Fortnite season 9 battle pass complete guide

season 9 battle pass


Do you know what makes a game enjoyable? Challenges are one of the best things that make a game enjoyable. Challenges bring out some sense of gaming season 9 battle pass, which is competitive in a way and makes gaming so interesting.

Fortnite is an exciting game to play, and it involves different kinds of modes like Save the World, Battle Royale, and Fortnite Creative. This is a game that you can play with friends, and even there is one mode that involves four players collaborating towards a common objective on various missions.

The Battle Royale is one that involves many players up to 100 players who can play solo, duo, or even as a squad. In creative mode, players have the chance to spawn everything in their surroundings, which is fantastic. Fortnite has eleven seasons, which is what makes this game exciting, but today we will look at season 9.

The challenges can be a little harsh, but with some bit of guidance, you can be able to pass those battles. We will look at some of the secrets you can use to win this game and enjoy defeating some of your friends. Therefore, this article will mainly focus on Fortnite season 9 battle pass, and this will be a complete guide. Fortnite season 9 did start on May 9, and it did end around July 23.


 Before you get into the game, you will need to have the season 9 battle pass. The season 9 battle pass costs about 950 V-bucks, and this can be hard to come by. Some can purchase these bucks as they cost around $10, while some players can get a free pass.

To get a free pass, you will need to unlock some of the most sought-after exclusive skins, emotes, and cosmetics by completing challenges to progress to the premium season 9 battle pass. There are about ten weeks in each season, so for season 9, you will have around ten weeks. We will look at the challenges that you will be getting from each season and how you can do to navigate through the Fortnite season 9 battle.


When you first enter into Fortnite season 9, you will get to know how the map looks like and where the new locations are. Week one challenges can be completed in any mode of Battle Royale except for Playground. The problems here can be challenging and hard, but I recommend using the Party Assist feature, which can be a useful tool to get help from friends. The challenges at this stage of the week are meant to help players interact with new features that have been brought to Fortnite.

You will get three challenges at week one: the free challenges like riding the slipstream, visiting the sky platform, and dealing with damages. There are also season 9 battle pass challenges like picking up legendary items, scoped weapons elimination and searching chest at Loot Lake. These are the week one challenge that you need to complete, and they are easy to complete. If you complete the challenges, you will be able to look for the Secret Battle Star. If you complete the above, then you will be set for week two challenges.


When you get to week two, you will also get to have several kinds of challenges which you will need to complete. If you complete the challenges, you get a host of Battle Stars, which will level you up. The free challenges are three, and four-season 9 battle pass exclusive challenges. The tips and tricks for these challenges are first kicking off with the stages.

The first stage is landing at Snobby Shores, then land at Fatal Fields and then land at Sunny Steps then Dusty Divot and finally at Happy Hamlet. You will also need to complete other challenges of eliminating opponents. The first stage is eliminating opponents 50m away then 75m away and finally at least 100m away. You will need to visit an oversized phone, a giant dancing Fish Trophy, and a big Piano to complete the challenges. When you complete all these, you will have the week two season 9 battle pass.

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I would go directly to showing you how you will complete the several challenges presented to you on week three. The stage-based challenges tips and tricks are as follows, and they are vehicle-related. The first stage is landing a trick with Driftboard, and the next is ensuring that in Quadcrasher, you get at least three seconds of airtime.

The last stage is using your vehicle to destroy opponents’ structures. You will also need to visit Happy Halmet and Shifty Shafts in a single match, then Sunny Steps and Dusty Divot in a single match, and finally visit Haunted Hills and Salty Springs in a single match. To complete the challenge, you will need to throw a flying disc toy and ensure you catch it before landing.


In week four, there are three free challenges and four-season 9 battle pass challenges. We will highlight some tips and tricks on how to complete them. The free challenges include dealing damage with Sniper Rifles to Opponents. This is easy as you will get out your sniper rifle and use it to get at least 500 points of damage to the opponents. The other is stage based challenge of dancing inside different areas. The first area that you will need to dance inside is holographic Tomato head, dance inside the holographic Durr Burger head, and then dance on top of a giant dumpling head.

Next is Legendary weapon elimination this is a pretty easy stage as you need to burn legendary rarity weapons and get at least three eliminations while using them. Battle pass challenges include destroying a loot carrier in different matches. You need to track and loot different new carriers in different matches.

