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Sometimes, we pretend that we can do every tech tasks so smoothly. But some simple works seem to do tough sometimes. Deleting Instagram is that kind of job. So reading a blog about “How to delete an Instagram Account” can’t go in vain for you. Knowing about the process of deleting the Instagram account can help you in many ways to solve fundamental, personal privacy issues.

Instagram is nowadays a very famous social media application. Many celebrities use it for their day to day updates, and also it is one of the earning sources for them. Not only the fame, but there are too many familiar people and semi-celebrities like influencers, models, fashion icons, fashion designers, entrepreneurs who are using this social media platform for their publicity. Ordinary people, in most of the cases who are followers, use it for entertainment purposes mainly. Though many of us use it for time-pass, Instagram can be harmful to anyone too. And then, deleting Instagram account feels to be a necessary act.

Comparatively to the other social platforms, Instagram users use it thoroughly from the beginning. They share their day to day activities by posting photos and stories. They use it as a daily journal. Many of them use it as a personal blog. And from many reviews on Google Play Store, it can be said that Instagram is a viral application without problems and complications.

As being a popular and famous social platform, there are many users and followers of Instagram. If you open an Instagram account, it is not that hard to have a handsome number of followers within a few months. And every user follows a good number of other stores to see other people’s day to day activities, lifestyles and fashion mentalities. Some users even follow celebrities to be like them. Influencers of Instagram are making great influences on the familiar followers in these recent days. Besides, some of them are creating a perfect image for their followers. Followers try to stalk at their level best, and also they spend a lot of time on this media.

Instagram is a popular application, and it can be used for various charitable activities and developing social activities. However, it can be misused too. After having multiple issues, one can be curious to know how to delete Instagram account.

There can be various issues to feel like deleting Instagram Account. We can also say that this modern era is digital, and the problems are also digital and current. Let’s look into some reasons for which one can decide to delete Instagram Account or have an urge to read about how to delete Instagram account.

  • Student users can feel that they are wasting a lot of time on Instagram, and they can feel an urge to delete it.
  • Some users get filthy stalkers, and these stalkers ruin their lives, which can push a user to delete the account.
  • Using Instagram can be an addiction too, and if a user feels to get over this, he/she can delete their account.
  • Someone can find privacy issues and delete their Instagram account.
  • People sometimes get irritated by too many ads and delete their Instagram account.
  • Some people face data issues and feel like deleting an Instagram account.
  • Distraction created by Instagram can be destructive for workaholic persons, and they can delete their Instagram accounts.
  • Some people sign in to an Instagram app to find out someone special which can be a failure act, and he/she can hopelessly delete this.

Many reasons can be worked to delete anyone’s private or public Instagram account. As a result, it is not an incredible thirst to know about how to delete Instagram Account. Also, it is not that challenging or hard task to do. But addicted users need some motivation first to initiate this plan. However, others can easily do it with some trouble-free, simple steps.

Deleting Instagram can be of two types. You can delete your account permanently, or you can delete your account temporarily. Temporary account deletion means deactivating an Instagram account, and you can easily activate your account by logging in again only from any device. We will talk about both kinds of 0f, deleting processes in this article.

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How to delete your Instagram Account Temporarily/Disabling Instagram Account for Short Time Basis

At first, we will talk about the short time break from Instagram. Deactivating Instagram account for a short time means to be hidden from Instagram for a specific time till you log into it again. This is not a simple log out. Logging out means you are disconnecting from Instagram, but your posts, pictures, stories, comments, or texts are always available and visible to other users or followers. But if you deactivate your account for a short impermanent time, you will be hidden from other users. Such as your posts, pictures, comments, texts, stories and profile, likes will be disguised until you log into your account again.

You can disable your account from your windows PC or your mobile/android device’s browser. Let’s see how to delete Instagram Account for a short time like a break:

  • Temporary deactivation can’t be done by Instagram application so log in from your computer through your user name and password.
  • You will get to see a page with your profile picture on the top right and click on that picture.
  • There will be four options of profile, settings, saved and logging out. Click on the profile button.
  • You will land on your profile page through this, and you will get to see an option named “Edit Profile” beside your profile user name.
  • Click on that “Edit Profile” option and scroll down for a bit.
  • At the last portion of that opened page, you will see an option as “Temporarily disable my account” and click on that.
  • After that, you will see a short welcome notice from Instagram authority and then you will see two boxes to be filled in.
  • One of them is to select an option for why you want to deactivate your account. Clicking on that box, there will be a list of reasons.
  • You have to click on your preferred reason and then get on the next box.
  • The next blank box is for your password to check that the owner himself disabling this account.
  • So type your password, and there will be a blue-coloured option for temporarily disable the account.
  • Click on that option, and you will be logged out soon from all the devices, and your account will be put out of action till the date you log in again.

