Top 10 most expensive phone in the world

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What if you like to Use a $10K Phone with a Real-Life Personal Assistant? Cannot imagine getting the most expensive phone in the world, right? But the mobile phone is the most helpful device in the present situation since we can’t live without it in any event, for a second. It has become as useful to us as water for our living. This little gadget significantly affects regular day to day existence in both an expert and individual life. The majority of the mobile phones are costly because of high configuration, specification. But some exceptionally top items are extravagant due to increases like gold, silver, platinum, and jewels in their body.

In other words, the mobile phone represents the personality and perfect storm of the value of humans. They make connecting with lots of loved ones, enhance individuals, educate us, and entertain us with a great camera to capture our memories.

As such, PDAs speak to a sort of “flawless tempest” of significant worth to people. They upgrade endurance, associate us with friends and family, teach us, improve our professions, and engage us. Telephones with GPS direct us. Camera telephones catch our recollections. No other belonging does this. No other possession, even high tech Wi-Fi, cannot do this.

Mobile Budget:

Well, some people like to get $50, $100, and a maximum $200 cheaper mobile phone because of economic doldrums. But what we believe regarding getting a handset is price-sensitive, but it should not overlook. Our point is yes, you can get a lower price but make it worthwhile if you have the option to buy an expensive mobile to make it worth it. Because it’s a high tech device, the more price you are willing to give means the better configuration mobile you will get. It’s very straightforward.

On the other hand, we have one logic like why do you want to spend more on buying PC, laptops, expensive cars, houses? Because you want to upgrade your personality, outlooks, and overall to live luxuriously. The same case happens in terms of buying the most expensive mobile.

Because it increases everything about what I mentioned above, so, by thinking about this situation we have figure out the top 10 most expensive phones in the world which suit with everything. So let start the discussion and blow your mind!.

Top 10 most expensive phone in the world

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond:

Falcon Supernova iPhone 6 Pink Diamond is the world’s most expensive phone that cost $48.5 million. Its coated with platinum and covered with 24-carat gold.its also decorated with a pink diamond on the rear side. That’s why it’s so expensive and luxurious. It’s a truly customized version of the iPhone 6, which was introduced in 2004. Later in 2014, Falcon Supernova launched with its gorgeous look. It’s also a variant model of iPhone 6, and this has become one of the attraction items of many millineries. Such as the leader of the Indian cricket team IPL and his wife Nita Ambani is the owner of one such a phone.

 Stuart Hughes iPhone 4s Elite Gold

Stuart Hughes is the second most expensive phone in the world in 2019 and comes with lots and lots of expectations. It has named iPhone 4s elite gold model because it made of five-hundred coated and one-hundred-carat diamonds. In addition, its loge and rear panel made of twenty-four-carat gold that won’t disappoint you. It’s the next generation iPhone and worth to get in $9.4 million, and it’s the most luxury phone in today’s market. The logo of Stuart Hughes contains three-fifty solid diamonds and all home buttons made of 8.6 carets only a single cut diamond. Apart from this, it has a solid platinum construction with a polished piece of R-Rex dinosaur bone. It’s serious a wow factor for the users when they come with a nice imported box. Finally, it finished with precious rear gemstones such as Star Sunstone, Opals, Rutile Quartz, Charoite, and Pietersite.

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Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition

The other iPhone from Stuart Hughes is Stuart Hughes iPhone 4 Diamond Rose Edition. It is customized by thinking about the user accessibility of the customer, and it is one of the best phones in the world. Like other expensive mobile its made of solid rose golds, platinum rear end, the Apple logo, and five hundred 100 carat diamonds.

The logo made with fifty-three diamonds, and the home button made from a single cut cute pink diamond with 7.4-carat diamonds. Although its price is in between $8 million dollars, you will get a granite presentation box and gold sticker supreme kings button with this phone. Its another collaboration from famous Stuart Hughes and it has been up to date always. Its internal storage is 32 GB and has all the latest and modern features with consolidated configuration.  Lastly, its total weight is only 7 gms and holds the device into the chest like an ordinary one.

Goldstriker iPhone 3GS Supreme

Similar to another most expensive phone 2018 iPhone 3G Kings Button is another luxurious creation that is full of lots of most exciting features. It includes more carets and made of seventy-one gram twenty-two carat gold. It does not only contain one hundred and thirty-six-gram diamond bezel but also an Apple logo on the rear end.

