Shows like game of thrones

shows like game of thrones

 The Game of Thrones has undoubtedly gazed the attention of a significant number of viewers across the world. Though it featured the dark fiction shows like game of thrones and involved quite some supernatural elements, the viewers have remained stuck to its eight seasons like a plate of cheese nachos.

If viewed to date, it is counted amongst one of the successful shows that have paced on-air. It was so famous that it created its group of fans, and even the social media platforms also have several memes and posts circulating, yet after it has come to a pause now. 

But sometimes, tuning up on the same show, and going through the same seasons, can get to your nerves, and can even bore you. So, it is always a better idea to keep specific options in hand. Maybe the epic fantasy the shows like Game of Thrones had reached its heights, but there are some other shows as well that might give you a similar vibe as of the Game of Thrones. If you are a same show buff like we are, then head down below, and check out some of the shows like game of thrones that can surely give you goosebumps. 



Have you ever thought of the shows like Game of Thrones as Scottish folklore? Probably, no, But Ronald D. Moore did. Taking a few attributes of the Game of Thrones, it is filled with pornography and violence.

The R-rated is based on Diana Gabaldon’s series of books, where Claire Randall is viewed as a World War II nurse. The protagonist is taken through a time-lapse from the year 1946 to 1743, wherein she falls for Sam Heughan, the Scottish warrior. However, the romance is later foiled by Frank Randall, who is viewed as a negative character. Whether passion and excitement can take over the evil drama, would be worth a watch! 

Peaky Blinders 

Have you always been addicted to British culture and drama? Then, the Peaky Blinders will surely cater to your interests, with the setting of the British society which takes you back in the period of the First World War, which is quite mesmerizing to look at. The crime drama is, however, set in Birmingham, England, where the dangerous power play is shown through the portrayal of money and power. The team of crime is, however, lead the crime head, Thomas Shelby. 


Made up with an abundance of crime fantasy, and European culture, Vikings features historical fiction and narrates the life of Ragnar Lothbrok. The whole plot revolves around the development of the life of the protagonist, where he is seen to rise from the life of a lower class farmer to the life of a Scandinavian king. The sound effects and the pictorial representation of the show is definitely worth a watch. 

Once Upon a Time 

Long away from the fairytales of Snow-white and Cinderella, Once Upon a Time rests between fantasy and fiction. It deals with the hard reality, and just like the shows like Game of Thrones, it is quite twisted and contains some dark facts as well. The passion and horror that has been mixed up to create the fiction, makes it a must-watch for the viewers. 

Black Sails 

Heard of the “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson? Black Sails is the only prequel of the classic pirate adventure, which narrates the tale of the brilliant Captain Flint. It is quite interesting to witness the fantasy fiction paradise, abundant with prostitutes, pirates, fortune seekers, and thieves, and the continuous race for survival between the Spanish and British forces. The innovative American adventure will surely catch your gaze and captivate your soul. 

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The Last Kingdom 

Inspired by British history, the Last Kingdom relates to back to early England years. The fictional drama, however, features some of the renowned figures who were greatly associated with the throne of England, at that time. Divided over the four seasons, the historical fiction has surely kept its fans drooling. Moreover, as the storyline has been adapted from the Saxon series by Author Bernard Cornwell, it might interest you to watch. 

Stranger Things 

Taking us back to Indiana, in the period of 1980, the show deals with supernatural fiction and targets a singular group of mass altogether. It begins with some friends, who are at the blossom of their age, and witnesses a series of supernatural facts and exploits of the government. Ultimately, they devote their lives to finding the answers and end up revealing a lot of mysteries in the way. 

The Spanish Princess 

Continuing the story from “The White Queen” and “The White Princess”, the Spanish Princess takes us back to the royal court of Tudor and what gazes most attention of the viewers, is its unique female perspective and the 16th-century depiction of the society. In the meantime, it also brings forth vividly, the issue of racial discrimination and how the class distinction always posed to be a major problem.

However, the protagonist here is the Princess of Spain, Teenage Catherine of Aragon, who happens to be a strong-willed woman. But the tragedy happens when her husband, English Prince Arthur dies suddenly leaving the throne in despair. 

The Tudors 

Just like the Game of Thrones, The Tudors makes us travel back in time as well and takes us to view the forty years’ long reign period of King Henry VIII. The story of the show revolves around the life of the protagonist and views his relationships and behavior at depth.

