nano tape

Nano Tape

Nano Tape is the latest hybrid nanotechnology product. It uses nano carbon tubes to adhere to surfaces. It has replaced the use of conventional adhesive products. It is globally used adhesive product and it revolutionized adhesive products with its outsmart features. This double-sided sticky tape is transparent in color and has multiple usages. Its nano carbon tubes technology makes it very strong adhesive substance without leaving any residue. Its carbon sticking bonds are a hundred times stronger than the lizard’s feet. This is not disposable it can be used many times after application.

It is reusable and washable, it does not produce stickiness to surfaces where applied.

It comes with permanent adhesiveness and is used for both outdoor and indoor sticking purposes. Its nanotechnology bonds with the surfaces with a tight grip over them. It has become one of the most widely used adhesive compounds since its release in 2019. It gained popularity among people for its unique characteristics as it has solved some of the most basic problems.

It gave the best account for day to day problems where the use of conventional adhesive tapes is not practical. Sometimes also referred to as magic tape for its transparent color and problem-solving features. This is made from the high quality acrylic substance of enhanced longevity usage. It comes in different sizes and its width ranges from 0.1 cm to 0.2 cm. It works seamlessly up to 62 degrees Celsius without tarnishing and losing its gripping ability.

Nano Tape and Other Conventional Adhesives

You must be wondering, what makes nano tape different from other conventional adhesive substances? Although all of the adhesive materials are made with the same aim of giving strong bond and attachment. Most of the conventional adhesives are messy and they leave extra residue on the surfaces. It roughs up the surface and when removed, an effort is required to remove the residue from it.

On the other hand nanotechnology in it is without resins and gluey substances.

Normal tapes are not stretchable while nano tape can be stretched, twisted and folded in any shape. It is very difficult to remove the normal tape from the surface while this is easily unplugged from the surface. Normal tapes can only work one time while its can be used several hundred times. Other tapes can not be used for plugging and unplugging things. While nano tape is used recurrently for attaching and unattached things with it.

Normal adhesives do not attach effectively when exposed to extreme hot or cold temperatures. Not tape works best from -13 degrees Celsius up to 62 degrees Celsius. Nano tape offers high surface viscosity and attaches anything uniformly by forming strong bonds. While normal adhesives only make bonds where gluey resins are abundant. Normal adhesives are applicable everywhere irrespective of surface type. While nano tape is only applicable on smooth surfaces. Due to all these reasons, nano tape edges its effectiveness over other conventional adhesion substances.



Uses of Nano Tape

Nano tape is a multipurpose adhesive double-sided tape used indoors and outdoors. it is used generally in the following ways:

  • Nano tape is used to attach carpet with the floor. It is also used to paste carpet over the carpet.
  • It is attachable to smooth surfaces and different things can be pasted on it. Some of the common things nano tape is usually used to paste are keychains, posters, frames, wall clocks, hooks, and other daily used things.
  • It is also used to attach curtains, wall paintings and relieve you from drilling holes In walls. It solves all drilling problems that people face and gives a strong bond to items. It especially is highly useful for permanent adhesions.
  • It can be adhered to car dashboards for attaching mobile phones and other frequently used car gadgets.
  • Its unnoticeable transparency makes it invisible and attaches anything with anything magically.
  • It is also used to attach kitchen tools and washroom items to attach with it smoothly.
  • Nano tape is used with car decorations and it gives a tight grip to anything attached in rough weather also.
  • That also acts as power cables and extension attachment adhesive components. It attaches movable sockets to fix positions.

  • This is also used to attach furniture with the floor for avoiding movement.
  • It is used for attaching things with smooth surfaces. Smooth surfaces include tiles, wood boards, glass materials, metal surfaces, plastic items, and marble surfaces.
  • Nano tape is a strong gripper for wall hangings for permanent and temporary attachment of things.
  • It is also used to place mobile phones while cooking with a recipe. Nano tape gives a strong adhesion to the attached things.
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 How to Use it

The usage procedure of nano tape is the same as any other adhesive material but there are some additional points to be kept in mind while applying it anywhere. First of all, cut the nano tape into a small portion with a cutter according to the requirement. Then paste it on the smooth surface and remember to clean the surface previously for strong bonding.

One side of the tape already comes with a sticky side and it is attached to the smooth surface. Once attached with a clean surface the outer layer contains a peelable plastic cover. Peel the outer plastic layer and attach any desirable item with it. It will hold anything firmly without falling or detaching. It will be attached permanently with the nano tape surface.

You can also detach it anytime like attaching and detaching the phone from the car dashboard. Secondly for reusing the tape wash it with water. Don’t rub the nano tape with anything. Wash it with water and dry it thoroughly to remove any dust or other sticky particles. Once dried it is reusable to attach to any smooth surface.

Do not wash nano tape with detergents and let it dry naturally for reuse. Do not apply it wet, it will not work on wet surfaces also. You can use it several hundred times if it is not tarnished.


Nano tape is made of such material which has many advantages over other adhesive substances. It is well appreciated for the following features:

  • It does not leave sticky surfaces when detached as it does not contain any resins of its own. Its nano adhesive technology sticks materials without producing resins.
  • It is environment-friendly and uses carbon nanotubes to adhere to surfaces. It is completely non-toxic.
  • It does not take much space and it is easy to use for multipurpose.
  • It can be stretched and bend over to attach to any surface.
  • It can be cut into any shape or form for attachment.
  • This nano tape, unlike other adhesives, does not damage the surfaces or walls where it is attached.

