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Technology advancement has made work in all sectors of businesses more systematic and comprehensive. It is no more time consuming to promote your business, connect with clients, propose a deal, put in the paperwork, and handle the finances because now there are applications for all of your business purposes. Keeping records of on-going or closed deals, handling finances effectively, purveying effective promotion online with the best promo video templates, establishing instantaneous communication between business and clients, storing documents and online paperwork for you, creating striking videos and photos for digital media marketing, keeping you up-to-date with all fluctuations in market price, bringing you in touch with multiple potential clients in one go, ideating, analyzing and executing your promotional strategies. With the power of digitalization, your real-estate business can run as smoothly as a hot knife through some butter.

Even though there are a hundred excellent apps that facilitate effective digital marketing for the Real-estate business, here are the top ten applications that are imperative for your business.

  1. LeadPages

LeadPages is a software that offers a diverse range of website templates. It builds an attractive code-free website for your brand which includes high-converting landing pages, pop-ups, notification bars, etc. The well-designed websites are intuitive and user-friendly. Content can be categorized systematically for easy-readability while the high-converting pages increase audience engagement and boost sales dynamically.

2. Matterport

Second on the list is Matterport which is a media solution company that provides a motion capture tool that helps you capture 3-dimensional footage of the property. It gives your clients a virtual tour of the property that is up for sale. This tech-forward application offers specialized video-making for Residential, commercial, and multifamily housing agencies as well. After you have quality footages of your property, you can create a professional promo video by compiling the footages by using any of the available Instagram Video Templates. Make sure to post your promo video on as many relevant social media sites as possible for maximum brand awareness.

3. official website.

READ  3 Affordable Changes To Make Before Selling Your House is an official website that posts listings of home values regularly. You can update your offers to win the attention of property-seekers. You can also analyze competitive mortgage rates and then set your rates as per market rate. Furthermore, Real-estate businessmen can add details about their property and come under the radar of house-hunters. This widely popular tool increases the visibility of your brand and makes it more accessible.

4. RedFin

The Seattle-based company is a popular real-estate brokerage that provides free consultations to agents who are looking to sell properties at profitable margins. RedFin purveying a complete marketing strategy for your real estate property at minimal fees and also lists your property on their widely-searched website. Using the Instagram video templates, you can also create promotional videos for RefFin and increase your turnover at an astounding rate.

5. Smarter Agent Mobiles

Using a technologically advanced network called the SaaS platform, Smarter Agent Mobiles aims at making the house-hunting process portable, comprehensive and uncomplicated by providing realtors and other agents an application through which they can promote their property to every house-hunter connected to the network. With a unified platform for all sellers and buyers, Smart Agent Mobiles makes the transactional process quicker and hassle-free.

6. Xome

Xome is an auction site for buyers and sellers to connect and finalize fair deals. For realtors, brokers and agents, xome hosts a network of property-sellers and buyers on which you can bid your real-estate rates and agree upon a profitable price. Xome stimulates an increase in your market share and ensures that your business is growing exponentially.

7. Contactually

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Contactually is a well-optimized real-estate CRM for real estate agents that are looking to generate traffic on their website. It is a popular promotional tool in the united states since the website is a hundred percent authentic and helps you generate views organically. You can further digitally market your property or brand by creating promo videos with the use of promo video templates that suit your style.

8. ManyChat

ManyChat is a digital marketing tool that has an integrated approach towards promoting your brand. It combines Facebook messenger with SMS marketing for ultimate digital promotion and business growth.

9. Zillow Premier Agent

With the motto “Converting connections into commissions” Zillow is a well-known CRM platform for agents and realtor. It facilitates sellers to connect to house-seekers within 90 seconds. It also increases brand awareness and customer affinity. It enhances your real-estate business by telling you what preferences the buyers in your network have and what you can do to fit these requirements.

10. Follow Up Box

Follow Up box is an integrated CRM software for real estate businesses. This top-seller tool facilitates the optimal promotion of your brand with the help of email marketing and social media marketing simultaneously. Choose from a variety of Instagram video templates and create striking marketing videos to boost your sales over time. The well-designed strategies of Follow Up shall enhance your brand’s visibility and reach.

Thus, with the easy-availability of these well-developed applications on android and iOS devices, you can turn your whole business digital and boost sales dynamically.


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