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Piano Tiles 1 Apk

Piano Tiles 1 Apk


Title: Piano Tiles
Developer: Cheetah Mobile
Mode: Single Player
Genre: Music, Arcade
Downloads: Android / iPhone
Download Version: 1.1.11
Apk File Size: 11 MB
last updated: Feb. 13, 2017


The gameplay is very reminiscent (one might say identical) to a game called Don’t Step The White Tile. However, Piano Tiles has many different game modes that add a fresh face to an otherwise mediocre concept. Despite the game’s simplicity, it’s quite difficult to complete. One false move and you have to start over!

Piano Tiles 1 Apk

The game has five different modes:

• Classic – See how fast you can hit 50 black tiles
• Arcade – Tap as many black tiles in a row without hitting the white keys
• Zen – You have 30 seconds to tap as many black tiles as possible
• Rush – A variant of Arcade mode
• Relay – You have 10 seconds to tap 50 tiles; complete to add another 10 seconds to the clock

Piano Tiles 1 Apk


It’s amazing how addictive Piano Tiles becomes after only a few tries. Players will find themselves going on a marathon of tile tapping to beat their previous high score, all while improving their musical skills.

Download Piano Tiles 1 APK game here:

Piano Tiles 1 Apk


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