What are the best paid apps for music downloads android?

best paid apps

You might be surprised, but today music best paid apps has become an essential asset to our lives. With music, we can enjoy drowning out the sounds of the environment with sensational melodies, beats, and lyrics. If you are one who is always on the move and most lively away from WIFI and may not want to stream music with mobile data, in that case, you need best paid apps for music downloads.

The music industry getting on peaks resulting in the number of music types is introduced in the market, which has separate followers. Finding music today is a lot easier than it used to be, no longer you need piracy for music. The search engines allow us to search and play music online. These days you can find a number of alternatives for music streaming or downloading, but music downloader apps are one of those that have managed to stand on top above the rest. Moreover, using the best paid apps for music download and using your Andriod phone, you can easily find your favorite music and save offline. The paid music download apps are powerful enough to browse your favorite type of music easily and quickly.

The best of music download apps is you can stream music too; even create the playlist of your favorite songs and save it for later. You don’t need an internet connection once you saved the song offline. You can jam to your favorite songs anytime, anywhere with or without an internet connection.

The best paid apps for music downloads android from PlayStore:

There is the number of music apps available on PlayStore where you can download from. Additionally, Android PlayStore has a bunch of such apps that support FM radio so that you can enjoy music streaming plus Live Radio on your Andriod phone. Importantly, the downloading process doesn’t require special tricks. Just visit the PlayStore and choose an app, download its APK file and install it on your Andriod device. Besides, music streaming and downloading music downloader apps offer additional features to create ringtones from your saved music. Moreover, you can share music with your friends on social messaging platforms. Also, there are much excellent music streaming apps available to download from that allow music storage in the cloud platform if your device hasn’t enough space for offline downloading.

By seeing the massive demand music, we have created the list of best paid apps for music download on Android devices. So not waiting much, let’s take a look at the best music downloader apps for Android devices. The below-mentioned apps are available on PlayStore; however, if you can’t find them visit their official websites to download.

SuperCloud Song MP3 Downloader

It is and MP3 music app that allows you to easily and quickly downloads the thousand of songs in your Android phone. Only you just need to enter the name of the album, artist, or the song on the search bar, which you want to hear. After making a hit on the search bar, you will see matching results of your query so you can start to download the songs by just clicking their names from your Android phone. superCloud Song MP3 downloader app is a paid you can choose its premium plans by visiting its official site.


Deezer is a newly introduced music downloading app, and it is one of the upgraded and better apps for downloading music. This app is also available free of cost that allows you to discover new artists and albums so you can listen to playlists and songs as per your taste. Moreover, it has lyrics fetching features, shuffle modes, and unlimited playlist creation options based on individual users. The premium pack is also available where you will get features like songs download, higher quality audio, higher bit rate, even Android support by which you can download APK file of this app on your Android smartphone. The only caveat on this app is that it seems to be a little complicated for the new users. However, if you use this app, you can easily use its features.

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Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft

Music MP3 Download Free CopyLeft is the app by which can stream songs online and download any song you like. However, you need a proper internet connection to do this. With this downloader, you can download songs while streaming that is available under CopyLeft. To search any song, you can use the search bar or just browse the albums or artists. The app is available in both a free and premium version. And for advanced features, you need to buy its premium plan, visit its official site to download this app.


LiveXLive is a next free music download and streaming app for Android phones. This music downloader app has replaced many of the music streaming apps, as it posses features that are convenient to users. One can easily find any song, create a pllaylist, save any song offline, and even share with their friends. LiveXLive is available at free of costs with ads, and if you buy its premium version, you enjoy its advanced features without ads.

The main focus of this app is, live music over other streaming services. Importantly, if you are a radio music lover, then this app provides live radio service too. LiveXLive has excellent potential to work on any Android version. With a small size, this doesn’t cause any lags to your Android phone. The major drawback of this app requires a credit card or debit card details for billing.

Pandora Music

Pandora Music is another music downloading the app for Andriod phones. The key feature of this app is it is virus-free and comes with a straightforward user interface. So you haven’t experienced such apps before you can try out Pandora Music. You can easily peep into your favorite music. For music finding your favorite music, you can use a search bar or just simply browse the music genres. Pandora Music is a virtual platform loaded with thousands of songs where you can find your favorite one.

