Is it Possible to Run a Bookie Business From Your Cell Phone?

Mobile betting is the latest trend taking the sports industry by storm. You don’t have to visit a betting shop or go to racing tracks to place a bet. With mobile phone and internet connectivity, you can place bets on the go or from the comfort of your mobile phone. 

It’s not only punters that can benefit from mobile betting. As a bookie operator, you can also take advantage of the digital trend and scale your bookie business via a smartphone. Read on to discover whether it’s possible and how to run a bookie business from your cellphone. 

Leverage on Sports Betting Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are one of the fastest ways to grow your bookie business. They are fast and reliable when it comes to making real-time bets. You can also reach a larger audience when you incorporate sports betting mobile app on your bookmaker. 

However, a recent Google update blocked bookies from publishing betting apps on Google PlayStore except in a few countries. Though they are lessening the restrictions to allow fantasy sports and rummy apps, you must undergo rigorous scrutiny and approvals. If you’re thinking of Apple, the restrictions and publishing charges on their App Store are almost not worth the effort. 

But all is not lost. If you have a bookie website or want to open a bookie business, you can easily integrate an APK on the site for bettors to download directly to their phones. All betters have to do is activate the ‘Install from Unknown Sources’ feature on the phone settings for easy installation. Make sure the APK app is compatible with both Android and iOS users. 

Get a Reliable Mobile Bookie Software

Software is king for bookie owners in the sports betting industry. Bookmakers rely on software to allow players to create user accounts and give them an outstanding betting experience. To run a successful bookie via your smartphone, you need decent mobile sportsbook software that’s better than those on reputable online sportsbooks. 

You can leverage various pay per head service providers to get software that can compete favorably with offshore and corporate-run bookmakers. We have prepared a guide to help you know what to look for in mobile sportsbook software. 

Four Things to Consider When Looking for a Mobile Sportsbook Software.

Your sportsbook management success largely depends on the operations and the choice of software. Here are the top four things to look out for when choosing mobile sportsbook software:

  • Layoff Account Availability – A layoff account is the bookie owner’s way of reducing the risk of losing money. You also need to consider this option whether you’re using mobile software or corporate one. If you are a pay-per-head agent, you’ll need to make the same bet as your players. You can then use the layoff account winnings to pay your players when you lose your layoff bet. When players lose their bets, you can use the profits to pay for the layoff bet. 
  • Avoid Third-Party Payment Systems –  Normally, players make payments to bookies, and bookie agents then pay players. But most bookie owners use 3rd party payers like PayPal and Skrill to pay off customers. This isn’t likely to draw players to sign up at your bookie. Players prefer a mobile bookie app that transacts directly and one that pays through an app payment system. 
  • Offer Diversified Betting Products – Punters signing up at your bookie wants more than sports betting. You should consider an app that offers other perks such as mobile facebook, HD live stream betting, and 3D gaming. 
  • Proprietary Status – Another important consideration is whether the vendor owns the PPH mobile system. Vendors such as Action Sportsbook International and DGS have older PPH services. Go for newer proprietary bookie software vendors that can add tools like layoff accounts and reliable payment systems. 
  • Availability of Scaling Tools – If you want to grow your bookie business via mobile, get software with great resellers and organizational tools. Such tools allow you to constantly update your bookmaker with new features as they pop up in the market. 

Wrap Up

Growing your bookie business takes work. But with the correct information, you can scale your sports betting business to unforeseen heights. A successful mobile betting business largely depends on getting the right software and having the right mobile technology or developing an app that your players can use to place bets on the go.  While our tips are not the whole package you need to succeed, you can use them to scale your business to success. 

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