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app Cloners iOS

Cloning apps for iOS are challenging to find, but it’s essential for those who like to keep their personal and professional life separate. It is specifically for the people who have different kinds of groups with other accounts, and they don’t want to lose their contacts. So they require access to both the accounts simultaneously. It is necessary for even those who want to increase their productivity or for those who are social media addicts. So, in the following article, I’ve listed some apps and tips for all those who want to clone their apps without falling into any trouble. But before discussing app Cloners iOS, we need to understand about cloning.

What does app Cloners iOS mean?

Well, using cloning, anyone can use applications with more than one account on the same device. Although cloning uses more storage on the device, another limitation is that it can be used only for two performances.

Thus, here I’ve created a list of the best and most popular cloning applications for iPhone. Let’s have a look at them:

Top15 app Cloners iOS:

Parallel Space:

Parallel Space is one of the most trusted and most popular cloning applications. Many users use it all across the world. Similar Space allows you to install the same app or game two times on your device, each time; you will have to use a different account. This cloning application supports twenty-four other languages, which makes it super efficient and thus increases its fan base.

Therefore, people from various diverse backgrounds find this app extremely useful to operate. One of the best features of this application is that it allows the user to customize the themes even for the cloned application. For using this cloning application, there are specific steps that you need to follow, and then you can easily use two accounts for the same app.

Dual Space:

Dual Space is another application that allows users to clone various applications and use them for different accounts. It is more useful for people who need to handle two other social media accounts for work and personal life. It removes the usage of two smartphones for using the same application using different versions. Using this, the user can use both the applications simultaneously at the same time. Apart from social media apps, you can use this cloning application to clone other types of apps too. All these features cumulatively make it the best app cloner iOS.


If you are an owner of an iOS9 iPhone device, then this cloning application named ‘Slices’ would be best suited for you. This is another app that allows you to clone apps and use them with different accounts. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Twitter, Snapchat, work in proper sync with this app. Few games also work nicely with this app. It makes one of the remarkable app cloners iOS in the market. Although, this app has a slight disadvantage that it is not available for iTunes. This app comes in two versions, one is the basic free version, and the second one is a paid version that requires you to shed some bucks.

app Cloners iOS Camera: 

As the name suggests, this cloning app is used to clone camera apps on your device. It has a fantastic feature using which you can click 3D pictures easily using your smartphone. Even though this app is cloning your camera, you don’t need to be worried about your data security. This app provides high-security options, and all your data is secure. A handy feature of this app is that it allows for the user with an opportunity through which they can directly share their photos with their friends. Moreover, you can upload the pictures on several social media handles using this app. Also, you will get separate notifications for your apps, and there will be no interference.

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This is another application that can be used to clone applications on your iOS devices. Although, these applications need more commands to run, which makes it a bit complex for naive users but, according to many users, this app is speedy, which makes it preferable by many people. Also, another key feature of this app is that users don’t need to log in using their Apple id for using this cloning application. This application also has two versions, which are free and paid, users can use any one of them according to their requirements. The above features make it the best app cloner iOS.

Social Duplicator: 

It is another application that is available on Cydia. It is another useful cloning application which is mainly helpful for those people who have to handle different social media accounts to stay connected with diverse groups of people. From its name, it is evident that this app is especially useful for making copies of social media applications on your smartphone. Both apps use different accounts and work independently. Many people recommend this application because it is easy to use, and it is fast.

Parallel U:

This cloning app is useful for social media lovers. You can clone your social media applications like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, and many others in significantly less time. It helps in increasing productivity on social media and also helps in separating work life and personal life on social media platforms. Using this app, the user does not need to sign in on the cloned app every time; you can stay logged in always and also use both accounts at the same time. Now, it’s time to separate your work and personal life.

