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stone coat countertops

If you want to give a new look by changing the countertops’ upper surface, then a stone coat countertops is a right choice. Stone coat countertops are designed to work as excellent heat resistant, scratch-resistant, and food safety. Your updated kitchen surface will give a wow look by providing a high-end look of natural stone.

 But sometimes it is so much costly way to get a stone coat countertop. For that, you can go through a DIY process. Here we have in detail explained the DIY method of stone coat countertops with proper kits and process. 

DIY stone coat Countertops:

Numerous stone coat countertop products employ a particular combination to make scratch-resistant and stain. It is available in Onyx: Concrete, River Rock, Espresso, Slate, and five colors. Here are 5 Best DIY stone coat countertops kit that you can adopt for your home. 

Daich countertop refinishing kit: 

You can deliver your Counter-top a renewed rock coating. You may apply it to many surfaces, including particleboard, solid, plywood, MDF, and vinyl. Even better, that one also will be heating, impact, and stain-resistant. It’s a low-cost, low Kits and can be found in 10 stone colors. All these include Volcanic Black, Yosemite, Mantel Stone, Organic White, Ironstone, Lodestone, Oyster, Onyx Fog, Canyon Gold, and Sundance. Some great to understand this a Single kit will pay for approximately 40 square feet; both the Primer and topcoat are water-resistant.

The encore countertop refinishing kit:

This is also one of the great stone coat countertops that are easy to use and cheap. Its topcoat provides food safety. In general, it uses a mix of cement that provides stone-like finishing. You will found it in concrete, river rock, and espresso, slate, and onyx form. And the most important thing is that it only requires three days for complete dryness. For 50 sq. Feet, one kit is enough.

Stone coat Epoxy Counter-tops: 

 There are many stone coat countertops epoxy, and you will find each kit suitable for any DIY project. There are Industrial grade epoxy Topcoats available, which are no-VOC or non. A handful of coats provides any glossy surface finish and a glistening. This has specificity for tables and countertops, which is safer to employ in aroma sensitive surroundings such as limited living spaces and restaurants. It is Named Ultra-clear Epoxy. It’s offered in packs which have stone coat resin and both the hardener. In general, it’s one sequence that is adequate for 4-8 feet space. If you are unaware form where to buy stone coat epoxy, then the answer lies in Amazon and Walmart store.

Rust-Oleum Counter-top:

 The Rust-Oleum stone coat countertop review is quite good. It is known as a transformation kit as one of the renowned stone coat countertops. It produces a textured finish on surfaces. The thing that had made it unique than the other is its cement rock paint. This still even uses chips that are decoratively followed closely through an adhesive coating. Kits include four colors those are Charcoal, Java Stone, Desert Sand, and Onyx. Each produces blot water and mildew. The countertop kit that is small covers up to 30 feet, and also, the one consumes up to 50 feet. Each kit prices between $100 — $150Each kit costs between $200 — $250. The entire DIY procedure requires only two days.

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Giani granite Counter-top Kit:

You can provide your Counter-top as a classic appearance paint. Probably the painting is produced by the Giani Granite kit on the web. For stone coat countertop marble, no special skills are demanded. This stone coat countertop kit includes all you want to produce a gorgeous rock surface in 1 day. Packages Can Be Found in Chocolate-brown four rock finishes, Sicilian Sand, Mumbai Black, and White Diamond. A kit covers approximately 3-5 feet, paints are water, and guide lead-free; bags cost approximately $ 7-9. This counter-top can chip in kitchens to employ an epoxy coating.

Things to consider for the Stone coat countertop DIY project:

There are several things you should keep in mind while you will work for stone coat countertops as a DIY project. These will help you to provide the best work. These are as follows-

Strokes as a lamination painting:

Alter your Laminate countertops for your stone coat countertops. Engineered granite is among the very pliable of most cosmetic painting projects that the mottled look isn’t hard to get using a neater movement. Also, all you have to do is keep moving until it seems to be right. It’s perfect for large surfaces, like countertops. The level of one’s counter-top project is on how good your homework work will be dependent.

Fix minor things: 

For stone coat countertops, at first, scratches, gouges, and processors can be mended with laminate repair glue or perhaps even a color-matched fix pencil, available in many hardware stores and home improvement centers. You do not overfill and won’t have the chance to sand any excess without hurting the laminate. Fill each blemish carefully. The item will always be to camouflage the flaw. 

Stains may be removed with a glue. Allow it to benefit several hours and put the glue don’t rub. Moderately rinse off using a paper cloth. For more stubborn stains, try just a tiny nail polish remover onto a fresh rag. Utilize white stripes, and that means that you may not get cloth shade on the counter. Different solvents include paint denatured alcohol, thinner, and acetone. Use sparingly. 

The general process to laminate kitchen countertops: 

No matter what kitchen stone coat countertops refinishing kits you use. There are always some basic rules. These include the following process-

Clean and prepare:

 Make sure you find dirt off thoroughly with a scouring pad and then wash well with water. If your timber or laminate countertops are all damaged, then you may fill cracks and holes with wood filler and sand before continuing using sandpaper. Then you may apply the coating as the added black primer that’ll show onto throughout the layers of colors.

Blend and Blot stone coat countertops:

 Once the primer dries for eight hours, then you are all set to employ mineral colors. Practice on a sheet of paper to have a feel in making patterns that you never want to produce stripes or stripes, simply flowing waves of color. This coating has to dry for four weeks.