Stage based landing challenge where you need to land at; Polar Peak, Lazy Lagoon, Salty Springs, the Block, and Lonely Lodge. Next is eliminating opponents in Haunted Hills or Dusty Pivot. You will need to eliminate three opponents in the selected areas above. Latly is Visit different named locations in a single match. This challenge requires you to visit five different locations in one match.


Week five also presents the players with new challenges, which will, in turn, reward them with over 50 Battle Stars. The three free challenges and four for the premium type. The free challenges are easy as you will need to destroy opponents with grenades to get 200 points, you will need to eliminate opponents too on five different matches. The other is search for chests at Salty Springs or Frosty flights. Th season 9 battle pass for premium challenges here will require a vehicle.

There are several races tracks you need to complete in stages. The first stage is a desert race track, snowy race track, and a grassland race track. You will also need to place trap items in different matches, and visit a total of five different wind turbines, and also elimination at sky platforms. Finishing all these will see you complete week five Season 9 battle pass.


Week six challenges are pretty straight forward. You have five landing stages, and that is land at; lucky Landing, Loot Lake, Shifty Shafts, Frosty Flights, and at Haunted Hills. The other thing is dealing with SMGs to opponents, and then you will have three search chests. The first search is at Hot Spot and then search at Ammo Boxes and then finally elimination at Hot Spot. These challenges are pretty easy, and you can easily complete them. You also have the ability to use the new item called the Storm Flip.


The weekly challenges are so exciting, and one thing that you will note is even if you don’t have the Season 9 battle pass, you will still access free challenges. The first challenge that you will get is to search chests at Junk Junction or Neo Titled, and this is an easy stage as you will need only to open seven. After that, you can go ahead and search ammo boxes in the different seven named locations.

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The last free challenge is ensuring that you make three kills using suppressed weapons for you to finish these free challenges. The season 9 battle pass challenges are also available, and they include ensuring you get about 200 points by killing enemies using your vehicle. You will then have to make a visit, and this should follow the stages in order. There is a search chest match that you need to complete in a single match, and that involves using a vending machine and a campfire. To complete this week seven season 9 battle pass, you will need to kill enemies at a range, not more than five meters.  


Fortnite season 9 week eight challenges are also pretty exciting, and the few tricks and tips mentioned above can save you a lot. All these challenges here are straightforward, which is what I like about them. The first is applying shields until you get 400 points. You will then have to visit three different docks.

Lastly, the thing you have to do is kill your enemies at the Mega Mall or the Snobby Shores. These are the free challenges, and you can finish them within no time. The season 9 battle pass for week eight is entertaining too. You will need to kill using your assault rifle and get about 200 points. You will then visit the named locations in order of the stages. The third is using a volcano vent, air vent, and a zipline all in a single match. Lastly is get five eliminations when outside the named location.


If you understand the challenge presented to you, then it’s easy to complete them. The free challenge includes using a Chung Jug or Chung Splash in three different matches. You will then have to visit the Solar Array in the Jungle, Snow, and Desert. Lastly, at this free challenge is to get five eliminations with the rarest weapon.

The week nine season 9 battle pass challenges are pretty interesting. You will need to have about 500 damaged headshots. It will then do seven search chests at Lazy Lagoon and Happy Hamlet. You will have to eliminate enemies in five different named locations, and lastly, make sure you damage an opponent the first ten minutes you land from a Volcano vent.


Just like the challenges mentioned above, the week 10 Season 9 battle pass challenges are no different. The free challenges include using an airstrike in three different matches, and then cause damage to the opponent until you earn 500 points. You will need to also find over seven Ammo Boxes in a single match. The season 9 battle pass exclusive include visiting five different public service announcements in the named places.

You will need to collect some stuff in different stages, and that is to collect 100 wood in stage one, 100 stone in stage two, and collect 100 metal in stage three. After that, you will have to eliminate about three enemies in Pleasant Park or Paradise Palms. The last challenge that you will need to take is damaging opponents with a pickaxe and gain about 200 points.


We have highlighted some of the Fortnite season 9 battle pass challenges that you will encounter, and we have looked at the several tips and tricks to take to complete them. Knowing how to complete these challenges is one thing that will set you on the right path to finishing the season 9 battle pass for Fortnite.


Can you play challenges in Playground mode?

You will not be able to play any challenge in Playground mode, which is sad.

How do you earn V-bucks?

You can only get V-bucks in two ways that get them as a free pass in Battle Royale mod or play PVE mode Save the World.

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