Vampire The Masquerade Clans: A Role-playing Game

vampire the masquerade clans

What is Vampire The Masquerade Clans

Vampire the Masquerade Clans is a tablet role-playing game created by Mark Rein. Then he launched the game in 1991 by White Wolf Publishing.

However, it is the first of several storyteller system games for the World of Darkness setting line. 


It is set in the modern world from a fictional Gothic punk. We call these Kindred.


By the way, some products were the same as vampires. So, they are

Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption: The Masquerade, live-action role-playing games (Mind’s Eye Theater). 


And  Dice, Collectible Card games (Vampire: The Eternal Struggle), video games (Vampire: The Masquerade – Redemption), Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines.


However, Aaron Spelling made a short live television show named Kindred: The hug Game VO for the Fox playing Company.



Mark Rein-Hagen, Davis, Lisa Stevens, Stewart Wieck, Tom Dowd, and Graeme.



  • Modiphius fun. 
  • Onyx Path Publishing
  • White Wolf Publishing                    
  • By Night Studios
  • Renegade Game Studios


Publication date: 

  • 1991(1st edition)


  • 1992(2nd edition)


  • 1998(Revised edition)


  • 2011(20th Anniversary)


  • 2018(5th edition)



Storyteller System



Personal Horror



World of Dark




The Vampire RPG took inspiration from Call of Cthulhu and RuneQuest and Joseph Campbell and the Vampire film Lost Boys. So, he secretly created secret vampires with vampire society. And culture and wanted to go beyond what Anne Rice did.


Rein Hagen made it clear that Anne Rice did not read the Vampire record on purpose. And she admits that the effect of vampire movies affect her game. After that, Rein Hagen took insight from a comic book he gave her.


Moreover, the vampire was unique in all cases. And we may think of it as a game in a dark city. The first series of the Games will be the cover photo of the green marbles. And that is the tune for the game and a lot different from other games. 


Because the content was novels, you can relate the game with the cell and its attention. In addition, the vampire began the first game targeting these issues when the RPG was going to the vivid method.


RPG industry is the leading buyer of horror games. Besides, The voter was adding some parts that get a big diameter from a Harbor game. 


By the way, you can include it in the highest power, firm-promised, firm motion, odd senses, mind control, blood, magic, etc. However, More and more of these kirks have been more than earth feelings. 


So, the 13 groups of the process gave a system by vampiric. And the other vampiric on which the most popular has been on players.


The Gameplay Of Vampire The Masquerade Clans:



The game uses the cursed vampire state as a backdrop to see the themes of morality, the human form, lifeline, scorn, and personal horror.  


The themes of the games are to keep a sense of nature, humanity.  You need to crush utmost enemies, betray, escape politics, and have their violent goals. 


Game System:     


In addition, the rules of general storytelling, vampires use systems to mimic non-existence. There is a vampire’s blood pool. 


This refers to the amount of human blood or vita in their body.  Each of the vampires has a humanity score that counts how close they are to human nature. As humanity drop, vampires become more subtle to the animal.  


However, The vampire lowers the score of humanity. If society’s score drops to zero, the beast takes the vampire in a steady-state known as Wassail.


Vampires in World of Darkness 


Vampires in the World of Dark uses a few natural sayings of vampires’ fancy and legend. For example, unlimited status and great hunger for blood. 



Usually, they do not die as their souls don’t beat; they don’t need food or drink; they don’t age. In addition, their skin is cold and pale, and the leading food they need will be blood. 


Even though they are undead, vampires of this world think, feeling living souls fit for thought, feeling. And pity Other sayings or weak points draw as simple legends of strange notions.


For example, a vampire’s loss turning into a vampire nearly from a nibble. Even though they usually are not refuted by garlic or holy images.


Besides, there is an order of benefits and faults that can affect cast along these lines. However, any sinful soul can’t animate them as per in-game lore.


The Masquerade 


In Vampire: The Masquerade, the Masquerade imply to a fit together rivet. Camarilla sorted them to entice the overall public that vampires don’t exist. 


The Camarilla accepts the Masquerade as the basic endure technique for Kindred. And dread that without it, the kine would ascend and get rid of all the living soul.


The Masquerade generally apply through self-policing. However, the Prince’s job in the Camarilla run urban group to agree to it. 


For instance, rulers may use any methods available to them to bond vampire society remains covered up. And that the personals who break the Masquerade are rebuffed. 


Orders for breaks have a reach yet are typically harsh because of the reality of the Masquerade.


Clans Of The Masquerade Vampire 


A clan is the character’s vampire family—all players from a group dive from the faction’s earliest planner. So, gamers admit that there are thirteen groups with thirteen founders. However, not every one of them is the earliest.


By the way, there are 13 various strong vampires for players to look over, some great, some bizarre. And some so awful they should glint. Here is the sum of Vampire’s different tribes, placed from best to most awful.


1) Ventrue Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans


Ventrue speaks to vampires at their generally tasteful. As the most notable of vampires. At any rate, they trust themselves to be and spike and use human regime. And they do it to keep up their control over different vampires. 


They’ve been a piece of the Roman Empire, the British Empire, and nearly all the domains in the middle. In addition, The Ventrue are generally vital, rich, and leader for a vampire society called the Camarilla.


