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Civilization Revolution 2 APK

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

APP Description

TopicCivilization Revolution 2 APK
Developer2K Games
PlatformsAndroid, PlayStation Vita, iOS
Apk File Size25 MB
Obb File Size414 MB
last updatedDecember 22, 2014

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk is one of the most amazing strategic games present on internet in the present era and is developed by 2K, Inc. on Google Play Store. It is one of the most strategic games on android. In this game, you have to build a large empire.

Civilization Revolution 2 Apk

The game is very special because it is the first game in the series which is developed and launched for mobile. The game provides you with best visual graphics and best 3D presentation. This game helps you to test you strategic mind and best tactical depth. In this game, you will see the whole civilization of Korea.

The whole civilization of Korea is depicted in a very nice way in this game. Some new leaders are also added in this game which enhances the beauty of the game. New combats units are also added in this game which includes Special Forces, jet fighters and aircraft carriers. The whole game is very promising and an amazing extension to the series.

Features of Civilization Revolution 2 apk

  • Civilization Revolution 2 android is one of the most amazing strategic games of this era.
  • It is outcome of most successful strategic game series.
  • In Civilization Revolution 2 apk, best visual graphic is used.
  • High definitions sounds are used in this game which makes it more wonderful and amazing.
  • In Civilization Revolution android, new civilization are also added which makes this game more strategic and interesting.
  • New leaders and new units are also added in this game.
  • High definition 3D visuals are used in Civilization Revolution 2 which make it unique and worth loving.

Civilization Revolution 2 android

Civilization Revolution 2

Download Civilization Revolution 2 apk

If you are the one who likes to play strategic games then Civilization Revolution 2 apk is the best game for you. It will help you to use your tactical mind and will test your skills because in this game you have to build a new civilization and this civilization must stand with test of time. Do not waste your time sitting idle and download civilization revolution 2 apk. You can have civilization revolution 2 apk download from this site. You can also have the mod version civilization revolution 2 apk free download from this site. I hope that you will enjoy this game.

Instructions to Install

  • You have to turn off your WiFi and Data Connection before installing Civilization Revolution 2 Apk game.
  • The next step involves the extraction of obb zip file directly to the location that is sdcard/Android/obb.
  • If obb folder is not available then you have to create a folder of this name.
  • Now launch the game.
  • Now open the app and run the Civilization Revolution 2, the game will not demand any data files.

Download civ revolution 2 apk

Download civ revolution 2 apk obb

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