2020 Review Of HTC Vive Wireless Adapter

vive wireless adapter

Most of us love online gaming and with virtual reality picking up momentum with the help of tools such as HTC wireless adapter. VR gaming is now an even more enjoyable experience for the player to explore and be a part of the game or play a character. Having an HTC wireless adapter helps you move vive wireless adapter around easily without having to get entangled in a gambit of wires that usually power high-end devices required for virtual reality gaming.

The adapter is robust and enables your PC to run without any hassle as the design gets made to give you the best gaming experience. The device does come in a kit with its own set of accessories to have incredible online gaming experience.

To use this adapter, you need a powerful PC to utilize the technology to the fullest properly. The HTC wireless adaptor comes in the form of a dongle that you get the signal from your PC without having to attach a set of cables. The technology is vive wireless adapter undeniably more refreshing to use and achieved by the wireless communication protocol. The best part of this wireless system is that it doesn’t get bogged down by latency, which otherwise is a killer of virtual reality.

Attaching the wireless adapter

Many gamers feel that attaching the HTC wireless adapter to the headset (that’s where its supposed to go) will make it cumbersome for the player. The added weight does not get noticed at all. And you will be least affected by the attachment of the adapter made to the gear worn on the head for the virtual experience.

You also can get an accessory with the device, the advanced audio strap, which is a separate wireless Vive wireless adapter for getting a better sound effect.

A secondary battery pack also comes with the kit, and you can continue playing when you run out of power from the first one.

You will be surprised at the room-scale tracking that you can achieve, making it the most powerful headset in the VR gaming you can get your hands on or head-on in this case. You will be relieved from being shackled with so many cables causing constriction of movement. The cost can be a bit unnerving, but when you want to enjoy the VR experience to the fullest, buying an HTC wireless adapter is the right choice.

If you happen to have a VR-ready laptop, you could immediately set the webcam like sensor onto your monitor and begin your gaming spree. Once the connection is made, which is a bit of hassle if you are a first-timer, and your PC or laptop isn’t VR ready. The player would have to work on it a bit to get the setting right for getting the ideal setup for everything to work fine to begin playing.

Once all that gets done, it’s down to playing when the HTC wireless adaptor plugged onto your headset. It was fine sailing all through, that is till your battery lasted. Without all the cables dangling, it was such a liberating experience to play. And get completely engrossed in the game without having to untangle the wire ever so often during the game.

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The device is lightweight and not overbearing as it seems to be from the looks of it, especially when you attach the HTC wireless adapter to it. As a gamer, you may find frivolous to be spending a lot for an accessory, but it’s well worth it when you get done with the setup and stuff.

The HTC wireless adapter kit comes with the following accessories

  • PCIe card for your PC
  • A transmitter/ receiver
  • Battery pack
  • T-shaped adapter which sits on the HTC Vive/Vive Pro

The features of the HTC wireless adapter that make it so popular among online gamers

  • The gadget has a powerful and accurate tracking technology
  • The gamer can easily play in a 36 sq meter area
  • You can easily play for 48 hours with this wireless gadget
  • It has near-zero latency

The adapter may look large to handle, but when the gamer wears it, there wouldn’t be the slightest feeling of discomfort. The gear is lightweight and has no whatsoever impact when playing. The battery pack gets wired to the main device, which can be attached to your belt at the time of play. When playing vigorous games, heat and activity can get quite hectic. Still, the wireless adapter can give you all the freedom of movement and continue the game with the same enthusiasm.

The adapter is responsive and delivers maximum performance as promised at the time of purchase. The player can play without having any hindrance to cables, loss of power, and have great audio experience at the same time. You can get your family and friends to join in and make most of them using the entire space with the help of the wireless adapter. It has room-scale tracking technology, which is just a great add-on when you can move to any corner of the entire room and play to the full potential of the game and not limit yourself to the cable length as before.

Why it’s a must-have accessory

The wireless adapter removes several roadblocks and makes your play as enjoyable as possible. The gaming experience seems enhanced by the use of cutting edge technology that has emerged in the VR space in 2020. Your room suddenly turns into a gaming arcade, and you could just have the time of your life with better space flexibility than ever. The player has the technology in his/her hands for having a go at more immersive VR play.

The intricate setups are a lot more creative and enable for multiplayer experiences. Since the HTC adapter is an accessory, it needs to be bought separately and does not come cheap. But the features are out of this world that makes it the most sought out adapter for your HTC Vive as well as HTC Vive Pro.

