How to download Into the Dead 2 mod apk for free in Android 2020

Into the Dead 2 mod apk

PikPok is one of the state-of-the-art in the gaming world and a leading publisher in funny and addictive games. It has released tech giant Flick Kick series, Rival Stars Basketball series, Into the Dead series, and lots more adventures and fun games. The audience also thinks of enjoying a clear storyline or films of a storybook when it comes to PIKPOK and referred to some other, here we have a groundbreaking storytelling game named “Into the Dead 2 Mod apk” by PIKPOK. It’s a second version of Into the Dead 1: Zombie Survival.

It’s a journey game through the Zombie disaster to save the family. Support yourself with an arsenal power of weapons and do the necessary whatever it takes to survive. Mow down, maim and massacre the dead Zombie to keep moving anything. As no one is not safe in this game, so how would you live alive in the game? That’s the main challenge here?

With the surprising mysteries background of wilderness and foggy environment like the first version,

into the dead two unlimited ammo is also a story to escape the drifting wreckage to save the family. So all the characters of the information will reincarnate and more realistic. Because things in version 2 have upgraded with more horror, new level, haunting, and of course, much more offensive and challenging.

In fact, Into the Dead 2 is a sequel game to the revolutionary runner where you must gain the wade through the crowds of walking deeds. To help this matter, the not only integrates different manual dexterity and other impressive arsenal weapons like rifles, pistols, submachine guns, and machine guns but also added a lot of exciting things into the second part, such as a massive number of Zombies, eerie atmosphere, stylish graphics that will help you to enjoy the games into the next level. So, let’s check out what’s new and mimic into the Dead 2!


  • This game is a narrative and multiple endings. It has a total of 7 actions packed chapters, 60 stages, and of course, hundreds of challenges.
  • It’s varied gameplay because you will enjoy the fire from the military super gun emplacements to slay the forces from atop different vehicles and lots of risk going to them.
  • You can also enjoy multiple immersive environments like discover the new locations, oil fields, military bases to campsites, and rural from communities.
  • You can also enjoy powerful weapons, ammo perks by unlocking and upgrading the explosives such as firearms, weapons, melee, and lots more.

  • Its an ever-increasing zombie threat giving tactics game that you can enjoy and annihilate different hordes such as running Zombies, armored. You will also feel a daily special event mode through this game.

The scenario of “Into the Dead 2” started without any detailed story. Then it was the main protagonist who horde back and hit the Zombie in every way of delivery and started off taking the risk tasks. In this series, there is much more outcome and more abundant than previous, and the picture redefined.

Moreover, the design also vivid and diversified with lots of Zombie types. The main attraction of this Dead 2 series is when the Zombie bites the player, the full screen becomes very bloody in fact for blood. So, in the scene familiar scene, it added new content to the show you can say from the farm to the warehouse. Or even woods to the town. Wherever the Zombie encounter the environment coupled with a dark atmosphere and play quite So, all these flavors you are getting in one game. Because into the dead mod apk, unlimited ammo and money are free to play, but it also offers purchase.

The story

Into the Dead 2 game brings the player into the imaginary world where strange plagues become many people into zombies. They always ready to attack their survivors and eat them. at this moment, James, the hero of this game, was searching for his wife Halen, who was trapped by a lot of zombies into a specific area.

Once James’s truck attacked and lose control by the zombies and overturned surrounded by them.

But fortunately, James was ok, and he escapes from the truck. He retrieved a picture of Halen and himself. But suddenly, all zombies got the smell of humans, and they began looking for to attack James. Finally, James starts attacking over them by gun and shoots them. At the same time, he tried to keep in touch with Halen and tried to escape from zombies in order to get rid of them and live happily with Halen.


Into the Dead 2, Mod APK is well known for survival games where everything is designed in FPS. Here, the player will have to do all action to find Halen and return back home before its getting too late. Players or James can control the number of characters to avoid zombies and move one step forward automatically. But if you or the player cannot prevent the Zombie, you can use a lot of weapons like shotguns or powerful weapons to attack them.

Here make sure that you will get the limited number of ammunition in the game.

Therefore you cannot use ammo during the fighting time randomly, and you need to save some for the future. If you use all of them into the dead mod APK ammo, you will soon fall into death when the Zombie arrived to attack you.

Basically, there are three ways to operate this game.

They are tilt, R/L touch, and thumb. L/R touch screen is divided into the left edge and right edge button. There is a fire weapon button known on the right side, and thumb joystick virtual rocker operation is indicated by the left arrow keys. Moreover, the lower right weapon fire and maximum tilt is the gravity sensor and shifting the device into left to right so that the weapon can use the firing button on the right.