This end completely studded with fifty-three diamonds. It also has a single-cut diamond on the home button, and the whopping is approximately 7.1 carats. These are such a great thing, isn’t it? You will also be surprised to know that its chest that holds the phone made of granite Kashmir gold and top-grain leather. Typically it’s a variant of Apple iPhone and has 32 GB storage. This phone has its own design, fashion, and trends and the ways to represent the personality.

iPhone 3G Kings Button – $2.5 Million

It’s quite budget-friendly compare to another world’s highest price mobile in rupees and doller, but it also made brilliantly. As an example, it has a mixture of 18-carat yellow gold, rose gold and white gold body with the 138 white cut diamonds. Furthermore, it has an integrated button which is 6.6-carat diamonds, and a flaunts white gold line.

It is encrusted with a place of iPhones. Because it has a 6.6 carets rare home button with outer shininess. It’s the previous version of Alisson’s and follows the crypto smartphone formula, the world’s largest most expensive smartphone. Its appearance and framing surely impress anyone for its best and brilliant quality. It is bought to you by Sohna Munds and definitely a dare phone for the current credit crunch.

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 Diamond Crypto Smartphone

The Diamond Crypto Smartphone was designed by Aloisson and considered to be the most expensive phone in 2019. It manufactured by JSC Ancora, and the maximum part of the mobile made of platinum, and the home button made of rose gold. Its logo also made of precious diamond, and it has nearly fifty diamonds studded into it. It also has ten blue-colored diamonds and the wood panel side of the phone. Its made of Macassar Ebony and contains many other luxurious has named crypto because it followed especial encryption technology and kept the user database safe and secured. Different celebrities in the world who owns the most expensive phone in the world go behind for crypto smartphone.

Goldvish Le Million:

Goldvish Le Million is the next phone to break $1 million dollars offered by luxury brand Goldvish. This phone has made an outstanding record in the world Guinness book as the most expensive and most exclusive phone in the world. It is mainly designed by a watch and jewelry designer Emmanuel Gueit and made of 18-carat white gold especially.

It also has VVS-1 grade 120 carats of grade diamonds and covered with the most expensive phone case made from Saphire Glass. On the other side, Goldvish offers only three parts of limited edition, and this edition is renowned from Goldvish.

Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot

Our next selection is Gresso Luxor Las Vegas Jackpot which is a world-famous, most impressive most expensive phone in India and around the world. Its made of one hundred and eighty grams gold and 45.5-carat black diamond. You obviously like the phone texture as because it has black panel all around and this panel made of two hundred years old expensive African –tree wood. What else.

It has mechanically and manually polished by 32-gram sapphires which is amazing. Its made by the famous designer Grasso and the price is exactly $1 million dollars. Although it has three limited edition series, you will not but love its unique engraved number on the back part.  So, you can go and have a look at it.

Goldvish Revolution

Goldvish Revolution is another popular Swedish brand which is $488,150. It’s also the most expensive phone 2020 from Goldvish and designed by Fredric Jouvenot. Its design is totally luring and has a thirty-two unit series.

It has an exclusive shape and made of white and pink gold diamonds, fine leather and sapphire glass display case. With all of these, it also has a detachable watch. So get closer and develop your personality by using  Goldvish Revolution

Virtue Signature Cobra

The last most expensive phone in the world on our list is Virtue Signature Cobra. Signature Cobra has made this luxury phone the latest edition. It’s comparatively the best phone with no exception and is a part of eight limited phone series. Its nearly $310,000 and designed by BoucheronVertu, a French jewelry company. It assembled in the United Kingdom and made of the gold plated layer. It has the most striking and decorative cobra features and wraps around with handset. Its body made of twenty-carat of solid gold and two emeralds and four hundred and thirty-nine rubies. So get the nightmare with a signature cobra and get connected in reality if possible.

Final verdict:

The evolution of expensive phones is getting pricier day by day and making expensive products. But like car and house nowadays people also give importance to the phones as a symbol of their luxury life. So, here are the top 10 most expensive phones in the world reviews. You can embrace any of this and make your lifestyle more couscous and enjoyable.

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