The adaptor comes with Intel’s WiGig technology, which works in place of the linkbox to the wireless receiver or transmitter.

The player need not worry about fixing up the graphics card to accommodate this change and go on to play as usual. The PCIe given with this adapter will handle the rest, and you can concentrate on your gaming without having to worry anymore about the extra wiring.

As a gamer, you don’t have to bound up by those bothersome cables and look into this new wireless tech. That now helps you play and concentrate on the game better than be fixated on the tangled mess of the cables.

The wireless experience that you cannot put a price on, because the fun is unlimited. It comes with a deluxe audio strap that enhances your playing experience manifold. With near-zero latency, you wouldn’t face the blocks in the games that make the virtual reality experience a lot more gratifying. The adapter needs only a 60Ghz signal to get going and efficiently support a 20 sqft room.

The wireless adapter has simplicity for set up with an extra PCIe slot, which will help make the whole process a lot easier.

The connection is through a coax cable to your antenna. That gets mounted on the PC with a view to your headset. The whole thing then functions smoothly, and you are good to play your virtual reality online games.

You will observe that they have lower latency or potentially none, which is comforting to know as it ruins the entire VR experience. When you go wireless, it is one of the fears that make people think twice apart from the price, of course, to go for a wireless adapter in the first place.

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Going from wired VR headsets to the wireless would be a seamless transition. Though the users immediately notice the difference and benefit of going wireless hits them when they begin to play and when they play with others in the same room without having to step on to a bundle of wires.

Pros and cons

  • the battery pack does come with USB-C fast charging
  • no nagging wires
  • the wireless linkbox doesn’t bother the player’s comfort
  • the audio gets built into the straps
  • now comes with a power bank to increase the battery life considerably.
  • Impressive kit
  • Minimal lag issues
  • The accessories come with their own set of high-end devices that enhance the gaming experience to a whole new level


  • You would need something for attaching the battery kit to oneself
  • The two-hour charge will go out without warning
  • The charging does need a couple of hours to load up to play once again. If you are in the exciting part of the game, this can be sorely disappointing
  • Unless the gamer is tech-savvy enough, installing the PCIe card is a no layman’s job
  • Once the installation of the PCIe card gets done, the adapter becomes incompatible with any other gaming laptop
  • Does need original linkbox and wi-fi router
  • The linkbox can get fairly hot when used
  • Very expensive

New VR accessories with HTC wireless adapter

The accessories can significantly enhance the  VR experience and would be a great buy along with the HTC wireless adapter.

The VR devices are now making use of leap motion technology. Which gets attached to the front of HTC Vive and works on the VR controllers for progressing in the game. With this, you can achieve advanced hand and finger tracking for better accuracy. For setting up the leap motion hand tracking device. You would have to download and install the software before you play.

The tracker acts like an external sensor and helps track the virtual space. The player can convert the real-world object into VR accessory and bridging the gap of reality and virtuality. There is a headset upgrade that allows for one head strap, including the box and audio solution. It is a better-looking accessory. It seems designed with a hard-sided mount accompanied by headphones.

The player can add on prescription lenses as an additional accessory for perfect vision. These are attachable to the headset’s stock lenses.

The headset comes with padding all around for a comfortable fit. There are different sizes for people of all head sizes. And this will enable better comfort when wearing the headset and mold. Not sticking into your head the whole time when you play for several hours.

There is a protector bag that you can order as well. Its a carrying case when you want to carry your VR set along when traveling. It can hold the VR headset and other accessories comfortably.


What is the cost of the HTC wireless adapter?

The HTC wireless adapter cost $300/- which is pricey for an accessory.

How long does the adapter’s battery last?

The battery can last for about two and a half hours when used continuously.

Does the addition of the HTC wireless adapter to the headset make it heavier?

It does not seem so, but the headset does not look so great. But the headset gets made of lightweight material. Hence no issue of it being cumbersome to the player.

Is HTC wireless adapter worth buying?

Since its expensive, you have second thoughts. But if you are an avid VR gamer, it’s a good buy to make.

What factor makes it better than the traditional VR headset?

You will be getting rid of the clunky wiring that enables the entangling. The player could move about without any hassle.

Does wireless adapter cause latency during play?

The HTC wireless adapter comes with zero- latency communication protocol.

Does it allow multiplayer gaming?

In a single room space, the adapter does allow for the multiplayer gaming experience.

Does the HTC wireless adapter come with a kit?

Yes, the HTC wireless adapter comes with a kit.


The HTC wireless adapter is an amazing technology with a concept that can drive future innovation in the VR experience.

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