Why COVID-19 has accelerated digital marketing

accelerated digital marketing

There can be no doubt that the world has seen, and survived, many pandemics throughout our history. There is one common thread throughout every pandemic the world has witnessed – which is society’s need for change was inevitable. This much-needed change also applies to digital and traditional marketing strategies.  Needless to say, all forms of marketing and business creativity, since its very conception, have been pushing the envelope to bring more value to clients especially accelerated digital marketing.

The massive marketing industry continues to evolve and the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to light a marketing medium that continues to build momentum – digital marketing. Big brands like Kodak and Blockbuster failed to change with the times and subsequently, had no choice but to close their doors. Digital marketing is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ but an essential part of every business, and this most definitely does not only apply to marketing divisions.  The ‘new normal’ includes nothing less but digital marketing into your business strategy is merely moving with the times. In the wild, which is much like the cutthroat world of marketing, you must adapt or die.

The time has come where the entire world, not only in business, is going digital.  The world has seen the explosion of Zoom online meetings and many organisations are quickly moving their business online.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve found that the future has very abruptly begun. We are collectively going through a significant transformation in the way we move and the way we live in the world. Sitting at a restaurant with friends has evolved to ordering takeaways while chatting online.  Walking through the aisles at a grocery store has now turned into scrolling online for your grocery needs.

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Many businesses depend on face-to-face interaction with their consumers – such as the hospitality and travel industries – but what the pandemic has just revealed is that a digital presence goes a long way to keep your brand top of mind with your consumers. A digital presence will determine if your business makes it out of the pandemic intact after all is said and done. Why COVID-19 has accelerated digital marketing

Go digital or go home

The COVID-19 lockdown gave way to a drastic increase in online interaction with consumers. Consumers were no longer allowed to go shopping or in fact go anywhere, so they went online. This online increase means that a new dependency has developed within consumers to solve their newfound challenges by going online – binge-watching series, buying food, buying house tools, teaching their children, holding meetings, throwing parties or even going on virtual holiday. Digital marketing gives a whole new meaning to the personal touch to marketing so, ensure you offer comfort and security that is authentic and practical.

Learn and innovate: Times such as this worldwide pandemic are an opportunity for something new to emerge. Wrap your head around digital marketing practices 101 and let your imagination run wild. While you find a way to digitalise your ideas, you could be creating new practices in your industry.

Accommodate change: If you’re digitally agile, you’ll know that things are always changing and you need to change with them. Having a digital trail helps you get a better insight into your consumers and that, in turn, enables you to create new solutions for their challenges. You’ll never know it all so, keep learning and adapting.

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Business differently: Your business isn’t what it used to be and it will never be again. We are at a time where evolution means restructuring strategies. It’s not enough to go digital, the very way you and your marketers think needs to be adjusted.

Keep it moving: The world was ground to a halt and so to did business when COVID-19 hit. The only industry that experienced an increase in activity at this time was the internet. Running a good business means being malleable to the marketplace. Be aware and be ready to move with the times.

While many businesses have collapsed during the COVID-19 pandemic due to many reasons, most of them being due to the business failing to keep up with the changes in the way consumers interact with brands. When the world was housebound, we saw a shift – gyms doing online exercise classes, artists doing live concerts from their homes and the like. After this pandemic, if your business has survived, a digital marketing campaign will give it the necessary facelift it needs to stay in business. The pandemic is allowing you to step into the future with your consumers.

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