Movies That Show the Value of Honesty in Online Romance

Honest in Online dating

If you are a movie buff, you will know that there are many movies where dating and relationships play a significant part. They are entertaining movies no doubt, but often also provide great advice on the best ways to approach romance. Many of these movies also teach us how important it is not to pretend to be someone else during dating, which is a common mistake many people make. Read on to find the list of movies that shows the value of honest in online dating.

Here are some of these movies that show, to be honest in online dating – 

Sex Drive

This is a 2008 movie where a high-school graduate goes on a road trip so that he can have sex with his online girlfriend. Ian Lafferty, the 18-tear-old male character is a liar at various levels. Ian pretends to be strong and attractive online, which he is not. He borrows a car without permission to go to Knoxsville where she lives. It takes a turn for the worse from here.

This movie teaches us an important lesson. You have to be honest and good when you are looking for love online. Or, you must keep pretending to be a person you are not, which never ends well. So be careful when you are writing your online dating profile. Be honest in online dating. Don’t let him or her discover that you are actually someone else.

Must Love Dogs

In this movie from 2005, Sarah is not honest with her profile snap, while Jake has lied about having a dog. It becomes very awkward quickly.

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The movie shows the importance of a dating profile. Never say you are interested in someone who loves dogs if you believe it to be non-negotiable. Also, be upfront about what you want in the match. In the online world, always use a recent picture so that your date understands what to expect.

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A sex comedy from 2004, This movie begins with the man having a misunderstanding. Scott Mechlowicz thinks that his pen pal from Germany is a man and the two become very good friends. However, the pen pal is actually a woman. Scott realizes this later and also understands they both have many things in common.

This is surely not an issue with honesty, but still, it is still very important that there is clarity in dating or in a relationship. This is even more important in online relationships as information can be misunderstood on the internet in so many ways. So when dating online, it is important that you make it very clear when you are communicating with the person, even if you have to be somewhat more direct.

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You’ve Got Mail

This is a romantic comedy from 1998 featuring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan. The two are dating online. Unfortunately, however, they are rivals in business, and naturally, do not get along very well. Once, the character of Tom meets his online date and finds out that he doesn’t really like her. But Tom isn’t honest about this and keeps pretending to be someone else when is communicating online.

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You can say that the relationship had no chance of developing if he was completely honest, but it would still have been better if he had been honest. After all, if you cannot stand someone in person, then why would you like to date him or her online?

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