For mobile phone users, how to delete Instagram account for a short time:

  • From your mobile browser, search and log into your account by user name and password.
  • You will get to see your Instagram news feed, and on the top right side, there will be your profile picture.
  • Click on your profile picture and click on “Edit Profile”’
  • Scroll down on that page and tap on the ‘temporarily disable my account’.
  • After that, you will get on the next page to see two boxes to fill in.
  • One is for selecting the reason to disable the account. So, choose your cause and then get on the next box which is for the password.
  • Enter your password and scroll down.
  • You will see a button saying ‘Temporary disable account’ and tap on it.

Your account will be deactivated. If you want to get back your account or use it again, simply log into your account from any browser or app again and enjoy Instagram.

Step by Step Guide on How to Delete Instagram Account:

Disabling and deleting both are not the same term. After disabling or deactivating Instagram, you can log into the same account and enjoy it like before as all of the data remains on that. But deleting a profile is not that. Your story, post, comment, likes, followers, texts all will be gone, and you can’t log in to that account again with your user name and password. You can’t access any data once you delete your account. For privacy concerns, you can’t delete your account instantly. You have to request a deletion process through Instagram Delete my Account Page.

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If you are determined to delete your account, then you can download all data from your account. Once you delete your account, you can’t see any photos or messages or story updates. So if you want back up data then download a copy.

Then you can proceed to know about how to delete Instagram account. Unfortunately, you can’t delete your account through your mobile app. You have to use the mobile browser or computer/laptop to remove your account permanently. Correspondingly, you can follow some steps like:

    • Log in from any computer/laptop or mobile browser from through your user name and password.
    • Tap on the profile picture on the top, right side to get a list with four options.
    • Click on the profile button, and you will land on a page with various options.
  • Scroll down on that page, and you will get to see some different options like About, Blogs, Jobs, Help, API, Privacy, Terms, Hash-tags, locations etc.
  • Tap on the Help button, and you will land on the page with various help options.
  • There will be an option as “Managing your Account” on the left side of the page below the ‘Using Instagram’.
  • Tap on ‘Managing your Account’ and then click on “Delete Your Account”.

  • You will see three buttons and tap on the middle option on this page, which is for deleting accounts on Instagram.
  • After clicking on that, you will see a blue option named, ‘Delete Your Account’ which is a re-directed linked page to go.
  • This page is the main page to delete your account.
  • On this page, there will be a question like, why do you want to delete your account and besides that, there will be a selection bar to select the reason.
  • Tap on the bar and click on your preferred reason.
  • Then re-enter your password for security purpose.
  • You will see a red button saying, “Permanently Delete my Account”.
  • Click on that, and you will be logged out from your account. Also, you will be notified with a statement like, ‘Your account has been removed. We are sorry to see you go’.

Those are the points to know how to delete Instagram account from your PC/phone browser. You can’t log in to this account with your former user name and password. You have to sign up again with a new user name, new mail and password to use Instagram again. Also, you will lose all of your followers and updates.

Think before deleting any kind of social platforms. Social media carries a lot of memories and updates of our own life. So be careful to demolish all in a day. If you are too active on Instagram and feel that this app is wasting your precious time, you can simply take a break from the Instagram account through deactivation. But it all depends on your choice. And the steps mentioned above will help you on how to delete Instagram Account. Wishing you good luck on deleting your Instagram account and in addition, let’s see some frequently asked question about this issue.


Is it possible to delete Instagram from android app?

  • No, you have to use an android browser to log into your account and then delete or deactivate that.

Can I recover data from Instagram?

  • Once you delete your account permanently, it is not possible to access any previous data. But you can download your shared data from Instagram before proceeding to delete your account.

If I delete my account, can I use my previous user name again to open a new one?

  • Yes, it is possible to use the previous user name to open a new account. But for that, you have to delete the previous account permanently, first.



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