Multiple Accounts:

As the name suggests, this is another cloning app that can be used by users to access apps using more than one account on the same device. The user interface of this application is just fantastic; it is straightforward to understand and use. It provides excellent user security, and there are no privacy concerns while using this application for cloning. It gives the users a fantastic experience of using multiple accounts for the same applications. Now, it’s time that we should not compromise with productivity as well as security. Let’s start at cloning.

Copy My Data:

If you are planning to get a new smartphone or a new device but afraid of losing your data which you’ve been collecting for a long time back, then you don’t need to worry at all. This cloning application is perfect for your scenario. This application is used for transferring and cloning all your data (music, videos, images, contacts etc.) to another device. You just need to connect both devices and then hit on the clone option. All your data will be transferred from your old device to your new device.

app Cloners iOS Messenger:

As suggested by its name, this cloning app is used to clone messenger apps like Whatsapp, a messenger in a few seconds. Now, users can handle their personal and work life separately with no burden by using separate messenger apps for them. Trust me; it’s the most simplified cloning application for chat apps present currently. This application is straightforward and very easy to handle. It also guarantees the user’s data security. For using this app, you just need to select the one which you want to clone and hit the clone option. Now, what are you waiting for? Let’s start at cloning.

app Cloners iOS It: 

This is another cloning app which is not like all other standard cloning applications which are mentioned above. This cloning app can be used when you are going to buy a new device/smartphone, but you are scared of thinking that all your data (music, images, videos, contacts) will be lost. But, as I was saying that you don’t need to worry as this application is your savior.

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You can copy the data from your old device to your new one without any headache using this app. For using this, just download this app in both of your devices and connect them. Now, transfer all the data which you want to retrieve from your old smartphone/device. It is the most accessible application which can serve your purpose.

Super app Cloners iOS:

This is another excellent cloning application which can be used for this purpose. It has a fantastic user interface that is easy to use and understand by users. Everything that you want in a cloning app is present here in this super app. In this app, you also get a privacy locker option using which you can lock your cloned application. What else would you need, right? It is a cloning app that provides an alternative to close the cloned app. Now, no one else can access your apps without your permission. So, let’s start making clones. Thus, it is one of the impeccable app cloners iOS, which one can use to get the job done at ease.

Dual Apps:

As the name suggests, it is yet another cloning application that gives you the freedom to handle the same applications with more than one account. It is also a good competitor in the market of cloning apps. It has a simple user interface that makes it easy to understand, handle and use with high cloning speed. Now, you can use both the apps at the same time using different accounts and balance your personal and professional life at the same time. It also has a premium version that can be used if you need more features.

app Cloners iOS:

This is another interesting cloning app used by users. Using this for an app it will create a duplicate APK of the app and you can install it as if it is a different app using a different account. This app is easy to use. However, there are certain shortcomings of this app that it cannot clone Facebook and google, and it cannot clone Whatsapp using its free version. It has some features like you can change the icon of the cloned app, you can edit and modify the cloned apps by changing their language, themes, color, etc. You also get some privacy options with this app.

Go Multiple:

 This application allows you to clone an app and use both the apps at the same time without any disturbance. For this purpose, you can clone the required app and use them. The cloned app which is generated has another icon and it will be in a white box. Also, the cloned app’s name will appear after the Greek alphabet beta. Some of the features of this app are: both the apps (cloned and original) will have different storages; it can also be used on a personal computer/tablet along with smartphones.

This cloning app is very simple to use and using this you can play two games at the same time. Another feature of this app is that provides the user with security and there are no privacy concerns. Some of the disadvantages are that it may contain a lot of advertisements and also, it does not support some apps. It’s free of cost cloner app. So, yeah, let’s start cloning.

Thus, it was all about app cloners iOS. These cloning applications have become very vital these days due to the excessive number of applications and social media platforms and their importance. So, in order to be active at all of them, you must use one of them to fulfill your needs. These even help you to do separate jobs for your personal as well as professional lives. Thus, make their optimum use to get a smooth life without any hassle. It is not required to use of all of them but the appropriate use of the cloner app according to the requirement is suggested.

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