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From the beginning of smartphones and until now, one of the features that have always been present in them is music. From the first Sony Ericsson until today, our mobile is also a portable mp3, where thanks to the current Android customization Dolby atmos apk, we can enjoy it in thousands of players that best suit us.

Therefore, if music is a significant factor in our life, why not enjoy it in the best way? Thanks to our root permissions and Dolby Audio, today we bring you one of the best mods that will drastically improve your Android experience with the volume of your music.

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What is the Dolby Atmos?

Dolby Atmos is the new generation of Dolby surround sound. It mixes the traditional channels, with independent sound objects. We have been at the Best Digital headquarters to get to know Dolby Atmos up close. Torrent 5, one of the latest successes of Spanish cinema, uses it.

Surely more than once when you see the trailer of a movie, have you thought that this movie should go to the cinema?

Great productions such as Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, or any action a movie worth its salt is much more enjoyed on a giant screen, with a sound full of bass and surround sound effects.

Sound and Dolby Laboratories are two concepts that have always gone hand in hand since the 1960s. Since 1965, Dolby launched its first A-Type noise reduction system to the professional market; the American company has been responsible for many of the milestones in the world of sound, both in movie theaters and in the domestic arena.

His latest great innovation is called Dolby Atmos, and to get to know it a little more closely, we have moved to the headquarters of Best Digital – one of the most critical sound and dubbing studios in our country -,

in which one of the four rooms with Dolby Premier Atmos certification that exists in the world.

A spectacular room that has an enclosure of 500 cubic meters, equipped with a projection screen of 25 square meters, five sets of bi-amplified JBL THX speakers with Crown stages of 10,000 watts of total power and  36 JBL THX Crown 28,000 surround speakers watios.

Here they have ‘given a voice’ to some of the great blockbusters of Spanish cinema, such as ‘Las brujas de Zugarramurdi’ or ‘Torrente 5 ‘. Two films that are characterized by being the first national productions with Dolby Atmos sound.

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How does Dolby Atmos work?

The result is a 360 degree sound experience, in which different sounds cannot be placed on a specific set of speakers, as is the case with channel-based systems.

In Dolby Atmos, the screams, explosions or whispers, move indiscriminately around us with total fluidity (special mention for the rain simulation that you can see at the end of the video … impressive).

The powerful Dolby Atmos sound the processor is responsible for managing the different signals, indicating at what time, with what intensity and on which speaker, each sound must be reproduced.

The Dolby Atmos track is always the same, independent of the available speaker configuration. It is embedded within the Dolby True HD and Digital Plus soundtracks, making it a 100% scalable system.

Only if a receiver compatible with the appropriate speaker configuration is detected, can we enjoy Dolby Atmos? If this is not possible, the soundtrack based on higher quality channels will be played.

Install Dolby Atmos on your Android

Dolby Atmos initially emerged as a modification of the Dolby Audio application, factory-integrated in some devices, such as most QB’s. This was able to offer a better sound experience both in music, movies, video games, and calls. This modification incredibly expanded the levels of audio customization, with many more profiles and exclusive functions.

Dolby Atmos consists of 4 audio profiles plus a personal profile that you can create at your leisure. In every one of the faces, you will be able to modify its tones, like a standard equalizer and current. Also, with Dolby Atmos, you can activate functions such as “Dialogue Enhancer” or “Volume Leveler” that will help you perfect your music instantly.

Requirements to install Dolby Atmos on your Android (With Root)

Being a modification of an application by third parties, to install Dolby Atmos, you will need to have root permissions on your smartphone, in addition to having an Android version equal to or greater than Android 4.3 Jelly Bean. On the other hand, it is advisable to backup your files as a precaution in front of any problem that may occur during installation. As always, it is also necessary to have a custom recovery such as TWRP or derivatives installed.

Finally, if we have installed any other equalizer installed, such as the original Dolby Audio application, it is necessary to uninstall it, or we will not work either, causing problems of “force closure.”

Install Dolby Atmos step by step

Through 3 simple steps, we will be able to install Dolby Atmos on our device and hear our audio like never before:

We download from the downloads section the .zip file that will contain Dolby Atmos. Once downloaded, we move it to the internal or external memory of our device.

We restart the mobile in recovery mode. Typically, the key combination to access it is usually the “lock button” + “Volume down or up”. Once we access it, we go to “Install”.

We find and select our .zip file and install it by sliding to the right. After a few seconds, we will see that the installation has been completed successfully. We can now restart our device to see the result.

Once installed, I recommend that you customize the different options that you will find in it while you are listening to music, so you can know instantly how your personalization is heard.

You can check all the information available on XDA, or document yourself on Dolby’s official website about the project.

