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According to a study, the average person loses over 3,000 possessions in his or her lifetime. Some of the most commonly misplaced items are pens and eyeglasses, all of which are easily replaceable. However, others can lead to excessive stress as well as the need to shell out lots of money when misplaced, such as wallets and purses.

Does it seem like you tend to lose small items such as your car and apartment keys? If so, there is a product that you should get your hands on. It’s none other than a key finder.

The name makes it clear that the device is for helping you find a misplaced key. However, these days, it can help track down many other things, too. You can attach it to practically anything that you can easily get lost, or someone can take away from you.

Some people, for instance, use key finders to make sure that they are not going to have a hard time locating their purses, luggage, and mobile devices. Some attach key finders to the collars or cages of their pets. Especially in today’s fast-paced world where everyone is always busy, key finders are some of the most valuable little devices around.

Refrain from assuming that all key finders are the same. Although they are indeed for the same purpose of locating lost items, not all of them can impress.

If you want to spare yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety when you misplace your possession, get your hands on the right key finder. Having an idea of which features matter the most is essential to know which locating device you can count on each time.

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Long Range

Most key finders in the market rely on Bluetooth. Look for one with Bluetooth 5.0 because it is energy efficient and has a broader range than older versions of Bluetooth. The Bluetooth ranges of key finders differ, depending on the building’s structure.

Replaceable Battery

You may come across key finders with built-in rechargeable batteries. However, after some charging and discharging cycles, a rechargeable battery tends to end up useless. It is why key finders with replaceable batteries (usually CR 2032) are better options.

Loud Alarm

Especially when looking for missing items in noisy environments, key finders with loud alarms are some of the top performers. When shopping, make sure that the alarm is at least 80 decibels, which is just as loud as a window air conditioner.


The rain should not keep you from finding a misplaced item. That is why many of today’s key finders have water resistance features. Using one allows you to have peace of mind not only during the rainy season but also while engaging in fun water activities.

Nice to Look At

Many women rely on key finders to make sure that they will not lose their purses. If you don’t want an unsightly device marring the appeal of your designer handbag, choose one from among key finders encased in premium leather.

Easy on the Budget

When checking out key finders in the market, keep your budget in mind. Generally speaking, some of the most feature-packed options cost more. However, by looking around meticulously, you can get your hands on an excellent performer without paying a lot.

Remember the simple shopping tips above to have an idea of which among today’s key finders you should get.


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