Time for top-coating stone coat countertops:

 As the last measure, which will need four weeks to wash, you have to apply a top coat after having a light sanding. Before putting whatever thick on the outside, like a microwave or a toaster, wait a couple of hours. Take advantage of your countertop and keep it dry for approximately fourteen days to let it cure. 

Use of Countertops refinishing kits:

 You can choose your preferable countertops refinishing kits. This additionally makes a counter re doing apparel, counter-top Transformations, such as a textured coating that imitates the texture of the rock. The practice utilized chips as opposed to painting and was made to abide by granite countertops, even though it’s going to work with metal and hardwood trim.  

Use of charcoal: 

The colored charcoal chips then sanded are employed into a glue base coating and covered with topcoat. The reminder: In case you aren’t crazy about your kitchen sink of Rust-Oleum is a superb time. 

How to Re-finish Counter-tops with Daich?

The Daich Spread Stone Kit includes considering all these services and merchandise (base jacket, rock jacket, and clear coating) in addition to whatever that you want to utilize the product (paintbrush and roller, glue, hide, paint, etc.). You will be able to buy painter’s tape, paint stirrers from Amazon and also drop fabrics on hand. Dollar Tree has plastic drop cloths that work. But you can prevent fires by enlisting a professional restaurant hood cleaning service to get the job done right.

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The Daich counter apparel includes a single sheet of 80 grit sandpaper to scuff your stone coat countertops a little also to sand the rock jacket. For sanding manually, you need an orbital sander and a sand-paper. A more inexpensive Cable sander out of Walmart for this particular undertaking. It had been under $20, plus it saves a lot of time and energy. You can decorate your stone coat countertops using a Daich Spread stone Mineral Select counter-top kit minus the utilization of an electric sander; however, we believe that you’ll be much happier in case you do work with of a sander.  

The Simple procedure for remodeling stone coat countertops with Daich are the Following:

    • Sterile and prep your surfaces. Patch any stains onto your laminate. Sand all surfaces together using 60-80 grit sandpaper.
    • Tape borders off to protect surfaces. Wipe away debris or dust.  
    • Roll-on two coats of base and stone coat, waiting for a certain period after each coat.
    • For rock, left it for 24 hours and then applied the stone coat to attain the desired smoothness.       
    • Sweep-up all dust and then wash surfaces with a damp cloth.        

Apply two coats of clear coat, waiting for 24 hours to permit it dry.

Some tips of stone coat countertops:        

  • To guarantee maximum adhesion, de-gloss that the countertop using sandpaper. Wipe the residue using a tack rag and await any stains having a flashlight.  
  • Employ a primer and let dry. You can employ three or more distinct colors of paint, ranging from light, to find yourself a granite appearance. The jacket may cover all of the surfaces and can be the basecoat.  
  • Do not cut the pound directly. Utilize cutting edge boards.
  • Employ at least two polyurethane topcoats, with a roller coaster that is compact after the painting is finished skates.
  • Follow a wipe of alcohol after finishing the work. Do not touch with your hand to the stone coat countertops. Your palms have oils that invade pristine surfaces.
  • Keep pets and children outside while working on this DIY project.
  • Remove from scratches around faucets and sinks before starting to work.
  • Repair chips and huge cracks (significantly a lot more than 1/8-inch wide) using long-sleeved epoxy putty. Enable the putty to dry thoroughly, then sand the smooth putty surface.
  • Painter’s tape never needs to paint, together with faucets, your sink, and backsplash. Make no mistake than folks realize employing painter’s tape is much more of an art form. Go at your own pace and be certain there adhesion like the place where the countertop is touched by a tapped base.
  • Soap and warm water to remove smudges and dirt of most of the countertop. TSP works ideal for dependable clean-up but isn’t the very green product; alternatively, decide on a commercial” green cleanser,” or create your own out of equal parts hot water and peppermint.

Most important tips

    • Study granite in any home improvement center. You will discover samples you enjoy, note the colors that you’re able to replicate.
    • Coats in such a way so that the coating is slightly damp. Through this, the colors will combine properly.
    • Veins with an artist brush dipped into a color pristine black or white are all good choices. Just a tiny bit goes a very long way.  

Gently scatter pinches of silver or gold glitter flakes throughout the previous coat of paint.


Is it essential to remove the sink for the DIY Counter-tops project?

Eliminating your sink is a matter of private preference for working as a DIY stone coat countertop project. But taking away the sink provides better results to you as you are not currently messing with seeking to find a smooth border and taping across the sink. You’ll soon be satisfied with your long term results if you choose the problem, but it’s a bit of hassle to get rid of the sink.

Can I do it myself the total DIY Countertop Refinishing?  

If you are quite active then you individually can do this work. All the DIY steps for Countertop kits include the proper instruction and do not need a prior understanding or any special expertise. You can do it yourself without much hassle. But also it is better to have 2 people.

How long it requires for the stone wash countertops DIY project?

For example drying period three days. Most counter Coatings are used by resurfacing kits. Dry until you proceed ahead to the alternative and set. Drying time changes However in certain cases, it will use up to 1-2 hours.

How much I have to spend to buy stone coat countertops kits?

Most probably stone coat counter will be available at a very reasonable [price. It starts at 29$ per sp. Feet. And much you will spend you get numerous variations. In general price range varies up to 29- 90$ per sq. feet.

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