 How to Install Dolby Atmos Without Root


Install Dolby Atmos on Android

1: Android phone (no root required)

2: Google Play Music application.

3: Dolby Atmos Apk.


Download and introduce Dolby Atmos apk on your Android gadget. Prior to introducing, ensure you have empowered the alternative to introduce obscure sources from the arrangement.


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Restart your Android telephone after the Dolby Atmos application has been effectively introduced. Try not to open the application yet; You have to follow more advances.


Introduce the Google Play Music application from the Play Store. Just Google Play Music will work, so don’t attempt other music applications like Spotify Premium.


Impair the default equalizer of your Android telephone. You should do this to disregard the tragically halted blunder. The default equalizer can be found in the settings, or you can discover it in Google play music.


Open the Google Play Music application and snap-on three-level lines in the upper left corner.


Snap-on the settings in the music playback route and look down.


Explore to the equalizer and open it presently to empower Dolby Atmos from that point. More often than not it will be actuated consequently.


Return to the music library and play any tune. You can deactivate the Dolby Atmos application and test the sound when establishment.


The blast has effectively accomplished the Dolby Digital Plus impacts. Use earphones for a superior encounter.


Significant note: frankly, you won’t get the genuine impacts of Dolby Atmos without root. Thusly, you can just get Dolby Digital Equalizer that will just work with Google Play Music. It is basic to deactivate the default equalizer on your gadget.


Dolby Atmos at home


At home, we can enjoy Dolby Atmos by updating our AV amplifier for a compatible one and adding the 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1 configurations, a minimum of two ceiling speakers – Dolby Atmos is able to manage configurations of up to 34 speakers (24 floors + 10 ceiling) -.


The new nomenclature of Dolby Atmos sound systems, adds a ‘third point’ to the traditional 5.1, 7.1 or 9.1, moving to specifications type 5.1.2, 7.1.4 and the like, in which the last digit indicates the number of ceiling speakers of the installation.


It is not necessary to change the Blu-ray player or change the HDMI cables. To solve the ‘tricky matter’ of the installation of speakers on the ceiling, we can turn to special floor speakers that project the sound to the ceiling, emulating the presence of virtual speakers on our heads.


Brands such as KEF, Onkyo or Pioneer, are already starting to market the first A / V receivers and speakers for Dolby Atmos, although their prices are still somewhat high since they are very specific products.


Its implementation as a standard is expected to be slow, although from what we have been able to feel firsthand, Dolby Atmos is a qualitative leap in the world of surround sounds that will be very worthwhile.


From the beginning of smartphones and until now, one of the features that have always been present in them is music. From the first Sony Ericsson until today, our mobile is also a portable mp3, where thanks to the current Android customization

we can enjoy it in thousands of players that best suit us.


Therefore, if music is a very important factor in our life, why not enjoy it in the best way? Thanks to our root permissions and Dolby Audio. Today we bring you one of the best mods that will drastically. Improve your Android experience with the volume of your music.


Dolby Atmos Apk is the best application for all Music Lovers who like to rundown to n melodies on their telephone. What makes it increasingly magnificent when contrasted with our default Music Player? I figure you know nothing about it. It is satisfied with cool Audio Effects highlights. Your default player won’t have Equalizer which it gives to you.


Final Words:

Presently, you don’t have to scan for Dolby Atmos for Android Apk. Dolby Atmos Zip File or some other related inquiry. As we have shared all at one spot for you. Is it true that you are as yet confronting any blunder or do you have any uncertainty? Alright, no issue don’t hesitate to remark your any sort of uncertainty.

In regards, Dolby Atmos Apk without Root and we will answer to you in a matter of seconds.


All things considered, I think you need to give this a shot your gadget to know its genuine use. I am certain you will cherish this in the wake of utilizing once. Above I had disclosed How to Install/Uninstall Dolby Atmos Audio App. Any Android gadgets running 4.3+ Jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow or Nougat rendition.

So you don’t need to stress by deduction, it will work or not on your Android variant.


In this way, through this article, we have shared Dolby Atmos Apk for Android gadgets. As you most likely are aware, it isn’t accessible for all Android telephones as default. Be that as it may, you can introduce it on any Android on the off chance that you need.


You should simply follow the means given above and that is it. Ensure you need to download Dolby Atmos Audio App just as Dolby Atmos Installer Zip document as well.

The two documents are essential to introduce the application in the foundation of your gadget.


We have given the Latest Dolby Atmos Version Apk in the above connections. On the off chance that you have no clue about the establishment. At that point, we have additionally shared an instructional exercise.How to Install Dolby Atmos Audio Apk on any Android?.


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