Apart from the button, the game slowly expands into a complicated story, and the player needs to survive each and every level bypassing each step. However, it may be easier for the player to pass each level if he knows the tricks and use this in several tasks. Suppose he can calculate how many zombies need to kill, how to kill them, what the obstacles are etc.

Game Promotion:

The game promotion of Into the dead 2 is straightforward to understand. As this game offers the player to use official weapons to kill the Zombie, there is a corresponding number rewarded if the player killed the Zombie. If the player kills 30, he will get silver. If he kills 75 will get gold, and if he can kill 250, he will be able to use all the weapons. It is the prominent promotion of the game by which players can gain new experience and, at the same time rewarded for the course. It will also add a new flavor to use the weapon.

The other promoted part of the game is it has better picture quality and smoother operation compare to the previous model.

It also has multiple outcomes, more plots, and a variety of weapon choices. But there are some obstacles that are also there in this game. Although it’s at a very small level still the plot level needs to more physical value, the model is quite small, and not addiction is there in the physical value of using all the weapons.


The Into the Dead 2 Mod apk games provide enough promotion but playing this game is just not mean run away from zombies, but you also need to pay close attention to the intelligent quest system its reward. Suppose if you can kill 5 zombies at a time and collect all ammo along the way without losing no bullets, you will be able to use the weapons. So these are some small missions which can help you to get more enjoyment and gather more excitement. You will not get bored while playing and upgrade your weapons by increasing the speed, damage. Reload speed and upgrade the tank.

Aside from just running away from the zombies,

you need to pay attention to the quest system for the reward. It is possible to kill 5 zombies at once, collect all ammo along the way or lose no bullets. The mission system will help you get more excited and not be bored when playing. In addition, you can upgrade your weapon to increase your damage, speed, and reload speed, and upgrade your tank.

The other mission of the game is as the number of Zombie increases the chance to kill them become more difficult. At the same time, you can also use firearms skills such as rapid-fire, rapid loading, armor piece sing, etc. to enhance the use of firearms. It will clear the mission in two ways. You can utilize the weapons and you can also deal with a variety of dog zombies. So, kill the German animal husbandry (dog), bull mastiff and protect yourself from Zombie.


The graphics of Into the dead 2 mod apk are superb than Into the dead 1 version. Because part 1 only consisted of 3D’s graphics and available in only black and white. Whereas the part 2 version comes with color enhancement and details improvement. The picture quality dramatically improved and you can enjoy the horrible Zombie, gloomy atmosphere in the colorful world by entering the game. Into the dead mod apk all unlocked and no advertisement version. Furthermore, the sound quality of into the dead 2 zombie survival mod apk unlimited ammo and money carefully crafted. It allows the player to chill out in the cold and confronted with zombies while run and killed.

Into the dead 2 apk download apkpure:

If you visit the site on mobile:

  • Download Apk file on Android smartphone.
  • Install and run it.
  • And start enjoying the game.

If you visit the site on desktop, laptop or any other Android device:

  • First, download the apk file on the specific device.
  • Transfer that Apk file from PC to Android phone via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and USB.
  • Install and run it successfully
  • Finally, start enjoying the game.

What’s new in version 1.29.1?

  • If you do Into the Dead 2 mod apk hacked version download, then you will get the new version. The new version introduces you the Puma companion with especial Hunter’s call ability. Ir draws more hordes and more kills.
  • It has A45 Apex and SMG which means SMG lets you call the all the shots. This also enables the most selectable semi-auto fire modes.
  • It has all new festive weapons to customize all of your arsenals.
  • Finally, it has various bug fixes and auto performance improvements.

  • How to install the MOD Apk version?
  • First, download the (.APK) installation file and (.ZIP) file from the OBB archive.
  • Unzip the OBB file to Android/obb/ directory direction.
  • After extracting the file, get the com.pikpok.dr2 play folder. There is also a .obb inside the file.
  • Then click on the APK file and select Install. With this command, the operating system will start installing the game into the device.
  • Once completed the installing open the game and started enjoying the game.


So here is all the process of into the dead 2 mod apk unlimited ammo and money latest version download and a live manual of how to use it. This game is particularly for those who love shooting games. It also has dramatic gameplay, beautiful graphics, and a humorous storyline. So with the iOS and Android device, you can enjoy Into the Dead 2 Mod apk where ever you want. Just download including MOD version and open in new also has a good speed and streaming system and supports all devices.

That’s all for today.

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