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The mode of watching TV channels online has now been more common than that of using DTH connection. Nowadays, if you have an internet connection, then you can access any channel without the need of setting up cable connections for your TV. Technology is customizing and adding a few lots more features inside the LCD from which we can also use the android app for accessing TV channels. Tivimate Apk is among those TV apps that allow you to watch any of the Television channels inside Android TV or in your Fire-stick. The only necessity is to know about the installation procedure. You also need an internet connection at your home for playing any of your favorite channels on your TV.

What is Tivimate Apk?

Tivimate is an android app that runs on Android TV and Firestick. It allows users to play any of the channels live. It doesn’t need any cable connection or DTH set up procedure for its functioning. You only need to have a fast internet connection to enjoy watching any of the channels for free. Tivimate Apk doesn’t run on the Android app because it is a remote control app. It works by displaying a mirror screen of TV channels. It doesn’t show channel list after installation, but you need to enter M3U channel links manually for watching the channel live on your Android TV box. It is under the control of IPTV servers so you can enjoy all the channels coming under the list of IPTV servers. 


  • Android version:- 5.0 or above
  • File size:- 13.5 MB (approx)
  •  Architecture:- arm64-v8a
  • App type:- Live TV app
  • Accessible devices:- Android TV, Firestick
  •  Price:- Paid and free
  •  Connectivity:- Works only on an internet connection

Installation guide for Tivimate Apk:-

Tivimate is easy to install in Android Tv box, Firestick, just follow the below procedures step by step:-

  • First method:-

    • If your Android TV is having an option of app store just like an Android phone, then you can directly search for Tivimate apk and install it in your android Tv or Firestick. Make sure that you must have a stable internet connection before searching for the .apk. But must follow the setup guidelines after installing the app; otherwise, your app will not work.
  • Second method:-
    • In this method, you have to install the third-party app file of the Tivimate apk with the help of any downloader app.
    • First, move to the setting option on your TV and search for a developer option available on the setting menu of fire TV or android TV. If it is off, then turn it on. Note that you can’t install a third-party app on your TV if you don’t turn it off.
    • You will also get an option to allow unknown services. Enable it to install a third-party app.

    • Return to the home option and search for a downloader option in the search bar. Your TV will show all the downloaders available inside its system.
    • Every Android Tv and Firestick has a default yellow color downloader app available inside it. Open the downloader app and allow it permission to access media files.
    • After giving the permission, it will then ask you to enter the downloader link in a popup box.
    • Now enter the download link of the Tivimate apk. You will get the download link of the Tivimate app from google.
    • Click the above URL and press Ok to download Tivimate app. Install the app after your download gets completed.
    • Now move on to the home screen of your TV you will find the logo of Tivimate on the home screen. Click on the icon of Tivimate and complete the setup steps to enjoy watching channels live on your TV.
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How to link IPTV server to Tivimate:-

Note that only installing the Tivimate app inside your TV won’t display TV channels until you link it to IPTV sever. So carefully follow the steps below for connecting IPTV server with your TV:-

  • Note that there is no copy-paste option available on your TV to type and paste. So either enter them manually or shorten the URL with any Url shorting website after relaxing the XXXX with your username and password.
  • After entering the first URL, Click on the next option, it will take some time for processing and display you a confirmation about the channel list added successfully.

  • Now enter the second Url, the same thing will also happen for this, and it will display a notification about set up is complete.
  • Now, whenever you open Tivimate, you will display the channel list on the screen. You can choose any of the channels on the screen to enjoy watching the show live on your Android TV.

The user interface of Tivimate app:-

You will get a lot of options while playing the channel on your TV. The below steps will help you to get the idea about the interface of Tivimate app:-

  • Groups:- Using these options, you can create a group of most-watched channels or your favorite channel in the group. Tivimate apk allows you to create a folder with the name of your choice so that you can easily browse the list of channels.
  • Favorite:- You can give a star mark to the store channel in the separate option. It also makes the browsing of channels easy.
  • Settings:- Using this option, you can change remote control accessibility, give backgrounds, change the logo, etc. You can enjoy a user-friendly interface by making the setting of your choice.
  • Subtitles:- you can enjoy watching subtitles of any movie or show playing on the TV by clicking on the subtitle option. Tivimate has an automatic feature of searching the caption of the show you are playing. It takes a few seconds to search the caption and download them.

