What is Gambling Addiction?

Gambling addiction is just like any other addiction. It is a problem that exists all over the world and involves people being unable to control their urge to gamble. That might mean somebody visits land-based casinos too frequently and spends more than they can afford, or it might mean they access safe online casinos to feed their habit.

In the same way that people turn to alcohol or drugs in an attempt at drowning out a problem they have in their life, online casinos in New Zealand (or at least, casinos operating abroad and accessed by NZ gamers) can offer a convenient distraction for people with troubles. Without properly managing your budget, it is possible to slip into a cycle of gambling too often and developing a problem. 

What Organizations Help with Gambling Addiction in NZ?

New Zealand has extremely strict gambling laws. In fact, online casinos in New Zealand don’t exist, and users have to find websites operated from abroad. That doesn’t mean there are no NZ organisations designed to help people with gambling addiction, however.

The country benefits from the help of the Problem Gambling Foundation, an organization that offers totally free and confidential counselling for NZ residents who have a gambling problem. It offers essential help and support.

Health Navigator NZ is another place where people can go to get important advice about how to prevent gambling or to help with managing a problem. 

Worldwide Organizations that Help Global Addiction Trouble

There are various other global organizations that help with this problem, and the Salvation Army is one of them. This charitable organization offers essential advice and services to people in New Zealand, across Europe, America, and beyond. 

Various websites also offer advice, wherever you are in the world. GamblingTherapy.org is one such website, helping people overcome their problems and become empowered to take control of their lives.

It’s Easy to Get Help!

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It’s never been easier to get help, whether you live in New Zealand or elsewhere. If you’ve had trouble controlling your urge to access real money casinos or you’re a regular user of gaming machines, all the organizations listed above can help with your problem.

Don’t be afraid to reach out, either. Every organization that deals with this problem does so in a confidential and understanding manner. Nobody needs to know, and professional counsellors from these various groups will take every measure they can to make you feel comfortable. 



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