyone needs an app explorer similar app on their phone to keep their apps and other data in line and to get easy access. App explorer doesn’t swallow up too much space of your phone, and on top of everything, it ensures that the rest of the storage is managed well in the smartphone. It is highly recommended the app for keeping your data and files in check and well organized.

How to choose the right app explorer?

Now you know that it is the best choice to have an app explorer in your smartphone, let us discuss how you can get this app and how you can choose the best suitable apps explorer for you.

First, you need to go to the play store and look at the features that apps offer and then decide whether these features are something you are looking for. You can quickly check the features of any selected app by the pictures given at the app’s profile to get a better view. This allows getting an insight into the working of the given app and checking if the app will be suitable for you or not. Once you have decided on the apps explorer you want, it is impossible to determine whether you have downloaded the right apps explorer or not in your device. Because the icons of apps explorer related apps have almost similar icons, and thus it creates confusion.

The most important step before setting up an apps explorer for yourself is to read the reviews of the app you are referring to. Reading the reviews is always a must as it will give you the confidence to go for the best apps explorer. Because the already existing wonderful experience that other customers had and continue to have will impart an explicit scene.

Ten best app explorers:

Now let’s discuss the top apps explorer so that it will be easier for you to decide which app to select and which to reject. This shortlisting will help you to analyze and choose what all features a good apps explorer should consist of. Here is the best 10 apps explorer you will get online:

ASUS File Manager:

The ASUS File Commander has been rated 4.6 by the play store. This app will help you manage all your files on the smartphone quickly in a systematic manner. ASUS explorer hardly takes any space in your phone and easily allows to you cut, copy, paste, delete and remove any of your files without any discomfort. This app not only helps you in managing all the files you have stored in your SD card but also managing all the files that you have stored on any of your external storage providers like cloud, any drive, and dropbox.

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This apps explorer also offers you an external storage provider called ASUS Web Storage. This is very helpful since it not only lets you manage space easily but also gives you more space. This app will even let you compare and organize your files more efficiently on your smartphone. Another attracting feature of this app is that it even offers you tools like a recycle bin and storage analyzer. There are many more features of this apps explorer that are worthy to be checked out.

EZ File Explorer:

This File Explorer is one of the most well-known apps used to manage files of all kinds on smartphones. It is said to be one of the best Android file managers and has been rated 4.4 by play store. The main reason for its popularity is the really powerful tools that this app uses for managing files. It obviously offers you all the basic features of an apps explorer-like cut, copy, paste, etc. Even it offers some additional features of tools and lets you transfer files that contain audios, video, images, etc. All of this is available without any need for wires.

This apps explorer comes with a cold manager which will help you install, uninstall, open and even block apps. It has tools like document editor that will allow you to edit the files such as HTML, txt and more. Moreover, this apps explorer gives its users a chance to take advantage of its inbuilt video player. It lets you play music, check out pictures and look at the documents. This apps explorer lets users access the OTG USB devices with its inbuilt USB OTG file manager which in a way would act as a short cut.

File Manager:

The File Manager is one of the oldest programs that work like an apps explorer. It has been rated as 4.5 by play store which is a pretty impressive score. You need to remember that this apps explorer has maintained its position throughout the years. It does all the basic works and operations that other similar apps do like cut, copy-paste and moving files from one place to another. The striking feature of this app is that it even lets it’s users uninstall apps, create short cuts for the apps already set on the smartphones. This apps explorer even lets’s operate on multiple tabs for working faster on your smartphones.

Another amazing advantage of using this app is that it compresses and decompresses the size of the files. Thus it enables the space of your smartphone can be used to its full potential and even works wonderfully and smoothly in emergency situations. The other unique feature of this app is that it is available in 19 languages which are rare to find. Further, the users of this app can even customize the look of the app with cool themes. This app can even be used for rooted devices which is another rare feature. This app doesn’t even take up much space in your smartphone and provides functions that let you locate your files quickly.


MK Explorer is one of the best apps explorer one can find out. Play store has it 4.6 and thus improving its trustworthiness. It has been specifically designed as an apps explorer for Android smartphones. It is simple and easy to use the app. MK Explorer provides users all the basic features like copy, paste, cut, rename, delete, remove, move files from place to place.

The unique feature of this app is that it had an inbuilt gallery as well as a text editor and even a music player. All this saves up a lot of space from installing other apps and provides the same functions. This app even supports 20 languages and is quite impressive. it can even extract and compress ZIP and RAR files that help with the storage of the phone. This app even functions on rooted android phones.

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The X-Plore is an apps explorer known for the best file management in Android smartphones. It has been rated 4.6 by the play store. This app has a media player as well as a video player along with hex viewer, PDF viewer and many more things with it. The app will help you manage your files not only on your phone but also on Cloud storage and any other external storage providers. For easy functioning, it has a dual-panel explorer which lets the users perform the same operation between different tabs. It even supplies its users with vault to secure the important files.

Solid Explorer:

Solid Explorer is one of the best app explorers for Android smartphones and has been rated 4.5. On top of everything, this app helps you to keep your sensitive files secured with a password. This app even supports the fingerprint sensor so that you use the fingerprint sensor for keeping your important files safe. A unique feature of this app involves providing two different panels for fast browsing. It lets users arrange their images, videos, and audio quickly and easily. It has a feature to extract and encrypt ZIP, RAR, 7ZIP, and TAR.

Total Commander:

The Total Commander is one of the best Android apps explorer with lots of features. The play store has rated it 4.5. Apart from basic functions like copy, cut, paste and delete functions, it enables the users to perform batch operations. Even it has two panels for easy usage. Another wonderful feature of this app is that it has an inbuilt text editor and a media player. In fact, this app supports 31 languages. The users can bookmark the files that they want access to be most easy. It can also extract and compress ZIP files for space management.

Tetra Filer:

Tetra Filer is one of the most known apps explorer. Android smartphones have a beautiful and simple interface, and that is what users are attracted to. It has been rated 4.4 by the play store. Besides the basic functionalities like cut, delete, copy and rename, this app also compresses and extracts the files efficiently. It allows users to select multiple files to perform tasks.

Amaze File Manager:

The Amaze File Manager is one of the not so well known apps explorer but it has an open-source and lightweight file explorer. It has been rated 4.3 by the play store. It allows users to easily manage files in their phones and basic functions of such apps and a few more. Furthermore, one can work on multiple tabs. It lets one customize the look of the file manager with different themes. It even has an inbuilt database reader, with ZIP and APK reader, which makes it a multipurpose app. Moreover, this app keeps the files secured as it has AES encryption and decryption for files.


Explorer is another apps explorer having file management skills for android smartphones. It even lets users organize the storage space on the smartphone along with the files on the external storage providers. It has been rated 4.1 by the play store and is the lowest rated app in this list. But it will help you supply the basic functions of similar apps among other unique features.

 So, these are some of the apps explorer apps which one can effectively utilize for fulfilling several needs. One of the astonishing facts is that they are easily available on the play store and thus can be easily downloaded at great ease. Now we have seen how important and beneficial an app explorer is for our smartphones and how their users has created a revolution.

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