4 Useful Apps That Can Improve Your Vocabulary

Improve Your Vocabulary

Most people are now busy with their daily lives. Most likely, they won’t have that free time to enroll in a course that will help them improve their overall communication skills. The question is, do you want to have a more extensive vocabulary? A lot of people will answer yes because it would be useful in the future or in any communication field.

Using the resources that are available to you is a great way to learn a lot of things. An example is to use the internet to browse for writing advertisements if you want to learn how to write well or use your devices to download apps that can be useful not just for learning but for other things that you can apply in your daily life.

There are lots of ways to learn new things, and one is through your smartphone. This device is compelling because it can almost do a lot of things. If you want to strengthen your knowledge about the English language and increase your vocabulary, that would be possible by using your smartphone. You can download the necessary apps and start there. So here’s a list of some useful apps to enhance your vocabulary.


This mobile app is handy because you can use it as a reliable pocket dictionary, and it can help you memorize words. It provides you the option “Start learning this word,” and if you click it, it automatically adds to the “Words I’m Learning” directory.

You can create an account in this app to save words, and those words will appear again if you wish to take the app’s word quizzes. If you still don’t have any words saved, you can try creating your vocabulary by selecting vocabulary lists in the app.


Another useful app that helps you remember things easily. This app is very efficient because it can lessen the amount of time you will spend on studying while amazingly increasing the number of things that you learn. Anki is also proven to be more effective than the traditional way of studying.

This app supports audio, video, images, and scientific markup, which users can benefit a lot. It also has lots of features that make learning very quickly, such as synchronization, flexibility, media-rich, and a lot more.

Magoosh Vocabulary Builder

This app is from Magoosh and leads you through a lot of vocabulary lists. Vocabulary Builder is a simple app and reliable with regards to learning exam-level words. It has a clean interface and contextual aid.

You can base the test you need to study when choosing your vocabulary list, or you can scan the file. There are multiple categories for each test and several levels for each group of the words. Through the levels, tests, and types, this app monitors your progress and might result in a motivational boost.

Improve English

Improve English is a great vocabulary app that lets you learn grammar and can also improve your English language. One of the best vocabulary apps can also help you practice math most simply. It has a useful flashcard feature to help you memorize efficiently and effectively in the most fun way.

This app has a lot of features that can make your learning quick. It can help you prepare your English language for exams and other things that you can use it.


Learning is something that no one can take away from you, and there are a lot of easy ways to learn without exerting so much effort and time. Make use of the resources that are available to learn new things every day.

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