How to Zoom in on Pc

how to zoom in on pc

You are feeling the text and icon on your screen way too small but worried about how to zoom on your screen. Then in the next few minutes, you will get your answer for how to zoom in on PC and will be good to go. There are many ways by which you can learn how to zoom in on PC. We will know more about the three of them.

When you have to zoom in one window

  • Go to the screen of your desired application screen which you wish to zoom in. Zooming in a site or a photograph becomes easy with this. Press Ctrl++ to zoom in.
  • If your PC is touchscreen-based, you can place two fingers together on the screen and spread them apart to zoom in. All application doesn’t support this feature. Press Ctrl+ – to zoom out.
  • Owing a touch screen device makes your life easier. It merely requires you to pinch with your fingers.
  • Press CTRL along with O to return the screen to its default magnification.

How to zoom in on PC using a magnifier

  • Press Win++ on the keyboard and then press the Windows key and the + (plus) key together. It will activate the Magnifier feature on Windows 10 and 8.1.[1] This powerful feature will immediately close the screen until you do any changes to your settings. In case you’re using Windows 7, click the Start button then type magnifier into the search bar. After that, click on magnifier in your findings. If you are a Windows 10 and 8 user prefers using a mouse. You can also open Magnifier by visiting Settings
  • Ease of Access magnifier Turns on Magnifier. If you have a mouse, you can use scroller too.

  • Clicking on the + to zoom magnifies your screen. By clicking this button, you may reach the zoom level you want. The percentage, for example, 200% will update as you zoom in and out if you’d slightly zoom in with the keyboard and press the Windows key option along with the + key the same shortcut option opens up.
  • Select the area you have to zoom with the help of the view menu. The lens acts like a magnifying glass that you can move around the screen. Full-screen magnifies the entire screen. Docked increases a fixed portion of the screen or box. The box will contain your zoomed content as you move the cursor.

If you wish to alter the Magnifier preferences, you can do it by clicking on the gear icon. You can customize the magnifier in the magnifier panel. If you’d like Magnifier to launch on its own when you start your computer, select either Start Magnifier after sign-in or Start Magnifier before sign-in for everyone. To change the default view, select an option from the “Choose a view” menu.

  • To close the Magnifier. Click the X at the top-right corner.

How to zoom in on PC using zoom feature of browser

Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and all other famous web browsers come with their built-in zoom options. It can be accessed from different menus.

Open the web browser’s menu.

The location of nearly all browser menus is at the upper-right corner of the application.

  • Microsoft Edge: Three horizontal dots
  • Google Chrome: Three vertical dots
  • Mozilla Firefox: There horizontal lines
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Internet Explorer:

If you’re using this browser, click the View menu at the top and select the Zoom menu to access the zoom controls.

  • Click the + to zoom in. Almost all web browsers provide an option of zoom in their menu. There will be two symbols on the left and right of the zoom button if you wish to zoom in on all over the page you are viewing click on the + logo. The magnification level (e.g., 150%) will show up as soon as you continue.
  • Press CTRL along with 0 to return the screen to default magnification.

How to zoom in on PC using windows 10?

If you have windows 10, then we have an awesome trick that will make your life easy. If you want to figure how to zoom in on PC merely for increasing the size of the icons, then you must know you can simply increase the size of the symbol within a few seconds. It is straightforward.

  • First, you have to point your cursor to the space of your desktop.
  • Then, right-click with your mouse.
  • Go to the view section.
  • Then you must use three option namely
  • Large icons
  • Medium icons
  • Small icons
  • Select the desired option

That’s how to zoom in on pc your icons still; there is a more simple way to zoom in your screen as well as your figure.

If you want to zoom in your screen in any of the browsers, then follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Open your desired browser in which you want to zoom on your screen.
  • Press CTRL and use the scroller of your mouse.
  • Scroll up for zoom in
  • Scroll down for zoom out
  • This method works on different applications and screen of your windows 10. It works on your browser, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and many other applications.

How to zoom in on pc using a software

A teacher, tutor, or an employee who works on presentation and sharing live screen would probably want to know much more than that. For then how to zoom in on pc has a broad answer.

In a sense, they probably would love the features of writing, drawing, and other kinds of stuff along with zoom in on PC.

  • Go to your browser, type Zoomit
  • Open the very first website you see
  • Download the Zoomit software from there. It will take only a few Kbs.’
  • Open the application; you will see five options.

1.) Zoom: you can set your desired shortcut keys. After that, wherever you point your cursor and press your selected shortcut key combination, it will get zoomed.

