Best Free anti virus in 2020- Review and Editors Pick

best free anti virus

The question is not whether you can afford to install an antivirus. The main thing is, can you afford not to install it? What if a bank trojan steals your money? What if the ransomware encrypts your files? To prevent this from happening, you need to install the best free anti virus. 

This antivirus should be able to remove malware that has already hit your computer, as well as prevent ransomware, botnets, trojans, and other types of viruses from getting into the computer. All the antiviruses in this article provide real-time protection. Some of them protect you in your browser so you don’t go to malicious sites or enter your logins and passwords on phishing sites.

Antivirus protection is just as important now. Protecting your devices (laptops, PCs, etc.) can end up costing you a lot of money and embarrassment. But what if you don’t want to pay a high fee for adequate protection? You won’t believe it, but there are a lot of great antivirus programs available today.

Hackers and cybercriminals are everywhere. The current epidemic has even seen an increase in security breaches. The number of people trying to control your data is increasing.

It is only for this reason that you must take steps to protect yourself. (complete)

TOP free antivirus software

Secure your laptop, desktop, or any other related computer. If you don’t know what antivirus software you need to search, it’s more difficult for you to find free options.

In this article, I’ll show you the seven best antivirus programs today. That’s right, I said it for free. Amazingly, many great products are completely free and work perfectly to protect you from scandal, viruses, hacking and worms.

We all know common names like AVIG and Kaspersky that have great free antivirus software for your use. But that’s not the first time.

All of the following options will provide great protection for your computer. The main part? They all offer free plans that don’t cost you a single day.

Remember that hackers will never stop, like malware and virus manufacturers. These people always come up with new and innovative ways to hack your computer.

It is important to update regular security software packages to protect the free antivirus software you want to use from constant threats like phishing attacks and ransomware.

Let’s find some information and then see some of the great free antivirus programs you can choose at.

Free anti-viruses against tolls

You might be wondering if free antivirus is so good, why do we need to pay one? You should know many antiviruses made accessible to the antivirus for personal use. So, if you want to use antivirus for commercial purposes, you have to pay for it. 

For example, you want an antivirus for your personal use if you won’t get the full features. The paid version offers more such as protection for malware and duplicate software. It also provides a strong firewall, app control. You will get better protection against all the unsafe connections. You will get informed about any explosions. 

Most of the companies don’t offer full service in the free version of antivirus. For example, you need some technical support; you won’t get it in the free version. You have to pay for it. 

TOP free antivirus software

Having a good antivirus on our computer is very important if we want to keep our data, privacy, and even the integrity of our bank account safe. 

Although every time we connect to the Internet, it is useful to be careful. It is advisable not to trust any files or emails that get on our computer. It is almost impossible to know how viruses will attack our computers. They evolve, and the way they are introduced into your computer changes with them. We all need antivirus on our computer for all this and more if we don’t want to show more than one dislike.

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The market is currently represented by a wide range of antivirus programs designed to protect our PC from any attacks, but … Which one to choose? And the fact is that not all antiviruses can detect all threats, and not all of them have the same impact on our operating system’s performance. In today’s article, we will offer you a list of what we consider the best antivirus this 2020. We hope this will help you.

Effective Functionality

Most of the antivirus runs in the same way. First, they can access all the data on your computer and block access to all the corrupt files. They have a system to check all the files on a regular basis. They keep in check, so any malicious files can’t enter your system. The program indicates all the malicious files and asks permission to delete it. 

Some antivirus provides extra features such as preventing users from accessing fake websites. They also block sites that may steal your important information, such as a password.  Some antiviruses rate links to search results, calling them dangerous.

An easy way to protect your computer is to install Windows Security Updates. Windows 10 makes it easy to keep it safe, but older versions of Windows have a lot of weaknesses. 

What is missing

We listed only the top free antivirus software 2020. This software got a decent review and feedback from the users. In recent times, antivirus from Windows got a decent rating. We also added the software in our study due to recent positive user feedback. 

It comes pre-installed with all the Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 versions. It works well and will not need any external antivirus if you are using the updated Windows 10 version. 