Moreover, this song library is growing day by day. It also has an online streaming option for one who loves to listen to live music. By its APK app, you can play songs any time using Android phones; only you just need the app from the play store. All the stuff is paid; if you want to try this app, you can download its demo version too.

Napster Andriod Music app

Using the Napster Andriod Music app, you can stream music just right on your Andriod phone or any other device have the Android operating system. Additionally, this app allows you to download music for offline playing, even allow creating a playlist of your choice. With 30 days of the free trial, you can access thousands of songs. After that, you can buy the paid version. However, in the free trial version, you don’t see any ads like other apps of the same kind. Also, there is no download limit; you can download unlimited songs and save playlists right to your Andriod phone.


Spotify is one of the known and popular music streaming apps available. It is jam-packed with millions of international hits. It houses a vast music library, famous stations, and playlists. Spotify allows you to create your known playlists. However, the free version isn’t affected as a paid version, but there are plenty of things you will get on free service too.

One of the best things about this app that it is virus-free and doesn’t even affect the speed of your device. You can easily find this app on Google PlayStore, or you can download it from its official site. Spotify is a dedicated free app giving access to millions of o songs. However, if you want to enjoy the advanced features, you can try its premium version as well.

Google Play Music app

Google Play Music app is already embedded on the Andriod phones which are coming today. If you are using the Andriod device, you don’t need to go anywhere, check your app box. You will get the Google Play Music app there. Moving on, the Google Play Music app is a featured pack music app for an Andriod device. The striking feature of this app is that you can upload more than 50 thousand songs for personal streaming. It is one of the free apps you will get with Google Play services.

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Moreover, the paid version is an excellent option if you want to combine your own playlist with renowned online playlists.  Definitely, the paid version comes with a more plus side. However, the free version isn’t that bad; you can still stream live music. Most importantly, the Google Play Music app includes podcasts for both paid and free users. Google Play Music app is a similar kind of app like youtube music.


SoundCloud is one of the unique and popular music streaming apps because it doesn’t focus on what is trending right now. In fact, Artists can upload their creation to SoundCloud that can be played by any users. Currently, this service boasts more than 125 million tracks, which are impossible for anyone to hear all. Moreover, it contains a variety of shows, podcasts, and different genres of music. The free version of service is available too. However, you will get delay access to new songs to compare to paid users, and the rest of the services are the same for paid and free users. To find any music, you can simply use the search box, so within a second, your favorite music popped on your screen.

YouTube music

Probably, YouTube music is one of the most popular music app; everyone is well aware of it. You can find anything there which is virtually available. Most of the famous bands and musicians are present on YouTube. Even you can find local bands in your area on YouTube. Advantageously, YouTube music offers you official music albums, bands, and shows from time to time. It gives you the convenience to create playlists of your favorite songs, offers recommendations, early notifications, and a lot more. YouTube music premium plans are available with some advanced features. However, you don’t need it; you can avail of most of the basic things on the free version too.

Wynk music

Wynk Music is a great music downloader app, with over 2.6 million song collection. The Wynk Music app packs with national and international hit songs. The music library ranges from Bhangra, Pop, Rock, Romantic, Devotional, Bollywood, Hollywood, even old romantic retro songs. Besides, international songs you can enjoy songs in different languages like Punjabi and Tamil. Also, other regional languages are included in lists like Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Bengali, Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Gujarati, and Malayalam. The Wynk Music app offers high-quality music streaming with great bit-rate so you can feel the real feel of the music.

Moreover, you can add some additional devices to enjoy music in detail. With Wynk music you can also set ringtones of your device, only you just need to make an account there. You will get enough space where you can save your offline songs. Its free version contains ads, and if you try the paid version, you can enjoy music without any interruptions. Note- Wynk music is ultimately the same and virus free and doesn’t affect your Andriod device performance. You can simply download it for free on Google PlayStore.

Free mp3 download

Free mp3 download allows you to search, listen, and download songs. The music downloader app allows you to download songs to your internal device storage. Additionally, you can save songs on your external card. So when you are out of the data, this app allows listening to songs instantly. One of the unique features of this app is that you can manage your playlists as per your convenience. The app is available in both premium and freemium versions you can choose as per your suitability.

So these are the best paid apps for music download Android, you can try out on your Android device.

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