2.) Live zoom: live zoom support is there in windows vista and higher where windows update show while zoomed. Again, set your desired combination and point your mouse cursor to the area of the screen where you want to zoom.

3.) Draw:

this option allows you to draw arrow, line, rectangle, circle, etc. press CTRL + D to enter in draw mode. For bringing a range, you can do that through a press on SHIFT and draw the line with the help of your mouse if you’re going to draw a rectangle, press CTRL. You can draw a box with the help o90f your mouse. If you’re going to bring a circle, then you need to press TAB.

And most importantly if you want to make an arrow to highlight something. Then you need to press CTRL and SHIFT. Now you can make an arrow with your mouse. But in between if you wish to change the colors of your marker, it enables you to do it too. It has got four colors. Press R to change the colors of your tag to red. Press B to turn it to blue. P stands for changing the colors to pink here. Similarly, if you wish your marker colors to be orange, you can press O.

4.) Type: enter drawing mode first by pressing CTRL and D then you have to press T. as soon as you press T you will begin in the typing mode. If you wish to type on a white screen, then press W.

5.) Break: if you are teaching or streaming and wish to take a break, press CTRL, and Z., it will start a timer automatically. You can adjust the time duration of your break according to you.

How to Zoom out on PC

Since you have learned how to zoom in on PC in detail, you must be wondering how to zoom out then. On an off chance when you are confronting it, this issue comes up where your Computer screen is zoomed in, for example, work area symbols show up massive. In any event, when perusing the web, everything shows up huge at that point you’re at the ideal spot as today we are going to perceive how to fix the issue.

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There is no specific reason for this blunder as it tends to be brought about by changing the screen resolution or unintentionally you may have zoomed in.

Presently, this issue can without much of a stretch be fixed by just zooming out or attempting different fixes recorded in this guide. The problem is just that people don’t know much about this function yet don’t stress, presently you would know. So without burning through whenever we should perceive How to Zoom out on Computer Screen.

There are different ways through which you can zoom out on your PC screen. Four out of them are listed below –

  1. You can adjust the size of your desktop icons as per your wish.
  2. Changing your display resolution is always an option.
  3. Choose Small Icons for the size of desktop icons if you want to decrease the volume.
  4. Restore previous versions of your PC

Do remember to make sure to create a restore point just in case something goes wrong.

Changing the size of your desktop icons

You have to press CTRL, and by maki8ng use of your mouse wheel, you can adjust the size.

Note: Ctrl + 0 will bring back everything to the way it was earlier

Change your display resolution

Open the setting. After that, find the system and click on it.

Now under Scale and layout, from the “Change the size of text, apps, and other items” drop-down choose “100% (Recommended)”. Under Change the quantity of text, apps, and other things, select the DPI percentage. Similarly, under Resolution want the Recommended resolution. Reboot your PC to save changes.

Bring down your setting to small icons.

Point your cursor to the space of your desktop then right-click on it.

From View menu click “Small icons” or “Medium icons”. Right-click and from view select Small icons

It would return Desktop icons to their average size.

Restart your PC to save changes.

Restore previous versions of your PC

Press Windows Key + R and type”sysdm.cpl” then hit enter. System properties system

Select system restore which you will find under the system protection tab.

Click Next and choose the desired System Restore point. system-restore

Start following the on-screen instruction to complete system restore.

After reboot, you may be able to zoom out on the computer screen easily.


We recommend you check and fix the following issues if you got any one of them even.

For Windows 10: Entry Point Not Found Error and Error C1900101-4000D

In YouTube: Green Screen Video Playback

Uninstall Microsoft Security Essentials in Windows 10

Frequently asked questions related to how to zoom in on PC

Q: How do you zoom in on a PC desktop?

A: How to zoom in on a PC

Open the browser of your choice.

To zoom in and out using the keyboard shortcut, hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in and to zoom out hold CTRL and the – key.

Q: How do I zoom in on Windows 10?

A: you can zoom in on windows 10 using its magnifier. Go to windows search for the magnifier, open it, select how much you want to zoom in, and then press to continue. Same you can do to zoom out also decide how much you want to zoom out. Then press continue.

Q: Is the zoom setting permanent?

A: Nope, not at all. It is totally up to you, and you can alter the setting as you please.

Q: What is the shortcut key for Zoom on a laptop?

A: To zoom in and out with a keyboard shortcut, hold CTRL and press the + key to zoom in

Q: How do you zoom in using the keyboard?

A: CTRL+ + (Zoom in)

Instead of moving closer to the screen and squinting, hit CTRL++ (that’s a plus sign) a few times. It will increase the zoom level in most browsers and some programs. To zoom out again, just hit CTRL+- (that’s a minus sign)


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