Why slots with a bonus are the best

slots with a bonus

Oh how we wish we could see the shock on Charles D. Fey’s face if he were ever able to catch a glimpse of the modern online slot world. Back in the late 1800s this Californian engineer was instrumental in the rise of slots, with his Liberty Bell machine being the world’s first commercially viable slot machine. It very quickly took over his native state, before going on to spread all across the world, but it was still exceedingly simple.  In fact, the Liberty Bell machine was pretty much as simple as you could get, and for a long time after slot machines continued in the same mould, without many other advancements. Over the course of the 20th century developers started to add in bonus features here and there, but it was only with the emergence of online slots that these bonus features got seriously good. Want to know why slots with a bonus are the best? It’s a no brainer! Read ahead and find the best slot games here. 

Fun factor 

You would be lying if you said that the bonus rounds in slots are often where the most fun is to be had, and this is why it has become the norm for developers to include at least one kind of bonus round in their slots. Just take games such as Centurion by Inspired Gaming, for example, a slot that has four distinct bonus rounds that are all fantastic fun. 

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It pays for developers to offer something a bit more than just a simple slot game, and bonus rounds are the best way of doing this. They can actually transform a pretty mediocre online slot into an amazing one if done correctly. 

Large jackpot prizes 

Sure, as gamblers we certainly care about the fun-factor of an online slot, but even more important is the money prizes that are on offer. Now, slots have always had the potential to be pretty lucrative, however modern slots take this to the next level as a result of their bountiful bonus features.

All of the biggest jackpots available in the online slots world come courtesy of a bonus round, and this is probably the biggest reason why slots with a bonus are the best – it is seriously hard to argue against that. 

Adds to the overall narrative 

Online slots sure are fun, however after a prolonged reel spinning session it is natural to want something a little more than just a reel matrix, funny icons and pay lines. This is where the bonus rounds come in a lot of the time, as they can provide a much-needed sense of narrative to the slot gambling experience. For example Yggdrasil’s Vikings Go To Hell sees the Viking characters descend on the gates of the underworld in the main bonus round, something that makes the game a whole lot more exciting. 

Moreover, Mirogaming’s Immortal Romance actually has a full-blown storyline to it, one you can only progress through the bonus rounds.

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