How to download and install popcorn time ios on iPhone 10

popcorn time ios

Everyone knows that Premium video streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney plus charge you money for watching videos. But do you know? There are other alternative apps available for video streaming services that allow you to watch the video for free. They don’t even charge any monthly or yearly subscription. You will get surprised to know that these apps upload the same video content that is available on premium video apps. Popcorn time iOS app is among those apps that provide you with free premium video content of Netflix and Disney plus.

What is Popcorn’s Time?

Popcorn time iOS app is compatible with iOs devices and uses bit torrents for playing videos online. It provides most of the TV shows, Trending videos, most watched web series for free. It uses P2P technology to provide online streaming of copyrighted videos. The app has been blocked in most countries as it affects the profit of most premium video streaming companies. But, Popcorn time iOS app has its VPN for playing videos even in blocked countries. It is the reason that made the app still running now since 2014.

Features of Popcorntime:-

The interface of the app is the same as other video streaming apps. It displays the app in a list with different categories. Some of the popular types available inside the app are the following:-

  • Movies:- It displays the list of all the movies inside this menu. You can further apply filters to categorize movies based on action, adventure, thrilling, etc.
  • TV shows: – This option contains all the popular TV shows that include reality shows, live TV Shows, etc. You can also apply a filter to get movies based on dates, genre, and tv channel names.
  • Animes: – It contains the list of all popular anime channels. You can find anime movies in various languages. As popcorn time is popular worldwide so, you can enjoy watching it in any popular language of your choice.
  • Downloads:- Popcorn time iOS app allows you to download movies of your choice and save them offline. All the downloaded videos are available in the option inside the app.
  • VPN:- It is for those users whose countries have blocked the IP address of popcorn time. If it happened then, your video won’t get played and display you an error while clicking on the play button. From the VPN section, you can install the VPN provided by Popcorn Time to change the IP address and play the video according to your choice.

How to download and install Popcorn time iOS app on iPhone 10:-

It is challenging to find Popcorn time iOS app as it has been blocked by most of the countries due to copyright issues. The app is not even available in the play store or Apple store. But if you can see this app on the Apple store, then a dear friend let me confirm that it is not the original app. So don’t waste your data to download such an app because that will be just a demo and contain nothing useful. Popcorn time iOS app can be downloaded only from a third party website.

There are three ways to install Popcorn time iOS app on iPhone 10:-

  1.  Injection method
  2. Third-party app store
  3.  iOS installer method
  4.  Wi-Fi sharing

Injection method of installing Popcorn Time iOS app in iPhone 10

Follow the steps on your iOs device to download Popcorn time iOS app (Injection method ):-

  1. Go to your Safari Browser in iPhone 10 and open the website
  2. This website provides all types of apps that are not available for download in the Apple store.
  3. Now on the above search box, Type Popcorn time, and enter the search button.
  4. You will see an icon of the Popcorn time iOS app. Click on the app injection option available just below the image to redirect to the next page.
  5. Now it will ask to download the iOS installer .mobileconfig to your iPhone. So, just click on the red button showing Popcorn Time 1.2 beta.
  6. Go to your setting to allow permission for downloading. As you are installing a third-party app, so you need to permit your device to fix it. So, go to the option.
  7. Now drive to your home screen and go to setting option. Refresh your home screen page; On the top of your setting app, you will find a new menu showing ‘profile downloaded’ to allow download permission.
  8. Open the menu, inside you, will find an option to Install Popcorn Time iOS app. On the above right corner, you will get an opportunity to install the app. Click on the install button, but as your profile is Not signed, you can’t fix the app.
  9. You need to carry on further steps to complete the profile approved. Now just go back again to the safari browser from where you have opened up the last page.
  10. Just refresh the page; you will get an option to select your device. So enter your email id, choose iPhone 10.
  11. After selecting you will get a download option below, click on the download button. On the next page, you have to complete the human verification. So, you will find a list of VPN app that you need to install on your iPhone.
  12. This VPN app is necessary because it will change the IP address of your location and help you to play videos on the Popcorn time iOS app from the unblocked server.
  13. Complete your human verification by downloading any two apps available on the list. For downloading click on the install button in any of the app’s app, it will redirect you to the Apple store just complete your download and install it in the app.
  14. Note that you also have to complete the signup process within this VPN app for competing human verification. After installing any two apps from this section, navigate back to the page from where you have selected your device.
  15. Refresh the page again; Go to the bottom of the page where you will see the processing page saying ‘Checking Your Verification.’
  16. It will take some time to check and display a tick mark, showing that your verification is now complete. Now navigate to the main menu by clicking on the home option. Hurray, you will find the Popcorn time iOS app successfully installed on your iOs (iPhone 10).
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You can now enjoy watching videos from the Popcorn time iOS app by clicking on any video icon. Before playing your first video, it will ask you to activate the VPN. So, just click on the activate VPN button to complete your setup and enjoy watching videos of your choice.

