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ES File Explorer Pro Apk

ES File Explorer Pro APK

ES File Explorer Pro Apk

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ES File Explorer apk is one of the most efficient android apps which are used to manage files on the Android device in a very efficient way. The new version of ES File Explorer pro has brought some additional features which make it unique and a must download app.

ES Explorer apk is a great tool which is basically used for the management of programs and files. It is an app with multiple amounts of features such as it contains tools for killing applications. It means that you can end an app forcefully. It can also be used as direct cloud drive storage via Drop. Box, Google Drive or Sky Drive. You can also use it for FTP client purposes so you can use it both on your mobile device as well as PC.

ES File Explorer Pro Apk

ES File Explorer Pro Apk

ES File Explorer Pro allows helps all the Android users to manage their files in an easy and also allow accessing anything on their android devices. You can also share it if you want to do so. ES File Manager makes uploading photos, watching videos, sharing videos and managing your 3G connection too much easier. When you are working with your files, it is coded to show classic options which are very necessary such as copy, paste, create, cut, rename and delete. It also allows you to send files to anybody by using email feature.

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ES File Explorer File Manager also allows you to access the contents of documents in different file types. It allows you to decompress ZIP and RAR files. By using Wi-Fi network, you can even get access to the contents present in you computer.

Features of ES File Explorer Pro

You can access remote folders on your Android device by using it.

  • It is brought up with many addition features. You can use it as a browser, video player, cloud file manager and photo viewer.
  • You can also use this app to access the compressed files such as ZIP and RAR.
  • This app also contains classic options such as copy, paste, create and delete.
  • The main feature of this app is that it allows you to manage all types of files on your android device in a very easy and simple way.
  • It also contains the function of FTP which means you can get access to other android devices and computers.

Download ES File Explorer Pro

ES File Explorer is a very useful tool and is preferred by advanced Android users because it provides them with great easiness in managing their files. This app places the ton of possibilities on your fingertips which make it worth downloading. So download ES file explorer file manager and help yourself with easiness to manage and access all types of files.

Download ES File Explorer Pro

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