Are slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games?

slots welcome popularity of games

Welcome bonuses for slots such as Shaman Spirit Slot can come in many different shapes and forms, for new players these bonuses are often alluring although sometimes confusing. Often, they will be bombarded with offers from casino sites. Here is a note on Are slots welcome bonuses responsible for the popularity of some games.

This can be a little intense for some players and can lead to them making the wrong decision. Despite this, there is no doubt that the welcome bonus is a well-regarded bonus for slot players, generally being perceived as a generous offer. With so many welcome bonuses now game-specific, some question whether the popularity of some games is down to the welcome bonus. 

Why do Slots and Casino Sites Offer Welcome Bonuses? 

There are many reasons why casino sites offer welcome bonuses to players, the first and most obvious reason is that they serve as a great way to entice players to sign up to their website. A generous welcome bonus can often be hard to turn down, especially when there are few limitations applied to the deal.

Every player should always check the terms and conditions of what they are signing up for, welcome bonuses often have little caveats which aren’t promoted. For example, free spins may only be applicable to certain slots or there may be a hidden time limit to withdraw your winnings from the bonus before it is gone forever. There are several different types of slot welcome bonuses, the following are some of the most popular and common. 

Free Spins 

The free spins bonus is typically awarded to new players when they first sign up to a casino site, the main reason is that it is easy to understand and use. The free spins will only be applicable for certain slot games so make sure that you know which slot the bonus can be used for before you agree to a deal.

Free spins may sound generous on paper but usually there is very little chance that players will win anything major from a free spins bonus. This is because casinos will use slots that payout a low amount for this bonus. 

Deposit Bonus 

This bonus is also commonly used, although some players misunderstand it. A deposit bonus is awarded to players when they deposit a certain amount into their account. For example, a casino could promise twenty pounds free when you deposit ten pounds or more.

Players would have to deposit at least twenty pounds to receive the bonus money. Casino sites won’t let you immediately withdraw this bonus money and it will instead have to be used on the reels. Players will usually have to win a certain amount from playing before they can withdraw anything. 


Slot bonuses are certainly a great way for casino sites to get people playing on slots that they perhaps usually wouldn’t be, in that sense their popularity can be attributed to welcome bonuses. slots welcome the popularity of games.

However, welcome bonuses only go so far. In order for players to keep coming back after their welcome bonuses have expired there has to be another element that they enjoy, welcome bonuses are only part of the reason for slot popularity.

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