  • It can hold items firmly weighing from 1 to 3 kg.
  • 100% reusable material. Just wash it to remove dirt and use It again.
  • It can be reused up to 600 times and more from day 1.
  • Its strength remains the same throughout the use.
  • It keeps the surfaces clean, unlike other adhesives.
  • It is multi-function and is usable for any attachment purpose.
  • Keeps everything tidy and attached via strong bonding with the surface.
  • Works perfectly at higher temperatures as well.
  • Stretchable and retains its shape when let loose.
  • Saves space from other attaching products and it is convenient to use.
  • Water-resistant and can be used both in any setting.
  • Sticks anything attached to it without dropping it especially used in cars to hold mobile phones and other gadgets.
  • With the help of nano tape, you can organize messy things and keep them in a single place.


It has many advantages but there are certain disadvantages as well. These things should be known before using it so that one can enjoy its features seamlessly. Some of the disadvantages of nano tape are:

  • It can be only used on dry surfaces.
  • This does not apply to oily walls.
  • Nano tape does not adhere to lime walls.
  • It does not have adhesive power on rough walls.
  • It also loses its strength on wallpapers.
  • Nano tape when put extreme pressure is tarnished and looses its retaining power once tarnished by pressure.
  • It looses its adhesive power when wet and needs complete dryness before using it.
  • It loses its strength over resuing nano tape again and again.
  • Although it is waterproof it loses its retention power when exposed to water.
  • These is not practical for holding heavy items it’s not used to make Burj Khalifa.
  • That can be tarnished and when there is dirt on the nano tape it will not work effectively.
  • This only works on smooth surfaces and it is not practical for other surfaces.
  • It may damage the lime walls when detached and tear out distemper with it.
  • Needs care when removing and it can lose its shape when immense pressure is applied.
  •  Tape loses its reusability when torn by force from the smooth surface and needs special care for removal.
  • Nano tape will lose its adhesive power considerably in wet conditions. It makes it not an ideal outdoor adhesive.
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Nano tape Safety Precautions

It is eco-friendly and does not leave any sticky residue when used. There are certain precautionary measures to be kept in mind while using it for adhesion. First of all, do not use it in wet areas and damp surfaces.

It loses its strength on damp surfaces and will leave you frustrated. Peel the upper layer with care and do not put extra pressure on doing so. When removing from an attached surface remove with extreme care as any unwanted force will deshape the nano tape.

Deshaped nano tape cannot stick items on it as it loses its tangibility. Before applying it make sure the surface is free from dirt particles. Dirt particles block the nano tape carbon tubes to create a vacuum suction effectively.

When any attached thing is difficult to remove then use a damp cloth slowly over the tape. It will remove the item without leaving any marks on the nano tape. Some wooden frames need extra caution for removal and attachment to avoid damage. As it gives extraordinary adhesion to attached things, so it also needs extra care for its application.

 Best Features of Nano Tape

Some of the most advanced features that are available only in magic nano tape are as following:

  • It offers the reliability of attaching and detaching anything which meets it.
  • It is easy to use and saves users space.
  • Multipurpose and multifunctional nano tape has several usages.
  • Nanotechnology carbon tubes vacuum suction bonding is stronger than ordinary tapes.
  • High surface viscosity attaches anything with it the same way in stretched and unstretched mode.
  • It can be molded into any shape form or structure as per convenience.

  • This comes in different lengths and sizes according to usability.
  • That can withhold weight up to 3kg and in some places more than that.
  • Transparent color nano tape is unnoticeable.
  • Use it reuse it and use it again for several hundred times without losing the durability of bonds.
  • Gives a solution to organize things in homes, offices or outdoors.
  • Gives a permanent solution for the day do day used things.
  • Saves users from drilling holes and nails into walls and keeps surfaces tidy.
  • 100% reliability for smooth surfaces.
  • No more moving furniture problems. It provides strong attachment for carpets and mats especially on the edges of doors.
  • Nanotech strength bonds provide firm support. With strength, they also provide easy removal method without damaging the surfaces.
  • Organizing cords and extension cables or twisted headphones is easy with nano tape.
  • Washable with simple tap water for reuse.
  • High stretching power and shape retention at every use.
  • It creates a strong suction bond of anything with anything.
  • The best innovation to hold things for the long term as well as short term. Hold things smart and efficient and relieve from holders, nails and drillings.

These were some of the best features of nano tape. It is now a globally used product for holding things. That has relieved people from buying things just to hold other things. This works like magic and it is sometimes called magic nano tape.


What is Nano tape used for?

From hanging pictures and posters, preventing carpets from moving around (used as furniture parking racks) to everyday tape usage, such as organizing cables, placing items on the wall, sticking a phone or tablet on any surface or just sticking anything On anything else!

Is Nano tape waterproof?

Nano-adhesive grip tape is waterproof, abrasion-resistant and hand-tearable. Removes cleanly from most surfaces without leaving any adhesive behind.

Can Nano magic tape be used outside?

This double-sided nano magic tape is equipped with a strong permanent adhesive that resists gravity and can hold up to 20 pounds. It is weather-resistant both indoors and outdoors and can remain bonded for long periods of time.

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