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What is phone watcher for android

How to use phone watcher

Hoverwatch is a free phone tracker application. The application with all its features allows the user to record SMS, call history, skype, telegram, internet activity, calendar, contact and many more. The application is a popular one in the play store.

What are the uses of Phone Watcher?

If you are looking to keep track of the various applications on your phone all the time, then this application could be the one-stop solution. From SMS tracking to location and contacts the application can keep a track of every event securely.

How does Hoverwork work?

The working of the application is quite simple. All you need to have is some technical knowledge to sign up to it.

  • So the first step begins with signing up to the application with your valid email id and password.
  • The very next step is preparing devices. You need to download and install the mobile tracker on your phone.
  • Now you can monitor all your recorded data with the help of call and GPS with the account you have made.

Why use Hoverwatch?

Being one of the potential mobile trackers that offer to track most of the event in your phone this application deserves appreciation. Moreover, the application features some cool tools and the user interface has garnered the attention of many. 

Keylogger app features

Here are the various features of the application that you need to know

Remain completely invisible

The phone watcher Hoverwatch application’s invisible features will allow you to remain invisible from any user. To track any application safely without the attention of the user. 

Text messages and call

The cool features allow you to record every call whether it is incoming or outgoing. Moreover, the SMS tracker enables you to track any messages sent to any receipt.

Facebook and WhatsApp tracking

You can even track any activities related to social media. The track will help you read the messages sent from WhatsApp or facebook. Additionally, you will also get to save audio and video files sent to the recipient with this tracker.

Areas of application of the phone watcher

You can use this application to try the activities your child, the application is also viable to be used in business and the corporate world to track various events.

Geolocation features

Other potential features is a geolocation feature with which you can view the location of the device that you desire. Make sure to log in with your account to track the location of the monitored device.


There are three plans for this application that you can opt for namely personal, professional and business.

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The personal plan is quite expensive, allowing the user to only track on the device at a cost of 24.95 USD per month. However, if you seek for professional plan, then you have to pay only 9.99 USD and for the business plan, you need to pay only 6 USD. You can track up to 25 devices with the business plan.


For monitoring the various activities and keep a record of it without the attention of the end-user, you can consider this application as the best choice, one of the most secure apps for the purpose that comes in three plans. You can choose any of the plans depending on the usage. 

So track what you want and keep a record of it securely without the attention of another user.

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