How Many Hearts Does An Octopus Have

how many hearts does an octopus have

I guess either you are a zoology student, or you are curious about fascinating creatures as you are here in this article. However, the octopus is one of the fairest fascinating sea creatures we see. And nowadays it is excellent seafood too. By the way, today, I will clear a common confusion about octopus-like how many hearts do octopus have.

Anyway, octopuses are fascinating creatures with various unique facts. So, in this article, you are going to learn many fun facts about octopuses. First of all, we will answer you how many hearts does an octopus have? In the same section, we will tell you why they have these unique numbers of hearts.  

Secondly, you will know the way of blood pumping of an octopus. Thirdly, we will present some surprising fun facts about octopuses that will amaze you. After that, two more creatures will come into our article that has similar points with the octopus. And finally, I will finish the article by discussing the overview of the item. 

Therefore, without delaying further time, let’s get started with the autopsy of the octopus. 

Why do octopus have 3 hearts?

If I give you a straightforward answer, the number of hearts an octopus has is three. This is an excellent and unique fact, right? Yes, it is. However, there are many reasons for having three hearts in an octopus. By the way, it has one large heart and two comparatively smaller than the other one. The central heart pumps the blood to the whole body. On the other hand, the rest two hearts are responsible for pumping in the gills. Anyway, octopuses also have nine brains, but we are not going to talk about this topic. 

So, let’s learn why octopuses have three hearts where the maximum of the creatures have only one. We know that octopuses usually live in the deep sea, and the oxygen level is minimal there. The oxygen level is minimum because the water is frigid there. 

Therefore, because of this deep environment, the octopus takes help from its three hearts to supply oxygen to the blood. Besides, they are able to circulate blood even in their tiny arms. And as I said before, the three works’ bigger heart spread the blood to the body’s main parts. And the other two supply oxygen to the gills. 

By the way, there are some creatures that their leading hearts do not beat in the time of swims. So, I hope you got the answer to how many hearts does an octopus have. 

The Way Octopus Pump Their Blood

Cephalopods have a shut circulatory framework, the lone class in the phylum Mollusca that do (this is a similar species to which snails and shellfishes have a place). A shut circulatory framework implies that their bloodstreams inside vessels, in contrast to an open circulatory framework. All the blood or hemolymph washes all the tissues, such as creepy crawlies, prawns, and different mollusks. 

The three hearts in cephalopod courses have various capacities. The primary heart, similar to our one human heart, considered the whole heart that siphons the blood all through the body. The other two hearts are gill hearts, situated close to every gill. Every one of these constructions is in the mantle, a robust design directly behind the cephalopod’s top. The cover additionally houses different organs, for example, the stomach related framework and regenerative organs.

The real development of the blood through the three hearts isn’t excessively irregular. The whole heart reroutes this blood to the branchial hearts. The branchial seats at that point send the blood to vessels in the gills to get oxygen. Thi blood in oxygen is sent back to the foundational heart, so, all in all, it advances toward the remainder of the body to renew its tissues with oxygen. Thus, the cycle rehashes itself. 

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Different creatures have a comparative framework set up, however rather than two other hearts, blood is sent straightforwardly to the lungs or gills to get its oxygen. People have the pneumonic vein emerging from their heart, which takes deoxygenated blood to the lungs to get oxygenated. The pneumonic vein takes oxygen-rich blood back to the heart for dispersion. 

The explanation cephalopods take the three-heart course, instead of the immediate course, may have to do with their blood. So, while searching how many hearts an octopus have, now we know they pump their blood.

Surprising Facts About Octopus

Octopus is a creature full of surprises, and some scientists consider them aliens. For example, octopuses have blue blood, three hearts, nine brains, and some other surprising facts. In addition, the sea animal is trendy for its unique looks. 

It has not only a unique look but also a good intelligence. So, in this section, this creature will surprise us by its quality, ability, and behavior. Let’s get started. 

Multiple Brains 

We all know that the octopus possesses a total of 8 hands or arms. By the way, some of us might not know that every arm has one brain of an octopus. So, after learning how many hearts does an octopus have, we know that they have nine brains. 

And that is why octopuses are so fast with their work and prey. Besides, it’s every arm can work and command individually to taste, touch, and communicate. 

However, the 9th brain is centralized and controls the to-down movements. By the way, there was a study on octopus in 2011 to taste its intelligence. Researchers set up a maze, and at the end of the maze, they put food for the octopus. They tried to understand whether the octopus reached the food by overcoming the maze.

