How to download iPhone Emulator on PC

iPhone Emulator on PC

Apple’s iOS system is the world’s most secure OS. It tightly controls the availability of different apps in the App store and vetting all the apps to avoid unnecessary malware and other complex functions. In addition, it also comes with strict user privacy with OS security it at Apple has installed in its own armory for strong protection. The OS has some strict security checks for third-party apps and services to be accepted for the App Store. There are also some Apps that are very exclusive to iPhone, iPad, or in the Apple App Store. Here are some of the following way for iPhone Emulator on PC .

An ultimate guideline for iPhone Emulator on PC

Because of security, you can run the iOS App Store on the other system by using an emulator App. The working function of this emulator depends on the PC and Mac power and also the emulator model you are using in the application itself. But with the emulator, you can easily install and run almost all the iPhone Apps on Windows PC. So, it’s important to know what sort of emulator you can use on your iPhone as well as on PC. So in this post, we are going to tell you some of the best and best iPhone emulator to run your PC that means Windows 7/8/10 within details downloading process. We highly expect you will enjoy the article and try it up by yourself.

What is an Emulator?

Generally, an emulator is a sort of software that allows your PC to behave like another PC. What does it mean, actually? For successfully running iPhone App in any windows, the emulator behaves like an iOS system to install the windows and other Apps from the store. So, here we will look at some ios emulator for windows 10. With this, we will also learn the iPhone emulator and its own focus and specialties. You will also learn the limitations and available features that Apple included in its Third-party software.

But why do it important to know? Because some developers prefer Windows OS in order to test their games and apps. So for them installing an iPhone emulator for PC is a must to know. But whatever the reason is, the emulator we are going to discuss below is successfully tested and reviewed by many users. Another thing you must know is an iPhone emulator replicates or stimulates the whole iOS environment. In this case, an emulator work as a virtual programmer that creates different programming system both inside and outside of the OS system. More importantly, iOS then run certain Apps such as FaceTime, iMovie app, and Garageband app. To say this more clearly, the actual iOS device is more similar to Android emulators like BlueStacks or Xbox 360 emulator.

So let’s get started and discover what best is waiting for us.


The XamarinTestFlight is the full authentic iOS emulator, which is very promising to boot with any PC. It has launched from Microsoft and presently bought and owned by Apple.for using this emulator by the iOS developer. It is currently used in Apple. So to get the access, connect Xamarin to iOS functionality and iTunes connect.

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The Xamarin is additionally a paid app. Thus you may have to compelled to buy for money for using it in a Windows setting. For doing this, you have to resister iOS app development before uploading it on PC. This will also give a higher chance to your PC with the latest Apple program, and binary generates a new process for more stability to any apps. The TestFlight is currently a true iOS app. Thus, its functions are quickly and easily accessible in a few processes. Please note that apps specially developed for the iOS 8.0 users that may be supported.


The Smartface App is one of the most widely used iOS platforms for smart face emulator development. It has a cloud-based platform that makes natural iOS successfully run for beta testing and for further development. It supports end-to-end smartphone app development and also maintains lifecycle management.

if you use this app, you don’t need to download any files. So you can get the rescue of tons of downloading the file because this happens in the cloud. In fact, your browser and other possibilities act as the doorway for the advancement that you can create via this app. As it uses javascript to emulate Ios, it supports any automated testing apps via the cloud in terms of testers you create through development.

What else! The Smartface App is completely free and available in paid versions also. It works best in iTunes installed in the host device. It’s better to use a paid version as the free version has some limitations in terms of use.

The App.IO emulator or the emulator is another well-known iOS app development tool that is also cloud-based. It’s also one of the most reliable iOS emulators and runs almost in all browsers. Suppose you have developed an app for your client by using App.IO, you can represent this in any browser. It also supports download and purchasing of an app within the browser itself. As it can monitor the no of total downloads and feedback, you can use it as analytics on conversion time, session time, and many related issues to your app. Furthermore, this app has a free trial version of 100 minutes/ month. You can also use the paid version by paying $20-$2000/ month. But it depends on your use in real-time access. It also has social media such as facebook engagement. So it’s better to diagnose some problems before it encounters.

Ripple Emulator

Ripple emulator is a mobile device based development tool. It’s an HTML5 mobile application testing and development tool. It supports MAC OS, iOS, and Android app through a web testing browser. The ripple emulator also has an iPhone simulator download version and available in the Google Chrome extension to use the device anywhere anytime. This tool is particularly best for app development and beta testing. As it can support the majority of iOS apps, the testers can enjoy their favorite app through an internet connection via this app. The Ripple is totally free, so you can enjoy as much as you want by giving just a few clicks.

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The ipadian emulator is not an actual emulator. Its something is like simulator software, and it provides an impression to the iOS device with the windows users. It never runs the app created in iOS devices because it does not have access to the App Store or any native iOS app, which is automatically available onto the simulator. It is basically for those who want to gather experience in the iOS windows platform. Hence this app is the most widely used platform and stable in any stimulating iOS environment. IOS lovers love it most because it’s truly based on iOS, not any software or testing based. Like another app, it’s also free for the first months, but if you become addict to use it, you have to pay a monthly amount to for using it the rest of the time.

Mobione Studio

Mobione studio is another iOS emulator and very popular for windows PC. Its specifically designed and developed for testing developers who want to develop apps in various fields. It’s a very powerful emulator means that its features are helpful to work in every realistic iOS platform. In order to run your app smoothly, this emulator is a must. In addition, it’s also a higher option, especially for windows users who work with cross-platform applications in different areas. Its user-interface is so speedy and interactive to everyone. The MobiOne Studio is surely loved by everyone and is a great source of the iOS application running in a computer system.


iMame is our final topmost iOS emulators significantly for Windows 10.  It offers third-party access to iOS users without facing any issue. It’s a great platform for the test and app developers where they can test apps effortlessly. You can download this iOS emulator form the App store and enjoy seamless clutter-free usages. One of the best things about this emulator is it has a wide range of arcade games, which is popular and runs on every PC. You can trust upon image features blindly as because it is a low resource and optionally low power consumption, emulator. That’s why it offers the most straightforward and freedom of working environment with the sleek user interface on the market. Finally, it’s very special for game lovers and app users.


These the powerful and most used downloadable iOS emulators you can enjoy in Windows PC. They are best and great for all purposes. Not believe? You can download anyone and give us feedback. But its true all the functions you may not like, or you may not need even, but you will love the emulator for sure. So, download and use according to your purpose to get the best benefit out of it. Especially for developers, you might have noticed you need a slide coding knowledge to run the program successfully through this emulator. But its not hard at all. Even a nontech person can handle this smoothly. I hope you will enjoy about the iPhone Emulator on PC .


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