Camarilla does the Masquerade; the social deal vampires need to keep their reality puzzles from humans. So, the venture has the best “ordinary” set of forces in the game.


2) Assamite Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


There’s something dismal and urgent about having a vampire group running over with only boss professional killers. Moreover, they are yet lost if the Assamite doesn’t figure out how to be somewhat unique at any rate. By the way, the most vital thing is that they’re not merely professional killers. 


Generally, all Assamites have the Discipline of Quietus. Despite its name, it permits vampires to control others’ blood, which lets them do nice things. For example, power focuses on sweating profusely, turning blood acidic, and different wildness.


3) Tremere Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


Albeit one of the most current vampire bloc, the Treme is Venture Lite — super-coordinated. They are super-into the Masquerade, super-supportive of vampire society. Besides, Thaumaturgy, or blood sorcery.


In addition, the fact that Thaumaturgy has the benefits of creeping various vampires out. It has a vast mix of forces to look over. And it includes theoretical chemistry, primary control, magic, spoiling, thus, much more. 


Tremere are Vampire’s mages, and since all vampires are at any rate to some degree strong. Tremere doesn’t get taken out; the next one finds them like D&D’s mages do. It’s this vast matching that makes the Tremere may be the best family in the Masquerade.


4) Lasombra Of Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


Darkly great vampires, Lasombra, see control over others and self-control as their noblesse oblige. As one of the two forming tribes of the Sabbat.


They picked up a reputation for supposedly grinding their primal author. So, the Lasombra use a Discipline known as Obtenebration that permits them to control shadows and opacity.


However, the control of Lasombra has formally joined The Camarilla in the Fifth Edition’s playing of Chicago By Night.


5) Followers Of Set Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans  


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The Followers of Set are vitally the Bastard class of Vampire, and they have all the chances that a total absence of keen quality permits. 


In addition, they have the Serpentis follower, which permits its client to unfit personals with their look. Besides, they have a monster snake tongue to hit with, and finest, lets Settites take out their own heart.


6) Malkavian Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


Malkavian is a faction of insane people whose frenzy awards them odd bits of grip. Their Discipline of Dementation permits them to spread their craziness like a plague. 


By the way, each player from this tribe is crazy somehow or another. So, they are one of the seven starting tribes of the Camarilla.


7) Brujah Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans  


On first functions, the Brujah were a family of decent logicians and fighter writers. They lose their city of Carthage, which was their highest move. Moreover, they have become a group of grouches, radicals, rebels, and enemies of tyrants. 


Brujah has unique zest, yet this equal energy makes it heavier for them to oppose the Beast. Brujah is one of the seven starting groups of the Camarilla. 


After the revolt of Theo Bell, who did Hardestadt in Prague, they left in numbers to join the Anarch spread and are usually pioneers.


8) Toreador Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


Toreador is airy, aesthetic, and sinful pleasure-seekers lured by the human world once in a while. And its creative manifestations and excited by the ever-changing human world. 


They are one of the bothers of families who try to stay aware of it. So, Matador often hugs the excellence or to guard bossy ability. Merit can charm them and disable them for a while. They are one of the starting seven groups of the Camarilla.


9) Tzimisce Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans  


The Tzimisce are the otherworldly pioneers and researchers of the Sabbat. So, it’s Clive Barker: The Magic Power. People exist to be pry with and afflict all together for the Tzimisce to advance themselves. 


On the other hand, Vicissitude doesn’t usually appear Vampire-y by any stretch of the fancy. So, you’re playing an underhanded wizard who needs to drink blood for reasons unknown.


10) Nosferatu Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


The family Nosferatu is destined to wear their brutal nature. The cuddle changes its losses into grisly and twisted beasts who are reduced by their face—and forced to follow in the shadows of the sewers. 


However, all Nosferatu are monstrous, and clearly, beasts to the point showing up would break the Masquerade. So, they are one of the began individuals from Camarilla.


11) Giovanni Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans  


Usually, the Giovanny is fixing the cash on the vampire horde. And sorcery, because with the magic, they’d recently be the usual crowd, and that’d be super-exhausting. 


So, they make vampires out of their own usually colossal family. And this is strange because those who don’t have the misty idea about their family are loaded with bitter parasitic spell vampires. But until they get picked to become vampires themselves.


12) Gangrel Of Vampire The Masquerade Clans 


A group of erotic shape-shifters who evade the urban areas for the wild past. Automatic and keener on their bearing, the Gangrel likes to run with wild creatures. Instead of wading into Strom with others of their sort. 


Gangrel is an expert in the control Protean, which permits them to change their bodies into inhuman shapes. At the point when Gangrel free for all, they look like the Beast, taking on creature peaks and deformations. Besides, Gangrel is one of the seven regular groups of the Camarilla.


13) Ravnos Of The Vampire The Masquerade Clans  


Ravnos are derro, which is an excellent method of saying, tourist. which we’ve just settled is itself a superb method of “bums.” Moreover, the Ravnos are cheaters and frauds firmly weaved with the Gypsies and simple.


To Conclude,


Vampire the Masquerade Clans is one of the principal in-game purposes of dispute. So, the conflict is between the two strong groups of vampires in the World of Dark. 


On the other part, many vampires see the logic in the Masquerade; some argue with it. For instance, the Sabbat doesn’t keep the Tradition that permits the execution of the Masquerade. 





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