Anyway, they designed the maze to can’t leave the water and can’t utilize its chemical sensors. However, the maze was transparent, and the octopus was able to see the food. By the way, the maximum octopus was successful in reaching the food. 

Usually, they use their centralized brain and take help from the other eight brains. So, we can say an octopus can use its nine brains together when it needs to. 

Octopus Can Use Tools.

There are some rare types of animals and creatures that are able to use tools. They can use musical instruments too. For example, we can say about apes, monkeys, dolphins, and birds like crows and parrots. However, today we will know that an octopus can use tools too. 

In the previous facts, we read that they can overcome obstacles to achieve something. However, Jon stated that octopus could create small dens and use stones to make shields. Therefore, with those shields, they save their entrance. 

Also, an octopus has the ability to pile up everything, such as rocks or broken glass. Even they use weapons to protect themselves in the ocean. For example, an octopus contains tentacles as a weapon. As a result, they can save themselves with the venom contained in the tentacles. And they use this strategy for their prey too.

Octopus Can Recognize Humans. 

Octopus has a beautiful lifestyle for its amazing organs. For example, they have some big optic lobes, and these are very special for sea creatures. However, the octopus uses these optic lobes to see its surroundings. By the way, optic lobes are the brain’s spaces that work for the vision and eyes.

Jon says the octopus uses optic lobes to recognize the other creatures. He adds it can even identify people with their vision ability. Although it is not unique and the power does not have the octopus. Besides, we know that other creatures like crows are also able to

Recognize Humans. 

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Unnatural Sex Time. 

Octopus does not have genitalia, and as an alternative, they utilize a developed arm. And the name of the arm is hectocotylus. However, they use that arm to transfer their sperm to the female octopus. Jon adds different kinds of creatures have different types of hectocotylus. 

However, the modified arm also looks different. Such as many look like syringes or spoons. By the way, the male octopus usually moves ahead to try to reproduce. In addition, it goes to the behind of the female octopus in the time of jets away. 

Anyway, whenever the male octopus completes its reproduction procedure, you can think the game is over. Because that octopus most likely will die in a few months. 

They Can Build Cities. 

Did you know that the octopus is antisocial and it is a rare exception? However, I guess the section will surprise them too for their intelligence. Anyway, researchers studied octopuses in 2012 to discover a unique behavior. Their study was going on in Jervis Bay in Australia. 

As a result, they found something exciting regarding the gloomy octopus. They found that the octopus can even make cities in the deep sea. So, now we not only know the answer of how many hearts does an octopus have but also know they can build cities. 

Two More Creatures Having More Than One Heart

We usually used to see lives with one heart. Because the maximum of the creatures in the world belongs to a single heart in their body, however, besides the octopus, there are two more creatures we will talk about here. By the way, at the end of this section, there is a bonus topic you may think is interesting. So, it is not sufficient to learn how many hearts does an octopus have.  

  1. Earthworms. 

While it isn’t a “heart,” the worm’s aortic curve plays out a comparative capacity and is ordinarily alluded to as one for effortlessness. A nightcrawler has five curves/hearts that are fragmented and siphon blood all through its body.

  1. Hagfish.

Who realized a particularly dreadful animal could have such countless hearts? The hagfish has four of them, one primary three-chambered deliberate heart and three frill siphons.

Bonus: Human Beings. 

Indeed, there are genuine people with more than one heart. This is because of the clinical advancement of a “piggyback” heart relocate activity that adds heart instead of supplanting the first.

The last keeps working, yet at a much lower level, while the transfer heart takes over a large portion of the hard work. One individual who had the system as a child later had it turned around, and when the subsequent heart was taken out, her own had the option to reclaim the reins.

Conclusion of hearts does an octopus have

Hopefully, you have got the answers to how many hearts does an octopus have. So, the total number is three. By the way, we must tell you that octopuses can’t take much advantage of their three hearts. In addition, they are not able to roam around the sea freely like other sea creatures. 

Usually, they like to crawl and lay their back on the sea surface. Do you know the reasons? Their cardio power is that much full of stamina. As a result, they can’t run for a long time after prey. 

Moreover, octopus needs to swim as fast as possible to take their prey. Because in a few minutes, they will get tired and stop chasing. In addition, their cardio system is one reason you can’t see them on the above water surface. 

So, that’s why they crawl and like to stay on the sea surface to save their energy level and not get tired. By the way, Dr. Martin Wells stated an exciting statement on an octopus. He said that the octopus is an alien. And the reasons are that their three hearts, blue blood, and their unique eyes. 

Anyway, whether an octopus alien or not, we love them for their unique characteristics.


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