Essentials to Complete Your Golf Set:

Essentials to Complete Your Golf Set

They say golf is a sport for gentlemen. Well, it might be true as the game is often played by sophisticated, well behaved people who wear proper uniforms just to play this leisurely game. As a beginner golf player, it can be quite intimidating to know that you need proper uniform and stuff before even going to play the game. And in order to look the part, you will surely want to complete your golf set so that you can join the proper party of players who have years of experience.

Learning the rules of golf and making the right shot in golf is very important, and you can only do it when you have the proper clubs and balls. Read here to review some of the best golf bags.

Here, we will discuss which essentials you will need to complete your golf set so next time when you enter the field, you remain confident about your golf set.

1.    A golf bag:

The first and foremost important thing that you must have to complete your golf set is a golf bag which will keep all your golf essentials in it easily.

The size of your golf bag should be decided depending on the size of your golf clubs and the total amounts of accessories you have. Golf clubs are usually very long which is why your golf bag should be big enough that you can easily put these golf clubs inside it and the bag doesn’t get torn by them.

Furthermore, the bag should also be able to keep all your other golf accessories in it without things falling off. If the bag isn’t able to keep each and everything inside it, then the whole point of a golf bag will be wasted.

2.    Clubs:

Golf clubs are the most important accessory that is necessary for playing golf. There are many different types of golf clubs available in the market which are available in a range of length and thickness. You can select any golf club which suits your style.

There are usually a 12 golf club set available for beginners which include a mix of iron and wood clubs with a good quality driver. This is most perfect as the separate golf clubs cost very expensive so if you are a beginner, you can get one of these sets to play golf. It will also help to increase your skills at a level where you can then purchase separate golf clubs for professional players.

3.    Golf balls:

Another important thing and a very essential to the sport of golf is a golf ball. Usually there are ball throwing machines on the golf course yet You must keep many sets of golf balls with you in your bag as you will need them in a time where there is no ball thrower in the field.

You can also use golf balls when you are practicing golf playing in your garden but you must choose the golf balls with extra care. As beginners, go for balls that have durable material as you will damage delicate balls in the beginning.

4.    Uniform:

Playing golf is just like playing cricket or basketball. You have your set of rules and you have certain guidelines which not only make the game more fun, but they also ensure your safety.

Uniform is also a very important part of golf that doesn’t only make you look professional but also ensures that you play easily and comfortably. You must keep a t-shirt in your bag for playing golf. A hat is always important as it keeps you protected from sun rays and also helps you see your goal when you are playing outdoors.

5.    Glasses:

When playing in outdoors, you will need sun glasses that will keep your eyes protected from the sun rays and also help you to see clearly in sharp sunlight. Glasses also make you look stylish so be sure to keep glasses in your set.

6.    Towel:

A very important thing to complete your golf accessories set is a towel. It helps you stay fresh by cleaning sweat from your face.

You cannot deny that when you play golf, your face and neck can get sweaty not only because of playing but because of immense heat, and towel can help you to dry all that sweat.

7.    Gloves:

You will also need gloves to complete your golf set. You can keep three separate pairs of gloves in your collection. One glove pair can be used for practices and the other one can be reserved for special needs. The third one should be used for professional sports.

8.    Water bottles:

You can easily get dehydrated and thirsty and there might not be a source of quick drink nearby so it is always a good idea to keep a water bottle with you whenever you go to play out, no matter which game.

When playing sports, you can easily lose a lot of body water in the form of sweat due to the exposure with sunrays and drinking water is the only way to restore your body hydration. This is the reason why you should always keep a water bottle with you no matter which sports you play in.

9.    Sun screen:

Again, to keep you safe and protected from sun and high heat. When playing outdoors, your arms, neck, face and legs are mostly exposed to sun rays and it can result in sun burns or skin infections so it is always wise to keep a sun screen in your bag. And when you go out, you can apply the sun screen to any exposed parts of your body before playing.

10.  A range finder:

A range finder is usually used by professional golf players who play at large courses that have holes at large distances. Range finder can be used to spot these distant holes so that you are able to make your aim easily and effectively.

It can also help you to know whether you made your shot perfectly or did you miss. And if you were not able to make a perfect shot, this range finder can help you find your ball back.

Other things that any beginner golf player can keep in their golf kit to complete their golf set are markers, which will help you to mark your balls and also keep scores in score cards. You will also need score cards to record all your earned points. Umbrellas can help you keep safe from heat and heavy rain fall. Rain gear also helps to keep dry in stormy weather. You can also keep a jacket in your bag which will help you stay warm during chilly evenings.

First aid kits always come in handy if you accidently harm yourself during playing so keep band aids, ointments and a few ice packs in your bag. You can also keep mosquito repellants or bug repelling creams in your bag because golf courses often have bushes or plants in the surrounding which can be a source of bugs and mosquitos and repellants help you to avoid any skin infections.

A very good thing to keep with you are energy bars which will provide you sustenance when you are playing in intense golf matches and don’t t=want to take a break from playing. Energy bars will help you maintain your energy and calories during playing so you don’t feel hungry.


Learning to play golf can take you some time. You will need good aim and a strong throwing power. Having good golf clubs and balls can help you learn to play faster while if you start playing without proper golf clubs and balls, you can end up losing heart. But we want you to try harder until you master these skills.

Like any other sports, golf also need a proper kit with all necessary things in it which can help you enjoy your game without getting bored or tired. Be sure to keep all the above mentioned things in your golf kit so next time when you go on the golf course, you know that you are well protected from heat, bugs and rain so you can focus on the game.


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