How to download Spotify premium apk offline mode 2019

How to download Spotify premium apk offline mode 2019

Now you guys all most likely know what Spotify premium apk is. It’s a music streaming service that enables you to stream music, download music, and helps you to create own playlist according to the music you like. It’s an excellent application for you to listen to music without doing many problems. Once you installed the android and desktop version, you are ready to go with your music streaming.

Spotify comes both in a free and premium version. You can have a free version for both of your android devices and PC, and its good for search and download when you are offline. Although the free version also provides the unlimited download of favorite songs, it also has some killing limitations. First of all, you will see a lot of unnecessary ads popping up between the search processes. Second, you will get only 2 weeks of the free version to use. Then to get the access again, you have to refer the paid version or would have to access some code in the app, which is a problematic task. Thirdly, if you go for a paid version monthly, your subscribe charge may vary from $29-$50, which is not possible to bear always.

So, what can you do now? Because like me, you also want to enjoy unlimited access and download of Spotify music without malware, ads, or any other disturbance.

what about if you get the offer of using Spotify premium apk offline mode for free? We expect if this happens, your all problems will solve and you can download and listen to unlimited music from any device.

Therefore, to make this happen, we have come up with the topic of how can you use Spotify premium version for free with full functionality. So, let us know about what Spotify premium apk 2019, and how can you download it into your android and another device?

What is Spotify premium offline apk?

Spotify premium apk is a worldwide popular music streaming service that provides access to millions of songs from different music albums, artists, and genres. The app can be download from Google PlayStore, and it offers podcasts also with video capabilities.

Furthermore, Spotify premium offline apk allows you to reduce hefty charges and enables offline features. With this feature, you can save, download the songs, a podcast for offline viewing. Not only this, but you can download from another third-party source also and install any non-root android device. Apart from this, Spotify premium apkios also added extra benefits. Let’s see what are they and how can we install it?


  • User Interface: The app features a very enticing and easy program interface. Because of this, it’s simple to search and download the songs. On the leftmost side you can see of the screen is a menu bar, with a research box on high and your list, favorite songs are at the bottom part. You can able to search for a new song or select any old songs from the list it shows.
  • Save music offline: each and every time, it’s not feasible to have an internet connection. So, in that case, you can download and access your music library and play from there when you are offline — this facility only is given in this apk.
  • NO additional ADS: Ads will spoil your entire mood, and you may have encountered this before. With Spotify premium apk no root, you sit up for the ads to finish before downloading the songs. The app is totally ad-free. So, you just will have the simplest expertise in streaming music online.
  • Best quality Audio: Normally, what happens in online music? In performs best with high-quality, but in offline, it does not work. But if this app installed into your library, it provides high-quality audio music both in online and offline conditions.
  • Different search box: This app has a separate search box to make the searching work easy on the top of the left corner. So, just enter the music name and press enter, and the app will show the result. In this way, the app is easy to handle.
  • Organize the songs: you can bookmark the songs or just drag and drop them in the favorite songs library to listen further. Thus it helps to organize your all songs in a specific file and make your search work easier.
  • SYNC old music library: What happens if you want to listen to old songs? Basically, we will search for the 5 years older folder, right? But if you have this app, you don’t need to follow this tiring process. As this app will sync with your old album, just click and enjoy the song.
  • Multiple device support: this app also supports multiple devices. So, if you have songs in other devices on mobile or PC, you can get that in your device also.
  • Amazing radio features: it also has radio features that enable the radio tunes from some of the best stations.
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Download and Install Spotify Premium offline Apk:

The first problem to use Spotify premium offline mod apk is its not available in Google Play Store for some countries due to some restrictions. So, how will you understand that your place belongs to a restricted country or not? For doing this, you go to the Google Play Store and search for Spotify. If it shows the result, then you are good to go for next installation process. But if it does not show any result, then please follow below steps to download Spotify premium Apk

  • First, create a free account on the Spotify website and make sure you are using a free VPN plugin to identify your country’s location.
  • Then, select the US via VPN and proceed for the next step. Here you will be asking some information such as name, age, sex, email address. So fill up that and create the account.
  • After that, Confirm the Spotify account by the confirmation mail.
  • Now you have created a Spotify account. The next step is you have to download the Spotify premium offline apk on your android device and as well as on PC. We are showing the process one by one. This process is applicable for both who have got the apps in the Google Play Store and who haven’t get the app in Play Store.
  • If you have Spotify installed before uninstalled it and downloaded Spotify premium offline apk into your android device.
  • While downloading, locate the direction correctly on your android, and click initiate installation for the APK on your device.
  • That’s all. It will successfully install on your android device.

How to download Spotify mod Apk for PC

Why would only android users have all the fun with Spotify? Mac and PC users can also enjoy Spotify by using the latest version Spotify++, similar to Spotify MOD Apk, which works for the PC. In this process, after downloading the app, you have to use something called the Android Emulator, which is a tool to run the downloading process of the Spotify Premium app for PC and MAC.

The Emulator steps are:

  • Install Bluestacks and download Sptify++ on your PC and Mac. Complete the installation process by the license agreement.
  • Open Bluestacks and launch it.
  • Open the Gmail account and then drag and drop the Sptify++ on Bluestacks.
  • Wait until the installation process completes. And you are ready to go.

Since the app is not available to everyone and if it’s available also, you may not get all the features. But there is a way of how you can get all the premium features. Its called side loading system, and you can do this only your android device, not in PC and MAC. Typically side-loading is a procedure where you have to install the third-party app from other sources rather than Google Play Store. It also requires some tweaks to perform the operation. You can follow the below step for enabling the tweaks option on your device.

 Tweak settings:

1. Select security settings from settings options and find an option saying “unknown sources.”

  1. Enable this by using the “ON-OFF” toggle.
  2. Now download Spotify premium offline apk from any trusted sources and save the downloaded file in the folder.
  3. Use a file manager apk such as ES to navigate the downloaded folder and tap to the app icon. The installation will start instantly.
  4. Once the installation complete, you can see Spotify premium offline apk in the app browser.

Final verdict:

We hope you understood every instructions and step and can do-it-by-yourself without taking others’ help. It’s actually very easy if you understand the concept and instructions. But if you have any problems or dough, don’t hesitate to know us via your comment. We will answer fast at our earliest convenience.

Thank you for being with us.

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