Best Prank Calling Apps for the Android

Prank Calling Apps

Best Prank Calling Apps for the Android-

Voice Changer by Android Rock

This app allows you to change your voice to over twenty sound modifications available; these options include Drunk, Underwater, Child, Old Man and many more. 

What makes this such an outstanding app is the substantial amount of voice effects made possible, compared to similar voice changing apps which only provide male and female options.

The only minor drawback is that all sound alterations can only be made to a pre-recording, then by listening to playbacks can you determine which voice changes you want to use. 

In other words, you will have to record your prank beforehand, but once you do, you can start really having fun by applying all the effects to your voice. 

Voice Changer has a convenient record function where demos can be made, saving you time finding software to record audio.

Additionally, you can also import audio files where you can make new voice modifications. For example, you can import your favourite song and use the drunk effect giving the hilarious impression the song was sung at your local karaoke bar at 2 am. 

Fake Call- Fake Caller ID

No prank list would be complete without a great fake calling app. This type of Prank Caller App has exploded in popularity in recent years and should be a staple in every prankster’s toolbox. 

Fake Call allows you to be sneakily clever, and with enough planning, create the most elaborate pranks. This app lets you schedule one or multiple incoming calls which are really from yourself.

Let’s say you wanted to fool your friends by pretending you were needed elsewhere; you would arrange a fake incoming call, answer it and then give an excuse so you could leave. 

Fake incoming calls can be used in a variety of ways for deception; you can be as creative as you like. 

If someone may be on to you where they want to check out your fake caller, this app has you covered as there are several customization features. 

You can give the fake caller a personality by adding a bogus picture and calling screen; an audio file is also offered so conversations can be heard over the phone while on a call. 

Additional features

  • A fake log can be accessed showing all missed phone calls
  • Use any ringtone for the incoming call
  • Images for your fake caller are offered in the app’s gallery

Ownage Pranks- Prank Calling Apps 

With over 100 prank calls available you’ll never have to go through the trouble of making up a prank script. Instead, let Ownage Pranks do all the work while you sit back and tune in live listening to your best friends reactions. 

All of your favourite prank calling moments can also be shared online to ‘Pranks Hall of Fame’ where the best prank submissions are featured to other members. 

So how does it work? 

Ownage Pranks enables you to send automated pre-recordings once you decide to make a call, pre-recordings are prank scripts which are voiced and recorded prior by brilliant voice actors. 

As the app has a cleverly built voice recognition software, it can adapt to all dialogue on the fly, ensuring prank calls are natural and feel real to your friends answering the phone. 

Ownage Pranks is such a popular app that their top prank scripts have been sent over a million times by people from all around the world. Top-performing prank scripts are ‘Stop Calling My Number’, ‘You Hit My Car’ and ‘Stay Away From My Girl’.

Additional Features

  • Users receive an Ownage Pranks fake number hiding your own
  • Listen to prank calls again as calls are recorded
  • Receive one free credit daily to make a new call

Prank Wars- Prank Calling Apps 

Prank Wars is another cool prank app delivering various prank scripts like Ownage pranks. Of course, it will have its own unique scripts which are bright, original and always guarantee the funniest reactions from your pals.

Once you choose your favourite prank scenario along with the phone number, a prank call will be sent automatically from an unknown number. Some of the classic prank scenarios include ‘You Stole My Wallet’ and ‘Secret Admirer.’

During calls, you can listen in live and make the most memorable prank calls at the touch of a button. 

All official Prank War calls are displayed on a verified number list that is published on their website. 

Prank Wars have an inbuilt coin system where you can make in-app purchases for coins. To make a prank call, you will need to pay using their coins. There are many ways to do so, which include the following.

  • Coin packages are available for sale
  • Avail a coin if you share and invite friends
  • Watch ads to receive more coins
  • Coin bonuses are given weekly

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