Best Vape Pens

Best Vape Pens

Before we enter into what the best vape pens are, we need to discover what we describe as a vape pen and then some types of pens, then the to best pens that we choose.  Lets be clear, these are the devices that can take juice that comes in a 60 ml or 100 ml size and can be purchased at online retailers like This blog will be about the Best Vape Pens.

The idea of a vape pen has changed over the years, but in its purest form, is a cylindrical device used to vape juice.  It could have a 510 connection or something specific to the vape pen itself. These pens usually do not have a display or a screen to check the functionality and are very simple to operate.  It is usually for those that are smokers first and are transitioning off the cigarettes and into a vape to decrease their nicotine intake. The first time vaper is not usually the buyer of this device.  Since they are targeted more so for the smoker, they will mimic the shape of a cigarette as well as the intake of a puff. Some vape pens are supposed to be used as a direct lung apparatus where you would take a hit from a joint.  The smoke goes directly into your lungs. Some other vape pens are set up like the cigarette where there is a mouth to lung type sensation like a cigarette. You would initially inhale the smoke into your mouth and then draw the smoke into your lung.  

Of course, when you look at a vape pen, you want to take into a lot of decision points.  One, of course, is brand recognition. The next is price, and finally battery power. The big behemoth in this space is the Vaporesso for the internal battery vape pens.  Of the top 5 slots, they hold 2 of them. First the Vaporesso Sky Solo is a sleek device that has a well known maker and performs awesome when you need it. The price is about $24 bucks which is great considering all that you get.  The kit has comes with a battery and a bad meaning good looking device. All you really need is some juice for it and you are good to go. The Vaporesso Podstick is literally one of the newest lines in the Vaporesso line up. Again, a sleek looking device with a high end looking aluminum housing as well as a medical grade material POD.  This is the life for a vaper. Not only will you look cool, but you will be able to act cool as well.

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Among some of the lesser-known vape pens, we have a couple to share.  Freemax Gemm Kit is the first one and coincidently ranked the highest on the list.  The starter kit is a beast. It includes a rechargeable system and has a 2900 mAh rechargeable battery, three different wattage settings, and a diamond tank to fill up your favorite juice.  At $24 bucks, this is really a steal. Lastly, on the higher-priced end we have the Uwell Nunchaku 2. This device at $55 is also very sound, but a bit pricier. Nevertheless, there you have it.  Some of the best vape pens out there.


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