8 Factors to Consider Before Building a Web Application

Building a Web Application

The number of smartphone users is increasing at a tremendous rate every year. Due to this, there is an upsurge in the development of web applications over the last few years. Readout below to know about the 8 factors to consider before building a web application.

Businesses around the world choose to develop web applications over mobile apps due to their benefits. These benefits include easy installation & maintenance, better security, 24*7 Availability, always up-to-date, etc.

If you have an excellent web application idea, you need to consider some essential factors before converting it into reality.

The primary thing you think you know before building a web application is which type of web application you want to develop? If you have already decided on the type of web application, we will provide you with other essential factors for a web application.

Now, we will look at the most crucial factors you should consider before starting web application development.

So here we go: 

Things to Consider Before Starting Web Application Development

Here is the list of factors you should keep in mind before developing a web application.

1. Know Your Target Audience

The first and most important thing that you should consider is knowing your target audience. These are the users who will be using your web application. 

To know your target audience, visit forums and social media platforms. Create a user persona to understand your target audience. A user persona consists of details like name, age, gender, region, problem, etc.

2. Conduct Requirement Analysis

Another basic thing that one needs to consider for building any web application is requirement analysis. It is useful to define the expectations of the users before building the web app. 

Requirements analysis is conducted to know the expectations of users from the web app.

It is crucial to understand & analyze the end-users goals and expectations as the success of your web application depends on it.

To analyze what users want from your upcoming web app, ask your audience on various popular forums by requesting them to fill the survey. Apart from this, you can also carry out a one-on-one session with users to know their requirements.

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3. Design & Usability

Design is the most crucial thing in a web application. If you have done it right, you have completed 50% of your web app. 

Your web design should be such that anyone should be able to understand it without explanation. Generally, all the designs that are straightforward and organized have better usability. 

Hence, your web app design should be attractive with proper navigation and should be quick to understand. For this, use should include necessary content with negative whitespace.

The color scheme is a crucial thing in web app design. Different colors provoke different emotions. Therefore, integrate the right set of colors in your web app design. 

4. Choose the Right Framework

A framework is valuable to speed up the development process of your web application. You might have a question, Why use a Framework? 

A framework is a collection of libraries and tools for writing a specific set of applications. If you don’t use a framework, you need to code a lot of things yourself. The framework offers various pieces of code which you can directly use in the web application.

As of now, there are various web application frameworks available in the market. You should choose the best web application framework that makes your development process quick and safe.

5. Designing Database of Your Web Application

The database is another crucial aspect of any web application as it will store complete data of your web application. 

By designing your database well, your web app offers the best performance. You should consider the current & future goals of your web application and do database design accordingly. Also, never design your database immediately, divide it into small parts, and then start database design. 

Things to Consider When Designing the Database

  • Check whether your database is flexible or not before designing it. By checking this thing, you wouldn’t face any issue in upgrading the database. Moreover, you can also hire a SQL consultant to look after the services.
  • How many times in a day or week database would be used. This thing is necessary to know as the higher the database usage, the higher the possibility of database corruption. If there is heavy usage, ensure that your SQL consultant takes proper measures to resolve any database errors.
  • List out the total number of tables needed for the database. 
  • Ensure that the SQL expert has knowledge of normalization and indexes. Moreover, the SQL expert should be able to build tables and map relationships between them.
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Requirement analysis plays a vital role in designing the database. By doing requirement analysis properly, you can design your database efficiently.

6. Choose the Right Development Approach

The development approach you choose will significantly impact the success of a web application. In general, most of the developers choose to go with the agile development approach. If you know about Agile, then go with it.

Other than this, you can also go with modular development. In the modular development approach, you need to divide the entire project into small functional modules. 

The majority of developers don’t consider a specific development approach and face many hurdles in medium and high-complexity projects. 

Hence, by following a suitable development approach, you can develop your web application properly and launch it on time.

7. Choosing the Right Domain and Hosting

A domain name is the identity of your web application. Therefore, you should choose a domain name that aligns well with your business niche. Moreover, you should ensure that it is simple to remember. 

The choice of a domain name will impact the SEO of your web application. By choosing the right domain name for your web application, you can rank well on the Search Engine Pages.

Hosting is required to store all the files and documents of your website. Currently, there are different types of hosting available in the market like shared, VPS, dedicated, cloud, and managed. You should select the most suitable hosting as per your web app requirements.

8. Branding

Branding plays an essential role in supporting a company’s product or service. Various companies create a unique logo that aligns well with their identity. 

Brand logo determines how a user feels about a company. Moreover, it is the first thing that gains a user’s attention. Hence, you should create a professional logo that provides better user experiences and establishes trust in the user’s mind.


So these were some of the crucial factors you should consider before building a web application. By choosing the right things for your web application in advance, you will not face any issues during the development stage.

Moreover, you should choose the correct framework, database, development approach, features & functionalities, etc., as per your budget as all of these things will affect your web app development cost

Lastly, you can also reach out to a web application development company. They can choose the most suitable tools and technologies for your web application and deliver you the best web app.




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