Navigation guide for using Tivimate app:-

  • Select Button: Whenever you will click on the select button on the channel list, it will open the channel for watching.
  • Back Button: Using the back button, the remote will move your Tivimate screen to the previous option. If you don’t know about managing to set, then click the back button multiple times for coming to the home screen.
  • Left and Right Button: It will help you to scroll the highlights to the left and right of your menu. You can quickly move on to the channel setting with the help of this option.
  • Rewind Button: This button of your remote will scroll the channel up without changing the channel.
  • Fast Forward: This option will scroll down the cursor continuously without changing the channel in the Tivimate screen.

Limitations of the Tivimate app.

Tivimate is available in the free and premium version. The free version of the app comes with limited features while in the paid version; you will find different unlocked features. You need to register for the Tivimate app before buying the premium plan.

Tivimate premium has the following functionality:-

  • Watchlist:- It will allow you to create a handy watch list of all the channels, and you can save them just like a bookmark on the app. It will be quite easy for you to open the channel only with a click. But in the free version, you need to search for the channel and type the channel code for watching the TV.
  • Change themes:-

You can change the folder items and color of your channel easily from the free color option.

  • Hide channels:- The premium version of Tivimate apk also permits you to hide channels of your choice. You can protect all the useless or adult channels to maintain your privacy.
  • Lock channels:- You can also lock the channel list so that nobody can watch it without your permission. The premium version of Tivimate apk allows you to set a PIN for the channel with your choice.
  • Pricing:- Pro version of Tivimate apk is quite cheap. It charges $4.99 every year. Each of the packages is accessible from 5 devices.
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How to purchase Tivimate premium

You can’t buy the premium version of the Tivimate app from the TV. Follow the below method to purchase premium membership of Tivimate app:-

  • Install the Tivimate apk on your android phone from the play store.
  • Create an account on the Tivimate app. You can also login to the app if you already have an account.
  • After log login will get an option if upgrading ade to premium option on the menu. Click on the upgrade button.

  • It will then take you to the payment page. Pay the amount of $4.99 with any of the payment options available inside the app. You can also set the auto Renato w option if you are using a credit card.
  • Your account will get upgraded to premium if your payment gets successful.
  • You can use the same user id and password on five devices until one year. So, it will be better if you buy are using Tivimate apk for multiple devices.
  • You can use these login details to sing inside your Andriod Tv or Firestick to enjoy the premium features.


  • Can I install TiviMate apk on PC?

Yes, you can install a Tivimate IP player on your PC. But you need to have an Android emulator like blues talk for accessing the app. If you are having difficulty using the app on your phone, then PC emulators are the best alternative to use the Tivimate app. You have to log in on the play store with your Gmail account and search for the .apk for downloading the Tivimate app in the android emulator.

  • How to download the Tivimate apk?

It is an Android app so, you can download it from google play store. If you are unable to get a search for the app, then click here to download Tivimate. The app is also available in .apk version which you can download from third-party websites available on google.

  • Is it necessary to complete the setup after installing the app on Android TV?

Yes, set up necessary after installation. If you don’t set up your username and password on Android TV, you can’t access a TV channel. You need to register in the app with the server name and enter the details on after opening the TiviMate app to complete the setup procedure. The app work under the severity of IPTV so it is necessary to connect to the server for watching the live TV shows.

  • Can I record TV shows using Tivimate?

No, it doesn’t provide the feature of recording or saving TV shows, but alternatively, you can do this with the help of another show recorder available on the internet. You can try a screen recording app to record the show from your TV, but you have to turn the screen on while playing the show.

  • How to get Tivimate premium membership?

You have to pay a premium membership of $4.99 every year to get the pro version of the app. You can do this by upgrading your free membership to paid ones. Users can also search for a moded version of Time to get paid membership for free. We don’t recommend using the mod app as it can be full of malware and harm your system. So, try the mod of Tivimate apk at your own risk.


  • I want to test the premium version of Tivimate before I buy it?


That’s the right choice before buying any digital products. Tivimate offers a free trial of 5 days to its users to make them know about the features of the app.  You can try this feature before buying the membership plan.

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