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Terraria Apk

Terraria Apk


Title: Terraria
Publisher: 505 Games
Category: Adventure, 2D, Crafting, Survival
Platforms: PC, Mobile
Download Version: 1.2.12801
Apk File Size: 105 MB
last updated: May 13, 2017


There’s no real story to Terraria. What Terraria lacks in plot, however, it makes up for in exploration. Some worlds can take several hours to get through because they’re just that big. Some levels put you in the middle of a woodland terrain with a large forest, while others may pit you against the spewing lava of a fiery pit. Your job is to trek across the land and dig up ores that allow you to forge armor. You’ll also want to build yourself a shelter to keep enemies at bay while your character has some downtime.

Terraria Apk

In order to level up your character, you must track down what are called “heart crystals.” These heart crystals will increase your health bar to keep up with the game’s enemies and bosses. Without them, you’re pretty much going to die in battle. Heart crystals can be difficult to track down; some players have spent hours looking for just one heart crystal, but they’re necessary to progress, so don’t give up! You can stumble upon other neat items while digging for ores and heart crystals, such as better armor and building materials.

Terraria Apk

The controls for the console version are a bit touchy, to say the least. However, PC users will be pleased to know that the controls are quite responsive for Mac OS and Windows. You can easily use your mouse to point, aim and shoot at enemies and objects. There’s also the standard option of auto-targeting that the game starts off with, but most players will prefer free aim for more difficult and hard-to-reach opponents.


Despite the game’s downfalls, Terraria has received overwhelmingly positive reviews. The broad sandbox world and 2D landscapes have a sense of wonder and charm that’s difficult to ignore. Terraria is the perfect blend between Super Mario and Minecraft, with a little of the Zelda and Skyrim fantasy element to it. It is, however, its own unique game and shouldn’t be pegged into the same category as these particular classics. Players will enjoy spending their time building a home, exploring new worlds and facing off against challenging bosses.

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Terraria Apk


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