The Best Co-parenting Apps Out There: Tools for Divorced Parents

Co-parenting Apps

Piles of divorce forms, bunches of meetings, hours of discussion and arguments, endless invoices and orders, all of these usually leave divorced people devastated and exhausted. They need some time and inspiration for recovery. But what if you have neither time nor possibility for that. If you are a divorced parent, your children will not wait until you are ready to go back to normal life. More to this, your kids suffer more than you and need constant attention from both parents unless you want to deal with behavioral problems and children’s offenses. In this blog, you will know The Best Co-parenting Apps Out There: Tools for Divorced Parents.

There is no need to cope with all parental challenges on your own. There is no need to remind that you have to cooperate with the other parent. But your top privilege is a ton of co-parenting apps, which may help you to perform your parental duties with no fuss and still have some time for yourself. 

“Co” Means “Cooperation”

Although you may clearly understand that thorough cooperation with your x-spouse will make your children happy, it might be difficult to communicate with him\her. Surely, you had some serious reasons to get divorced and because of that, you may feel angry, offended, disappointed about your partner. Luckily, in the world of modern tools, you don’t even need to meet face to face to organize qualitative custody. Here are some ideas to overcome custodial challenges together.

  • 2 houses – when you live separately you need a qualitative platform to connect two houses. This app will provide you with a set of tools to make communication and childcare easy and qualitative for divorced parents. You are able to organize your custody with a shared calendar, control children’s activities and expenses, exchange photos and messages, upload important information, such as medical details or insurance. The pleasant thing about 2 houses is that you are charged not personally but for a family which is $9,90 a month. 
  • FamCal – the most distinctive feature of the application is a color-coded shared calendar. It allows you to pin notes, events, and tasks connected to different family members and color them respectively. This application is a treasure for busy parents of big families. More to this, FamCal is free, yet there are paid upgrades available 
  • Our Family Wizard is one of the most popular applications, which is a full-package assistant for divorced parents. Each parent is able to create his/her account and add as many members as needed, including attorneys and mediators. Tracking expenses, sharing schedules, keeping vital information about children are basic tools you are able to use. An interesting option is a ToneMeter, which tracks your messaging and warns you about offensive tone and content and mediates communication with your ex-partner. That all costs $99 per person a year. 
  • Coparently – this application allows scheduling, communicating, tracking expenses and updating information with no fuss. You can also add your children, so they will take part in scheduling, make their notes and make requests. All in all, the cost is $99 per parent yearly or $9,99 monthly. 
  • Custody Connection – shared calendar with custodial events makes co-parenting easier. Custodial requests make it easier to change your plans and swap custodial dates. You get notifications about denied or accepted requests and the calendar is updated automatically, so you can avoid arguments and misunderstandings. 
  • Parentship – application helps you to coordinate all custodial issues with ease. Shared calendar with events and notifications, smart profiles of your children with information automatically updated. You can also get your Google calendar synchronized to add already existing events. The application is relatively cheap, which is $39,99 a year, or $3,99 a month. 

This is not the full list of co-parenting applications and online platforms. So, if you put in some efforts and get organized beforehand, you will manage your custody with no fuss. More to this, you can always browse for more ideas on different divorce platforms, including

Human Factor Is on the Top- Co-parenting Apps

Although digitized co-parenting reduces stress, money and time waste, you should also mind your attitude to custodial issues. Your attention to family challenges and communication with children will affect your family’s happiness. 

  • Attention – you may be overconcentrated on your personal feelings and problems, yet, you should understand that your children need your attention, even more, when you are divorced. 
  • Talk more – avoiding problems is not the way to solve them. So, mind discussing all the challenges you go through with your children, if they are old enough. The need to understand your choice and actions not to blame themselves for divorce. More to this they also need someone to discuss personal issues with, either parents or specialists. 
  • Parents for children – if you are not married anymore it doesn’t mean that you may ignore your parental duties. Children don’t have to suffer because the relationships of their parents are ruined. Parents should stay parents for their kids.

Use all available opportunities not only to get do it yourself divorce forms or complete online divorce filing but provide your family with a happy future afterward. Combining modern tools and personal interests, you will manage to perform your parenting successfully. Add some efforts, enthusiasm, love and your children will not even notice your divorce.

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