How to hack iPhone Messages?

hack iPhone Messages

Whether you are a parent, an employer or a spouse and want to hack the iPhone messages you are at the right place. You don’t have to hire a hacker for doing this; this article will tell you the way by which you can hack any iPhone without exposing your identity and spending thousands of dollars. In this blog, you will know How to hack iPhone Messages.

In present days children want to have the latest version of the iPhone because it is considered a social standard. As a parent, if you are worried that your children are still wet behind the ears and the world on the internet is full of filth, you have to keep yourself updated about the activities your child is engaged in on iPhone.

The easiest way to do this is to use an online spying application. These online spying applications can hack text messages without tarnishing your reputation. 

Cocospy-online spying app:

Cocospy is the best thing since sliced bread; iPhone hacking apps like Cocospy is economical and provides you reliable services. As you know all the information on an iPhone is stored in the iCloud server of the device. For hacking that information there is no need for you to install any app in that device. 

If you are an employer and have provided your employees the phones from the company, you can easily find out the iCloud credentials of that phone and after entering those credentials you can hack the phone. If you are suspecting that any particular employee is selling the secrets of the company behind your back you can easily reach the bottom of this façade by hacking the device and reading all the text messages. You can find out a lot about a person by reading the text messages of his private chats.

Cocospy can also provide you the data about his previously visited places and from there you can find out if your employee is meeting with your competitors. Your identity will never get revealed and you can collect all the evidence regarding the betrayal of your employee. 

Cocospy-online spying app

Additional benefits provided by the Cocospy:

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If you still doubt the hacking skills of Cocospy you can visit the Cocospy’s official page to read more in detail. Not just the employers but the parents can also use this app to know about the things going on in their children’s life. As you know harassment and cyberbullying are much common so as a parent you have to be aware of the problems your child is facing. 

With Cocospy you can read the text messages as well as the messages from the different social media accounts. Children tend to delete the controversial text messages. You don’t have to worry; Cocospy can grant you access to even the deleted messages. As teenage is a growing age and children tend to fall prey to scams of online corrupt web sites. You can use Cocospy to know about the search history and the sites visited by your child.


You can see all the pictures and videos saved on the phone and the most frequent callers along with the timings and durations. All the work is done without rooting the device so the safety of your child’s phone is guaranteed. The personal information and pictures are not exposed to illegal usage by the internet. So you can safely keep an eye on your child’s phone without exposing you and your child’s personal data at stake.

How to hack text messages with Cocospy:

Hacking text messages is not a hard nut to crack with Cocospy. It allows you to hack the phone and after that, you will have access to all the apps installed and all the data stored in the device. 

Step 1:

The first thing you have to do is to visit the official web site of the Cocospy. There you can sign up for an account by entering the email address and the password. 


The best thing about Cocospy is that it is totally web-based. You can log into your account from any platform, without installing an app. You can spy on the device from a distance by using any web browser.

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Step 2:

After signing up they will ask you to enter some information about the device you want to hack and about the owner of that device. Cocospy can hack both the iPhone and Android devices. After mentioning that you can go to the part of choosing a plan, if you are going to hack only one device premium version is the best option for you. But if you want to hack multiple devices, the premium version will not be of much help. It will provide limited services so choose family version instead. 

Step 3: 

For reading the text messages on the iPhone integrate this with the Cocospy account by entering the credentials of the iCloud server. After a few minutes, you will see the results.

hack iPhone Messages

As you know Cocospy can also hack the android device, but for that, you have to install the app in the target device. After finishing the procedure click on the start button to actually start spying on the device.

hack iPhone Messages

Step 4:

A dashboard with a selection panel will appear in front of you. You can see many options on the selection panel. For spying on the text messages directly click on the text messages option and the message inbox will open in front of you.


Cocospy gives you the feel of a professional hacker. At any moment if you feel like your identity is going to get revealed, you can uninstall the app from the android without even touching the device with just one click. In the case of the iPhone, no one can suspect as there is no app installed in your device to hack iPhone Messages. 


After this article on how to hack iPhone Messages, you have the comprehensive knowledge as to how you can read the text messages even the deleted ones with just a few clicks. Cocospy is not expensive software so it will never leave you broke. You can rely on the Cocospy for the safety of your child and if you are an employer, Cocospy has got your back for keeping you informed of your employees’ intentions.


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