Wanting to Make a Smart Home? Start With These 5 Items!

Make a Smart Home

In this day and age, everyone wants to have a smart home. Not only do you get a lot in terms of home security, but you also get a much more convenient life, both at home and outside. And while a few years ago you were quite limited in terms of availability of smart home items, today that’s changed.

There’s an abundance of smart home gadgets and devices, which makes it difficult to know where to begin. Therefore, below we’ve got a guide that should give you a good idea on where you should start when you’re going towards a smart home. Without wasting any more time, let’s take a look at the five items you should start with when you want to make a smart home. 

First Things First, a Smart Speaker

While some would argue there are things that could potentially prove more useful (such as cameras in case something happens), for general day to day use, a smart speaker is the core of any smart home. There are a few choices, from Amazon to Google and Apple, and which ecosystem you invest yourself in is completely up to you.

Smart Speaker

A smart speaker will allow you to control all of your devices with your voice, and it’s also pretty useful if you have any questions or need some kind of information that could be found online. They’re also some of the cheapest smart devices out there. 

Smart Lights Could Prove Useful

Smart lights aren’t just a gimmick. The fact that you can set up schedules means that you could have your lights behave as if someone was at home, while in fact, you’re out and about. This could be a pretty big deterrent when it comes to thieves, which further justifies the investment.

Aside from that, you can easily set up custom scenes, for example, and change them with a voice command on the smart speaker. There are a lot of colors and a host of adjustability with smart lights, so you can customize things as much as you want. 

Security is All About Cameras

Surveillance is the name of the game when we’re talking about security, and with today’s smart cameras, you would be making a mistake if you don’t deck out your entire home with them. They’re pretty cheap nowadays, especially compared to the models available a few years ago, and they have all the functionality you could ever need.

Add to this the smart functions, which means they’re connected to the internet and you can view what they’re recording from pretty much anywhere, from your smartphone, and you realize why they’re a major factor in security. You know what’s happening in your home at any given time, wherever you are, and you’ll get alerts if something happens while you aren’t at home. 

Smart Lock and a Video Doorbell

A conventional lock is so yesterday. Smart locks are taking over, and it’s not just because they’re more convenient, but it’s because they’re more secure, too. You can’t pick the lock, and there’s no chance of someone finding the key and getting in your home. If you’re careful with the choice of passwords, you can make it impossible for someone to guess it.

Add to this a video doorbell, and you know who’s at your door at any time. Whether you’re at home or not, whether you want to let them in or not, you can decide that just by unlocking your smartphone and looking at the display. There’s also two-way audio, so you can even talk to the person outside your door, without being physically present. 

Wrap Things Up with a Smart Thermostat

Last but certainly not least, a smart thermostat is not only really useful and convenient, but also saves you a good amount of money. It will regulate the temperature in your home automatically, without you needing to do anything, and it does so in a very power-effective way.

Smart Thermostat

It’s also neat that you can have it warm up (or cool down) your house when you’re leaving the office, so it’s the exact same comfortable temperature when you get home. No longer do you have to wait for the A/C to warm up the place while you’re freezing cold.

The fact that it won’t be running while you aren’t at home means that no electricity will be wasted. While the temperature is right in your home, it will switch off to save power, and it will turn on again if it detects a difference in temperature. Not wasting electricity can directly reflect on reducing your monthly electricity bills. You should also choose an affordable energy provider for your home. If you go to the HomeEnergyClub website and enter your zip code, you will instantly see a list of trusted electricity providers with special low discount rates. This takes all the guesswork out of it, and makes things a lot simpler for you because you don’t have to worry about it anymore.

No matter which smart item you install in your house to make your life easy, you may collect the items from Pulse Power because these attachments are experts in saving electricity despite being smart.



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