Benefits of Gaining Your Liquor License

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If you’re the owner or operator of a restaurant in Dallas, TX you might be considering whether or not you want to move into liquor sales. Obtaining your liquor license is a substantial financial and legal commitment to make, so you’ll want to weigh out your options carefully to determine the best path for your establishment. Here are a few of the ways gaining your liquor license can be a beneficial move for you and your business.

Boost in Revenue

Choosing to add liquor to your menu will give you another way to take in sales, allowing your business to see a spike in revenue. Especially in a dine-in restaurant setting, many consumers are likely to order at least one beverage with their meals. Non-alcoholic fountain drinks are a great way to entice customers to order a drink, as they usually come with free refills. Of course this means that many tables will only order one beverage per person. With alcoholic beverages, your clientele will not be receiving free refills, so they are more likely to order a second beverage. This will increase the average amount of money spent per head.

High Return on Investment

Initially, the effort and money put into obtaining your liquor license Dallas TX may seem disproportionately high to what you will receive in monetary return. This is a fallacious line of thinking. Alcoholic beverages can be sold with a much larger mark-up than food items. As many drinks are also delivered to the customer with little to no labor cost, you’ll be able to make a larger profit off these items than many food items.

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Acquisition of Customers

Having the ability to sell alcoholic beverages will also give you access to a different type of clientele. While many consumers are happy to eat at a restaurant that does not serve alcohol, it could be a reason that a group of people with a couple of alcohol drinkers decide to go to your establishment over another one. This can be an opportunity to create a specialty drink menu or a happy hour menu giving consumers more reason to visit your restaurant at times that you might not otherwise see much business.

There are many reasons you might be considering taking the dive into obtaining your liquor license. As you determine whether this is the right move for your business, it’s a good idea to think about the overall effects rather than just the initial investment.

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