There are many free antiviruses that work well against all the malicious software and fake software. If you are using your computer for personal use, free antivirus can protect all of your data. If you are using it for commercial purposes, you are highly recommended to get a premium one. 

Some antivirus only works to clean all the malicious virus you got attacked previously. But, this free antivirus cannot give you real-time protection. In this case, you might need to install malware software additional to save against malware. We discussed all the possible pros and cons that will make you aware of which one you should go for. 

Please read the full article; it will help you to find the best free anti virus for you.

What Computers Are at the Most Risk?

Microsoft and Windows are by far the most vulnerable and are the main targets of viruses and malware. However, you still want to make sure that all your devices are protected. Not many people know, but Android ranks second in terms of attack risk.

Note. The overall threat to MacOS and especially iOS is minimal. This is mainly due to the control of the Apple App Store. Although some invasive events do occur, they are usually caused by external applications and are still rare. You can get free antivirus software for your Mac, but to be honest, you’ll be better off without Apple products.

Another thing to look out for before I submit the list is that installing a VPN is another option that you should consider. Combined with free antivirus software, it will act as a bonus feature for protection.

What to Look for in the Best Free Anti virus Software

You want to search for a number of things when you try to compare and choose between the best free anti virus software protections. In some cases, you may be a little more limited because the version is free.

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However, in most cases, you should still be able to find certain things that create a solid antivirus software package.

The considerations include machine optimization, whether it slows you down or whether it is visible and out of mind. Add overall functionality, and you will have a recipe for good protection. (complete)

Top ten best free anti virus

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free

Kaspersky Security Cloud Free, considered by many to be the best antivirus software available. You think it offers a paid version of the software. It gives you a lot of features and extra antivirus.

It has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to make many adjustments. If you are interested in Kaspersky, it offers virtually invincible malware protection. You can also design a scan in your spare time.

The performance on your computer is so low that you can see that it speeds up your computer. There are other useful features in this antivirus program. It’s an on-screen keyboard. But excellent built-in email scanner.

Password and VPN services are also limited. However, it is difficult to lose free antivirus software. (complete)

Bitdefender Antivirus Free Edition

We are all aware BitDefender gives us the best computer software. However, are you aware they also offer a few versions of useful antivirus software? 

The free version has some limitations but still works fine if you’re using it personally. It gives you essential protection, along with some additional support.

Once you complete the installation process, there will be an icon that appears on the screen. You don’t need to check the threats manually; it will do it for you automatically. 

The malware detection engine works well to find out all the malware viruses. The malware engine of BitDefender is considered one of the best available out there. (complete)

Total AV Free

Av Free has continued its performance and is now trusted by over 10 million users. It will provide you with complete protection against viruses, malware and other online threats. All this is free.

Quick setup will move you because it’s so fast and easy. The product provides very strong protection, but it is a very light weight solution to keep your machine running fast.

If you want great security features and you know millions of other people also use this product, the total AV free is definitely suitable for search. (complete)

AVG best free anti virus

AVG Antivirus Free provides very good anti-malware protection, strong anti-phishing protection and the ability to scan at any time. The product has many great features which makes it more attractive because you can use it for free.

As a unique bonus, this specific free antivirus software comes with an so-called “AVG SafePrice”. This is a browser extension that tracks your online activities. If you get a better deal or more coupons, they will provide you with a view to considering the use.

The embedded AVG antivirus-free engine provides security for your computer and if you are looking for the best antivirus scanners available, it is definitely something to see. (complete)

Avast best free anti virus

Avast Free Antivirus is one of the best free virus protection software. In addition to excellent antivirus protection, The Everest Free Antivirus provides you with a network security scanner, password manager, browser protection, and an amazing set of security features.

Add to this that it is in the right place, and you have the best antivirus version of the product.

The Avast Secure browser is personal, secure, and very fast. You will feel the difference as soon as you install the product. By default, it becomes your new browser. Yes, you can go back to other browsers whenever you want.

The Avast Free Antivirus is probably one of the most attractive features in the so-called “passive mode”. It is an inbuilt tool that starts automatically when you install another antivirus. It avoids conflicts by disabling real-time scanning and other active protection.


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