Due to the in-depth study of the plot, the viewers can get a chance to study through some of the important historical personalities. Though the major part of the show deals with the life of the protagonist, there are ample scopes given to the viewers to peep through the political conditions of the period. 


The satirical American comedy-drama, Succession, portrays the Logan family, who is in the power of one of the biggest media and entertainment companies in the world. The tragedy takes place when the head of the family, and their father, steps down from the hierarchy and hands it over to the next generation. It is of quite an interest to watch how the sons earn the capability to fit into their father’s shoes. 


Westworld, the famous western-themed amusement park, is built up with futuristic technology, and it is shown how the visitors interact directly with each other and the automatons. The American science fiction is, however, based on the film of 1973. Moreover, the character portrayals, innovative dialogues, and significant visual effects are worth a watch. 

American Gods 

The American television drama features the religious fantasy and derives its origin from the novel of Neil Gaiman, which was launched in the year 2001. It narrates the tale of the war between the Old Gods and the New Gods. While the Old Gods regard the old mythological roots, the New Gods aim to bring a change of perspective. 

The Dark Materials 

Deriving its story from the novel of Philip Pullman, the Dark Materials is a British fantasy drama. However, it is something great to watch the animations of spirits and the graphic excellence of the team while portraying the dangerous daemons. 

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Wild Cards 

Just like he played a considerable role while writing the Game of Thrones, he played the same position, while editing Wild Cards. The popular science fiction ranges into two different seasons and has already gazed quite some attention. 


 How she deals with society and faces the upcoming hurdles in her life with her attitude, must be worth watching. 

Penny Dreadful 

The American horror drama, Penny Dreadful is a 19-th century British fiction that draws several characters from the public domain and borrows some from the gothic novel as well. The frightening series features a psychological state of mind and, in the meantime, takes the viewers through some of the significant literature characters like Dorian Gray and Dr. Frankenstein. 


Set in the 15th century, Versailles revolves around the life of King Louis XIV, who is only twenty years old. 

The royal family, however, is quite fascinating to watch, and there are quite some secret relationship threads like the Game of Thrones, among the members of the family. At the same time, the television series also gives a zest about political affairs and societal issues. Besides, the shooting has taken place in the real historical site, and thus it might incite your historical interests. 

Into The Badlands 

If compared to the shows like Game of Thrones, Into the Badlands has risen to the same popularity as of the former. Coming to the landscapes, Into the Landscapes replicate a lot with the shows like Game of Thrones as well. 

The Terror 

If there can be any replica of the Game of Thrones, The Terror is a popular horror anthology series. However, the most innovative fact about the show is that the setting keeps changing every season.

It, however, narrates the Second World War. It gives accounts to the viewers regarding the disappearances of the two navy ships. What attracts the attention of the viewers is the fact about the evil entity—tensions, and mystery that rises among the sailors, and how they deal with it. 

Todd McFarlane’s Spawn 

Though, an adult series focusing on the horror superhero fiction. The show is, however, based on sure supernatural tales, and deals with particular government ideals. It involves the U.S. However; the tragedy takes place when Simmons, after losing his memory as a human, only remembers his death. 

Now that you know about the shows like Game of Thrones, you will never really come up to quote it as the best show on television.  

If you came here with the idea of shows like Game of Thrones being the best one. And nothing could be better than it. Then you will probably not be entirely satisfied. But if you have come to explore and in search of some great shows. That can stand in stature with the Game of Thrones. Then you will probably end up digging up a lot of adventures and thrills. Last but not least. It is always a better option to go through a series of shows than to stay hooked to one! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Are there any series better than shows like Game of Thrones? 

Each series mentioned above is best in its way. So what can be the best for you might be better for another? 

What should I start with after watching Game of Thrones? 

You can start with Vikings just after you have finished watching the Game of Thrones. 

Is Versailles better than the Game of Thrones? 

Versailles is, however, better than the Game of Thrones if considered from certain aspects. But in some instances, there are other better instances as well. 

Does Game of Thrones still top the list of best? 

Yes, Game of Thrones has acquired quite a fan base, and thus it still tops the list. 

Can Fleabag give me similar vibes as of the Game of Thrones? 

Absolutely! Watching the Fleabag can give you similar vibes as of the Game of Thrones. 

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