File Commander

File Commander is a file management app for Android and iOS smartphones. This app allows people to access as well as manage files on their smartphones along with the data on other connected programs providing external storage such as Google Drive, DropBox, etc.

This app even lets you shift your files from one place to another in your smartphone’s memory. Moving files from one memory block to another inside your smartphone is made completely simple and easy with File Commander.

This app had all the features one desires to have in one’s smartphone file manager with several kinds of benefits. Parts of this app include allowing you to organize all the files in your smartphone according to the categories or criteria you like. It also has an option of automatically putting files into organized folders according to the created groups. But if you do not want that, you can set the files into categories of your penchant and thus distribute accordingly.

What is File Commander:

File Commander is such an excellent file management app that it’s not like other fake apps that claim to provide better features than this app. On the other hand, this app has always stood out for its elegant and straightforward as well as attractive design along with smooth running. This app is not an application that helps in every activity inside the smartphone. However, the primary duty of this app is to make sure everything is well managed within your smartphone. The phone thus works exceptionally smoothly, with no issues whatsoever.

One of the most common problems which create chaos and hassle among smartphones is the lack of space. Inventions have come up with smartphones with a massive memory for storage, but still, people end up facing the same problem. This app, on the other hand, helps to handle the available space in your smartphone effectively so that there are least chances of facing any problem. Even when you face any space problem with this app, the problem will be easily solved due to the app’s assistance.

How to choose a good file commander:

Several app developers these days offer this app, and it is essential to select the one which is free and provides all the desired services. It is not a difficult task to choose the best this app. The only need is to going to the play store and checking out the features as well as benefits offered by the particular app. It will help you to find out the best one with the management of files on your smartphone. Play store allows a series of pages on each app’s profile so that viewers can get an insight of them. It is generally helpful to select apps after doing all this because you have already viewed the features of the app and have seen how it works.

Other than viewing the apps on play store, always remember to check the reviews of the app left behind by its customers. It’s essential for almost every step today.

Good, this app can efficiently work with any file that comes to your smartphone storage. Some of this app even offers tools to anything that comes to your smartphone like music, videos, etc. At many times, such apps also provide devices that convert different kinds of files to another format. It includes conversion from documents to PDFs and similar types of conversations in images. Though such features are usually offered in payment versions of File Commander but other less popular apps also provide them.

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How to use File Commander for smartphones?

This app was developed in 1993 for Windows desktop computers. To date, it is the oldest surviving file manager. B. Harvard was the person who created this operating system.

It is now essential to understand that with the development in technology, innovations are coming in the market every day. Most people who are aware of the fact that old this app was made for computers don’t know that the same tool is now available for smartphones as well.

Since many people are unaware of this beneficial development, we will discuss how the app this app can be used in Android and iOS smartphones. Because it will make you used to with the challenges that come using such new apps. Our discussion hopes to make your experience with File Commander better and problem-free. We will also have a look at the little known issues that you may face in its performance. It is because so that you can acquire the most out of this app. You will eventually realize all the tools and features this app provides for storage and space management of your smartphone. Since it is one of the core issues faced by most people these days.

Select the best commander:

The first step is to select the best this app app for you. For this, you need to do poaching at the Appstore and download it. Although this step sounds extremely simple, it has its tricky part as well. You can end up downloading a different app than you what you want to select. This can happen as the icons of the apps which provide the same function have similar icons along with the similar or same name.

That is why you can end up downloading a completely different app distinct from your expectations. To avoid this situation, it is better than you are checking the icon of the app multiple times before downloading it. It makes sure that it is the app you have got is all you wanted. Please stick to the image as no two apps have the same icon, they are surely effortless and similar but hardly the same.

The next best step after downloading the this app is to set it at a certain place in your smartphone that it is comfortable for you. It can be on the home screen or inside any folder you have created or even inside the app box if you like. It is best to select the place according to your comfort rather than any taking any suggestions. As you will be the only one using it when you require it and working according to someone else wouldn’t be convenient for you.

Apps setting:

After setting up of app to whatever place you want, the next logical step is to go to settings of the app and set up the working of the app. If you want to make it automatic or make the functions of the app work whenever you want them to.

Other settings just that there would like the working of several features provided by the app for which you would like to customize their operation. This won’t just give the app your personal touch but also will make it completely comfortable for you to use. You can adjust all your needs and it will make you realize how useful the app is. You will also gain knowledge of every benefit that this app offers and which feature will serve you with the most advantages.

Create an account:

It is essential to understand that this step isn’t for you to create an account related to this app . But it is to link your other accounts. The other accounts are the accounts that you have previously made mainly for external storage purposes like Cloud account or Drives, etc.

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The critical part here is to know that as it says cloud account, it doesn’t mean that other external storage links and reports can’t be added.

Now add all your accounts one by one in the app. Login into all the accounts of your external storage providers in the this app. Keep a check that all the information that you have provided is correct so that you can have a quick and smooth working experience. So remember to check your external storage before downloading the app.


Now the next part is to allow this app to have access to your files and documents. For this permission, usually, a pop up appears on your screen. You can give it your consent. But if you want to switch your accounts, which you have just added, you can easily do that by tapping on “Use a different account” option. You can switch accounts later as well when you have started using the app. At that time, you will do so by going back to Cloud accounts and then editing a little in your settings.

With this step, you have now completed your complete infatuation of the this app app along with its full set up.

Now once you have access to all of your data with this app, you can cut, copy, paste, move and even add more files data to any suitable place you want. You can create as many new data as you want according to your requirements. There is no limit for doing all this till the time you keep your smartphone’s memory and storage into check with the help of File Commander.

Guideline before start:

Let us discuss a few things that you need to remember before you start using this app. It is always advisable to have an external storage account beforehand so that you will get access to all the features of this app. Even without any consideration it can be used and made to function smoothly along with helping you to manage the present files, documents and data on your smartphone, it is necessarily helpful. Your mobile will work seamlessly with its help and experiences no storage problems later on. The app can only be utilized by you when you add any external storage provider’s account. It will help in putting all the features and tools into use.

One of the best features of the this app is that you can even use it without any internet connection. You will need a lot of storage in your smartphone at certain times when you are traveling. There might be times when you have the slowest internet connection but still, it will work smoothly. So with the help of the this app, you can easily manage your files and other data of your smartphone without any hurdle at any time. This will help you to use as much space as you want for pictures or any other requirement. This way you will get a benefit when you won’t be able to gain access to any remote file without an internet connection.

Cumulatively, this app is an essential app for your smartphone and the most common problem you face while using it.

Final Word:

Thus it is one of the best apps developed so far for managing the intermittent files in your smartphones. The need of congregating all the files is efficiently done by this app and making the work smooth for the near future.



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