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The value of a Cisco certification extends beyond monetary compensation. It’s an instrumental tool that advances your technical skills so you meet the demands of the industry and earn a spot in an organization. With these impressive benefits, you have to undergo a couple of intellectual challenges before you secure a Cisco validation.

These challenges are given through certification exams, which are pretty tough so that you’ll be more than ready to take on real-world tasks. And if you’re highly interested in boosting your comprehension about data centers, then CCNA Link Here Data Center is the answer.

The growing importance of data centers

Data centers aren’t just itsy-bitsy features in an organization. These hold a rather impactful worth that makes business flourish. Regardless of the company size, data center exists to back-up data, manage communication functions, and support storage apps and transactions. Because of its value, businesses and government associations hire data professionals to ensure business continuity. However, it’s not enough to be just a data professional; you need to be a certified data professional who can competently and effectively administer data center services along with online apps. So, how do you become one?

Best certification route to becoming a skilled data professional

As many companies rely on the services of a data professional, the best way to become one is by earning the CCNA Data Center credential. This certification involves two exams―300-135 (DCICN) and 200-155 (DCICT). And for this specific blog, we will be having the first requirement, and that is Cisco exam 300-135, which pursues the basics of data center networking, storage, and physical infrastructure. On the other hand, exam 200-155 entails your proficiency in various data center functions, including network virtualization, automation, and unified computing.

Apparently, there are no formal prerequisites for this certification. However, it’s advisable that you have prior background in data center, including network protocols, operating systems, and the like.

Top-rated materials for CCNA exam 300-135

  1. Official training course
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If you want an all-inclusive grasp of the key exam areas, devote five days of your schedule and avail of the official training course. This classroom training is administered by a Cisco instructor, who will present in detail the exam requirements. These include data center reference models such as Open Systems Interconnection and Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol, along with packet transmissions, network architectures, storage connectivity, and Nexus products. So by the end of this course, you are already well-equipped with the essential skills in data center.

2. Cisco Virtual Internet Routing Lab

Be exam ready by taking some hands-on lab. Cisco VIRL Pearson Edition is probably one of the best platforms to evaluate your technical knack. This online site offers you the opportunity to create realistic data center models through its easy-to-use, functional, and portable network modeling. The simulation environment further allows you to design and manage a variety of Cisco operating networks and servers.

3. PrepAway’s free and premium dumps

Another constructive way to know if you’re ready to take your certification exam is by answering the dumps available at Their dumps are useful in improving your strengths as well as unlocking your weak points. Their 300-135 premium collection, in particular, is a recommended material that will not just check on your exam mastery but also expand your learning. It’s because this bundle consists of premium online resources like online lectures, a study guide, and of course, exam dumps.

4. CCNA Data Center exam group

Secure insights from other professionals by joining a study group. To guide you, Cisco also has its own official study group for exam 300-135, which is composed of beneficial exam discussions managed by Cisco experts. This way, you add up your knowledge and gain new colleagues who will eventually assist you in your preparation.

5. Cisco exam tutorial videos

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Cisco does not precisely release the exact type of questions for their certifications. But on the good side, they give you an overview of what might arise during the real exam. The exam tutorial videos highlight the possible exam setting and exam layout. Most of the Cisco exam questions include multiple-choice and simulation types. For the multiple-choice format, this may feature both single and multiple answers. Aside from Cisco, you can also find some relevant CCNA 300-135 videos on YouTube, which include probable exam questions and more.

Cisco Exam 300-135 formalities

Aside from knowing the best exam references, it’s also important that you know the exam layout. The CCNA 300-135 exam entails the completion of around 55 to 65 English questions within 1 hour and 30 minutes. The exam dumps, together with exam tutorial videos, are a great reference to the possible exam questions. So make sure you utilize and understand these materials properly.

The upcoming release of the new CCNA program

By February 24, 2020, a new set of CCNA validation will be introduced. With the release of the new set of CCNA certification exams, the current CCNA exams, along with CCDA tests, will no longer be accessible. This means that you have only up to February 23 to complete your CCNA Data Center exams. As soon as the new CCNA will take place, you will be credited to the new curriculum, together with a training badge that matches your area of expertise.


Accomplishing a Cisco certification can be a tough journey to pursue, but it’s definitely something you wouldn’t regret taking. And with the above lists of prep materials, including the most actual and valid dumps from, we hope that your CCNA Data Center path will be smooth and downright successful.


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