how to hack free fire

Free Fire is one of the best online multiplayer games that you can play with friends and other players online. This game has exciting gameplay that you will enjoy, which makes it so attractive. The gameplay of the game starts where around 50 players are falling from a plane using parachutes. When the players get to the island, they are supposed to be looking for weapons, which will help them in surviving in the battle.

The players have to kill other players for them to get to the last man standing in the game.

The players are free to choose any weapons that they like, which is fantastic as you can select the gun that you are comfortable with. While on the plane, the players have to choose strategic places that they can land at which will give them leverage over other players.

While on the island, there are several pieces of equipment that you can choose from, and this includes medical equipment and even large weapons. On the island, it’s all about survival. The players have to eliminate the other players that they do encounter on the way to ensure that they are the last person standing in the game. The game has a safe area that the players need to be, and when you are not in that safe area, there is a high chance that you will get eliminated.

This area decreases to make the players move closer and increase the encounters between the players.

There are different modes available for you to choose which is unusual. There is a solo mode which you play alone, a duo for two players and squad for playing with buddies. To be a pro at any game, you need to have some skills and tricks which will give you an edge of winning in the game. In this article, we will highlight how to hack Free Fire and ensure that you will win the game and be the last man standing in the game.


The first way of how to hack Free Fire is to avoid the first contact. For the first time, you land on the ground, the first thing that you will need first to prevent the first contact. IF you fall on the ground and hear someone in the same area, you are in turn away in the opposite direction. This is the hacking trick that people do neglect because there is a chance the person will have a big weapon


Always keep your eye open when playing the game, especially when in a new area. Spot for signs like open doors or even regions where armor is gone, as this will imply that there is someone in that area. This is one way of how to hack Free Fire that you should always have in mind, as it can save you a lot.


The other way of how to hack Free Fire is by jumping wisely. When you are jumping from the plane, you need to make sure that you are jumping safely and not land far away from the safe zone. The game has these areas that are shrinking, and if you happen to drop a far away from the safe zone, you will have a lot of time to reach it. This will give you a big chance to set up a safe place from which you can spot the players coming to you.



This is no brainer, but most people tend to be neglecting this thing. When on the ground, always ensure you do a thorough scan of the surroundings to avoid bumping into enemies. You need to move from cover to cover and stopping several times to scan that area. Knowing your surrounding will put you at the right place of avoiding enemies, putting you at a disadvantage. This is one way of how to hack Free Fire that will always put you at a great advantage.


The other way of how to hack Free Fire that will give you significant leverage is timing your jumps when the plane enters the battlefield. When the players start jumping, you will need to be looking at the cabin counter that slowly decreases. What you will do is ensure that you drop when the table slows slightly. The timing means that fewer players are ejecting to that area. When you jump in such areas, it means you have more leverage, and a few people are competing for armors in that area, which is excellent.


For most people wondering why they don’t win most times is often because of the option of weapons they usually use. The one way of how to hack Free Fire that you need to always keep in mind is looking for the gun that you like most and stick to it. When you want to win this game, you should know you need tools you can depend on. After playing some games, you will notice some of the tools you are comfortable using. If you find that tool, always stick with it as this will help you win.


One thing that I did note that will give you a significant advantage is the ability to revive your teammate while treating yourself too. This is the biggest trick that I have seen in any online battle royale. This is the battle royale that allows you to multitask, which is excellent. The hack will enable you to save the life of your teammate as well as yours, which is fantastic. This is one way of how to hack Free Fire that you always need to keep in mind that can save you a lot, which remarkable.


Free Fire is fascinating when playing with teammates. When you are in this combat, you might run into a situation that you are not sure if the enemy is you, teammate. The ultimate way of how to hack Free Fire here is to check you surrounding to ensure that you are not killing your teammate. Once the area is clear, you can kill your enemy now because guns are always loud, and there is a high chance of drawing more enemies.


Taking advantage of the vehicles is one significant thing that you should always use in a while playing Free Fire. Cars are a right way of reaching a safe zone fast. Also, these vehicles will allow you to run over other players. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that once you approach the safe zone, this vehicle can be a burden because you will be an easy target. The use of cars is an excellent way of how to hack Free Fire, which can help you a lot in winning the game.


The place that you will need to be using constantly is the shrink zone which is an excellent place that you can use to kill enemies. This is an area that can give you a big advantage. At this point, you are at a safe place, and other players are trying to get into it, and you can rush and get in to avoid the storm. The one way of how to hack Free Fire is killing so many enemies here because everyone is trying to get into the zone which keeps shrinking and they are not concentrated in attacking. This is one area where many pros are taking advantage of, and if you do so, you will be among the people with many points.


The other way of ensuring that you are getting ahead in your game is ensuring that you are participating in many matches. Custom matches are great, and they do ensure that you are sharpening your skills which is great an if you do that often you will emerge as a pro. There are so many YouTubers who create these custom matches. And at this point, you get the advantage of meeting the best and top players. The one way of how to hack Free Fire here is playing every day this game for some time. And this will ensure that you learn so many tricks. Learning these tricks will give you big leverage than other players. And this will help you a lot in taking you to a top-level and end up being a winner.


This is a battleground, and that means you will need to have the best scope for you to see the enemies. This is very useful, especially when you have the right gun. And then you attach an about 4X scope. And will be handy while you sniper. The reason I do recommend this is because the Free Fire auto-aim feature does not work. That great and you don’t need to be making a miss while at this point.


When playing Free Fire, you will see that the attackers will always get a chance to escape a grenade because of the bad timing. This is one of the most common mistakes that new Free Fire players face. The trick to making the perfect throw is first taking a cover. The reason for this is because you cannot use your weapon when throwing that grenade. After taking a cover, you need to ensure that you hold the grenade a few minutes. It may be 3-4 seconds. And this will give less time for the enemy to escape, and he will explode. The grenade is also great when attacking houses which is awesome as. This will cause damage to the enemies in the houses and you can rush into the house and kill them.


One thing that many players don’t know is that when you are swimming, some weapons slow you down. The one way of how to hack Free Fire is switching weapons when you are swimming. Switching to a light weapon can guarantee you are swimming fast and that is what you always need. When you are in the water, one thing that is a guarantee is you are vulnerable to attacks from enemies. Most enemies can easily spot you there, and the other thing is you cannot use weapons while underwater. This will put you in a very big disadvantage and thus an easy target.


One thing that will guarantee you a win in this game is understanding the game’s map, which is crucial. The map shows you all the possible areas that your enemies can be and even knowing the right place to go. The circle is often collapsing, and knowing how to read this map will enable you to avoid it. The trick that you will need to know here is that the areas highlighted red. It will be areas where there is a high risk but a good loot. At this place, there is a high chance that you can die. On the yellow part, you will have an average number of players, but the loot is also average. In the areas indicated green, it means that the area has fewer players and, therefore, less loot. Knowing how to read this map is the best way of how to hack Free Fire that you need.


One of the surest ways while in the battleground is running while on a straight line. The best hack you will need to use here is going zigzag. Running this way will lower your chances of getting shot.


To conclude, Free Fire is one of the best battles royale games that you can play. And this game can be mastered by following the above tricks. Playing among 50 players is not that easy. And the above hacks can allow you to be the last man standing.


Which is the best Free Fire weapon?

Each player has his/her favourite weapon that they are comfortable using but the best gun I would advise is the MP40.

How do you win Free Fire?

To win the Free Fire battleground game, you need to ensure that you kill all the enemies and be the last person standing.


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