5 Best Retro Console Driving Games

Retro Console Driving Games

Racing games are the best. You can drive any vehicle you like and you can enjoy the speed as long as you want. Retro racing games are probably the most popular genre ever and it is just a matter of time when you were supposed to land on a list like this one. We will explain top 5 games of the genre and include all the details. Free ROMs download of all the Best Retro Console Driving games are easy and allow you to play the games on any emulator.


  1. Out Run (1986)


Out Run was a game released in 1986 which makes it one of the oldest games on this list. Yes, it was basic but it offered only the right ingredients players needed. First of all, you were able to drive the latest cars of the time such as Ferrari Testarossa and others. Even better you would drive a car while a cute blonde is sitting next to you through the gameplay! This game offered some of the most desirable and newest features back in a day. For instance, there were 4 radio stations you could listen while driving. Impressive right? 


2. Mario Kart


Not a single list is complete without a Mario Kart game. The original version was released in 1992 and was a huge hit. Gamers were able to play with any character from Mario franchise and they could race on various tracks. There were different kart power types as well and the game made you want to advance and play as much as possible. The biggest advantage was a battle mode and the game was brutal while playing like this. You could reach extremely high speeds for a kart and of course, defeat all the opponents if you raced properly.

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3. Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament


Micro Machines 2: Turbo Tournament is a different, strange and one of the best games of the era. It is a different racing game as well. For instance, your car is the size of a nail and you would race on kitchen tables, carpets and etc. You get the point. There was room for 4 players and 2 joypads but you would play versus 7 other players if you shared the game. The gameplay was epic for the time and it has been revolutionary for the 90s. The game was released in 1994 and it soon became available for all sorts of consoles. You could even play it on older computers. These days the best gaming is done via an emulator and the ROM file. You can play on a smartphone, tablet or a new computer.

Turbo Tournament


4.Road Rash


In the history of consoles, there were a few motorcycle racing games. The Road Rash has to be the best. It was released in 1992 and allowed gamers to race on twisty roads using powerful motorcycles. You could follow the energy of the bike and its condition and also you had rearview mirrors on both sides of the bottom part of the screen. The gauge cluster of the motorcycle is very appealing and looks realistic, especially when you know when the game was released. 


5. Stunt Car Racer 


Stunt Car Racer is a game released in 1989. It is an old game with intuitive and great gameplay. The game has three crucial components that made it so popular. The first one is the dragsters. The game is based on dragster racing. You could use turbo and even better you could jump at the high speed. All of this means that the game offered all the right ingredients and all the main features gamers need at that period of time. 



Now you can download the ROMs and play these games in its full glory. Push the limits of your device and race like a professional. The best part, you can play all of them on your smartphone which is great. 

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