Third-party app store method of installing Popcorn Time iOS app in iPhone 10


An alternative method to install Popcorn Time on your iPhone 10 (Easy method )

  1. Go to the website Appvalley.VIP is a third-party app store that contains all variety of apps for iOs devices.
  2. In this method, first, you need to install the Appvalley app on your iOS, and then you have to download the Popcorn Time app from it. It is an alternative app for the Apple store.
  3. So, navigate to the website of and directly click on the install button.
  4. A Mobileconfig file gets downloaded and stored on your setting option. Go to the setting option and install it in the same way you did in the above method.
  5. After clicking on install Appvalley get installed on your phone. Open the app. You will see thousands of the iOs app inside the interface.
  6. On the above, you will get a search button Type Popcorn Time and hit the search option. It will display the Popcorn Time app icon.
  7. Just click on the download to install the application on your IOS device.
  8. After finishing your download, it gets installed automatically to your device. Go back to the home screen you will find Popcorn Time app installed on your phone. Another app market app that also contains Popcorn time iOS app is

iOS installer method to install Popcorn Time in iOS

IOS installer software runs on PC. It comes with an embedded link for downloading any time inside the IOS. It helps in installing apps inside an iOS device.

  1. For this first download, the Popcorn time iOS installer on your PC.
  2. Now, connect your IOS utilizing a cable and give some time to IOS-installer so that it can detect your device.
  3. Install the downloaded Popcorn time iOS file directly on your phone.
  4. Now disconnect your phone and open the app to start watching videos.
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Install Popcorn time iOS app without downloading ( Most easy method )

This method will work if any of your friends have Popcorn Time app installed on their iPhone.

  • Your friend can share with you the app easily with the help of any Wi-Fi file sharing app like sharing it or Xender.
  • So, install the Share-it app from the Apple store and connect to the share it of your friend’s device.
  • Ask him to click on send. The app will get shared less than a minute.
  • Install the app manually by clicking on the install button.
  • But note that after downloading the Popcorn time iOS app, you have to install the VPN app from the app. Otherwise; there are chances that your video won’t play in your countries.

Problems while installing Popcorn Time on iOs devices:-

You might face the following issues while installing Popcorn time iOS app on your IOs devices:-

  • After installing any app market application, there are chances that your application won’t open and display a warning showing ‘Untrusted Enterprise Developer’. To bypass this error, open your setting app and go to General getting.
  • In the General setting, you will find an option of Device management. You will find the list of the app which are downloaded by not ready to run on your IOS due to safety measure.
  • Tap on the app showing an error and click on the TRUST option to allow your device to accept the app. Now go back to the home and open the app market. You will find that your problem resolved successfully.



  • Which types of videos can I watch on the Popcorn Time iOS app?


It streams videos of different categories. You can watch TV shows, Movies, Anime videos, etc. It consists of a massive collection of videos from all from trading movies, popular TV channels, worldwide anime movies, etc.


  • Why am I not able to play video from the Popcorn Time iOS app?


It’s the most common problem that users face while using the Popcorn Time iOS app. Many countries have blocked the IP address of the app due to copyright issues. So, the app has a separate VPN for connecting to its network. If you want to play video on the Popcorn Time app, then first install the VPN app and enable it on your phone. Now open the app again and click on the play button to enjoy the video. The default VPN provided by Popcorn Time is free only for seven days. But you can still install and create a new account to access free services. You can also use other VPN apps like Express VPN or Nord VPN to stream videos from Popcorn Time.


  • Is popcorn time legal to use?


Popcorn time uses a P2P torrent based method to play videos on the app. We don’t even know in what way the app is going to use our data. Being a free app it depends upon the user to trust the app or not. As the real identity of the website is still unknown, so we can’t give a trust guarantee for the Popcorn time app.


  • Can I install the Popcorn Time app on other devices?


Yes, the app is available for all types of devices. You can also find an all file to install it on an Android phone. It also has a windows version available for mounting on PC. You can also install the app in Android TV, Xbox, and Fire-stick with the help of any downloader app.


  • Can I download videos from the Popcorn time iOS app?


Yes, the Popcorn time app allows you to download videos. But, all the videos get saved only inside the app. You can’t keep them inside your storage, but it gets saved in the same way as that on Netflix. It streams video of HD and 4K quality. So, it may create a problem for you if you have a slow internet connection—most of the videos of size 1 to 2GB size that give you the best video watching experience.

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