10 Best Time Killing Apps in 2019

Time Killing Apps

Among the endless flow of the same type of mobile games and apps, it is extremely difficult to find something worth trying. Below, there is a list of the best time killer games available on both Android and iOS Time Killing Apps, which players will definitely enjoy spending time with for a few days or even weeks. This blog will be about 10 Best Time Killing Apps in 2019.

Radiation City

Radiation City sends a player to Pripyat forty years after the disaster at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. Gamers have to reveal all the secrets of this place, as well as save their beloved. A huge open world is awaiting visitors, teeming with anomalies, hungry predators, and human-like creatures. It is hardcore survival.

Casino online ranking apps

There are many useful casino online ranking apps available on Android and iOS for those players who are fond of cards and slots online. These apps allow looking up the best gambling spots, as well as comparing them and leaving reviews.

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a new standard for car simulators. It gives players the following features:

  • 39 tracks in 17 locations around the globe;
  • A starting set of 43 cars;
  • More than 140 vehicles manufactured by the best brands.

This is a multiplayer game. Moreover, an innovative TSM technology allows competing with anyone, anywhere, anytime.

Hockey All Stars

Hockey All Stars is an opportunity to create a personal hockey club. A player will craft a team of hockey stars and enter into a fierce battle with the best teams from around the world. This top game has dynamic simulation and gameplay, addictive hockey tournaments, and league ratings. Players consider this game as one of the best time killer apps.

Idle Supermarket Tycoon

Idle Supermarket Tycoon is an opportunity to try oneself out as a businessman. A player starts with a mini shop: bakery, fruit stand, perfumes, or electronics. Gamers are to hire sellers, set their salaries, take care of the buyer’s needs, and also develop a marketing strategy. Bring your business to the top with this business game simulator!

Stick Fight

It is an endless battle of four stickmen among themselves. The player is given the opportunity to jump, make epic combo hits, and shoot weapons. Do everything in order to ultimately remain the winner.

Stick Fight

Tegra: Crafting and Building

Tegra is a shooter/survivor time killer game, spreading the word about a magical cataclysm, as a result of which hordes of monsters and zombies poured into our world. The task of the gamer is to prevent the full penetration of evil into the world.


Zooba is a game in the genre of the royal battle, where players can participate in the epic battles of animals. The main task is to defeat everyone. Choose from colorful animals, from a sly fox to a huge, evil gorilla.

Slaughter 3: The Rebels

Prison simulator. Players will have to go through all the chaos a prison offers.  Gamers are given a large number of different enemies, lots of weapons, cutting-edge graphics, and the ability to gather and equip their own team, as well as an insane storyline campaign.

This is the Police 2

This is the Police 2 is a hot cocktail of a simulator, manager, tactical game, visual novel, and puzzle. Players should manage the sheriff’s department and cops, investigate, interrogate, and detain. Gather a squad of the best cops, make bold decisions, and try not to get into jail!

Call of Duty Mobile

This killing game needs no introduction. This is a legendary shooter ported to mobile platforms. Gamers have to fight in various modes against hundreds of players: the royal battle, a quick team battle, the battle against zombies, and even a sniper duel. The best app for 2019!


All in all, 2019 gave the world a lot of best time killing apps games android to enjoy. If you have dreamed of a game to play which will definitely drag you into a different atmosphere for some weeks, take a look at the above-mentioned options. There are plenty to choose from!

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