5 Ways to Decorate Your Office

decorate your office

If the office you own or manage is dismal and depressing, think of how your employees must feel coming in to work every day. You all spend more of your waking hours in the office than you do at home, so it’s important to make that space productive and comfortable. Here are five ways you can spruce up your office.

Invest in Different Furniture

Take an honest look around your office to see what’s needed most. Do your employees’ chairs squeak all day long, or are there stacks of folders spilling out of their cabinets? If you’re on a budget, you can find quality used office file cabinets or other furniture to increase storage space.

Revamp the Lighting

Say good-bye to the harsh, fluorescent lighting that’s been in your building for years. Look for something warmer and easier on the eyes. You should also check in on your employees to make sure everyone’s work station is well lit, and provide lamps if need be.

Get a Real Break Room

Your lunch break is an important time to mentally check out and fuel your body. If your break room is a few plastic chairs and an old microwave, it’s time to transform that space. Replace any broken appliances and make sure furniture is comfortable and counters clean. Consider providing coffee or snacks for your employees to enjoy.

Care for Plants

Bring a little life inside the building with a few plants to brighten things up. A snake plant is a good choice if your area doesn’t get a lot of direct sunlight, and a cactus is a low-maintenance option that will do well in a bright windowsill discount direct furniture.

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Use Color and Art

If the paint is dingy or chipping off the walls, give the whole room a makeover. A crisp coat of white or beige paired with a few art pieces will make the space feel homey and comfortable. Consider supporting local artists or even purchasing a few pieces from that employee who sells their paintings on the side. Allow your workers to decorate their cubicles however they choose, with art pieces of their own or even some pretty twinkle lights.

Decorating your office doesn’t have to be expensive or time-consuming. Choose one project at a time to focus on and before you know it, you and your employees will be able to enjoy a space that is clean, comfortable and functional.

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